Ancient Myth Untangled: Who Were The Annunaki? Where Did They Come From? THE TRUTH

Ancient Myth Untangled: Who Were The Annunaki? Where Did They Come From? THE TRUTH

The children of Seth are not the giants, that’s a false doctrine from the days when the Roman Cath. church removed the book of Enoch from the scriptures. The fact that many important books of scripture were removed by the Vatican is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt now and is fairly well known at this point. The RCC (Roman Catholic Church) held several councils where they removed crucially important scriptures, and these events are recorded in many repositories of history.

The Book of Enoch contains the story of the fallen angels, it tells how they brought the worship of stars and demons to earth, how they taught mankind how to create and utilize evil technology such as weaponry, also how they made the giants and monsters of old via “miscegenation” (gene splicing) and thus eventually corrupted all flesh on earth. As theologians had to explain the other mentions of giants in the Bible they made up a story claiming that the Giants were the sons of Seth. It was the Catholic churches cover story for the Giants of old, and it also helped lay some groundwork for the popular idea that God is “cruel and vengeful”, and that He must have killed millions (or billions) of innocents during the Great Flood … and that God pretty much killed everyone for no reason… which, knowing about Enoch we know is not the case. God was restarting with Noah because all flesh on earth had been corrupted with this evil nephilim blood. The hearts and minds of those on earth thought only evil continually. Only Noah was pure… so God used him to rebuild humanity.
Interestingly, Christopher Hitchens and other so called intellectuals still use these claims today! Even though they’re totally and easily disproved! They think that most people won’t bother to actually read the Bible… and that they’re very unlikely to search out the truth about Enoch, and that for most, short lying sound bites will suffice to convince them that the Bible’s fake and their armchair ‘atheist experts’ know best. These ‘intellectuals’ know full-well that they’re lying to and deceiving the masses, but, as long as their goal of discrediting God and the Bible are furthered… they’re happy. How does that saying go again? Something like…”A lie makes it’s way over the whole earth before the truth can get up and put on it’s pants.”

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