Bloodlines of the Chosen – ROBERT SEPEHR

In Christianity during the medieval period lasting approximately from the 5th to the late 15th centuries, unicorns are often considered an allegory of Christ’s journey. In the study of alchemy, the horn is the symbol for virility and sacred union. The powder ground from the unicorn’s horn was believed to be a powerful aphrodisiac, or eternal life, and further reputed to purify polluted waters.

Esoteric interpretations of these various exotic legends, as depicted in the famous unicorn tapestries “La Dame à la licorne”, suggest that the tapestries represent tenets of the Cathar heresy, a sect punished for the assertion that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were parents of a holy lineage whose descendants survived to become the peers of European noble families, the Bloodline heresy of the Sangraal (Holy Grail).

While there is no verifiable proof that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a “Grail child” and that heirs of this sangraal bloodline survived in Europe, what can be proved is that this belief was widespread in the Middle Ages, supported by art, artifacts and legends in an underground stream of esoteric wisdom, ruthlessly suppressed by the Inquisition of the Roman Catholic Church.

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