Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed

0:00 Intro
6:37 Charismatic Origins
12:00 Todd Bentley
43:34 Mormonism And “Speaking In Tongues”
49:21 Rodney Howard-Browne
58:33 Kenneth Hagin
1:05:42 Hindu Kundalini Yoga’s Similarity To Charismatic Activity
1:13:01 The Demonic Connection to the Charismatic Movement
1:23:53 Slain in the Spirit in Eastern “Religions”
1:29:22 Benny Hinn
1:41:18 Paula White
1:43:33 T.D. Jakes
1:48:57 Kenneth Copeland
1:58:20 Oral Roberts
2:00:23 Jesse Duplantis
2:07:00 The Unbiblical “Prosperity Gospel”
2:11:37 Creflo Dollar
2:14:13 Paul Crouch and TBN
2:15:53 These False Preachers Believe They’re “God”
2:21:38 Beware of False Ministers of Christ
2:22:52 The True Gift of Tongues

Source: EndTimes.Video

Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


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