Chemical Attacks & Cohencidences

They want to push us into their 15 minute smart control cities. And Tribulation.

Note: This coincides with the sabotage of America’s food production and distribution systems as well. Here is the Updated List of US-Based Food Manufacturing Plants Destroyed Under Biden Regime – Interactive Map

Chemtrails – Operation Indigo Skyfold The Most Secret Covert Black Operation

Depopulation, Climate Change, and Weather Weapons

Chemical Attacks
Chemical Attacks

RFK Jr. says COVID was ‘ethnically targeted’ to spare Jews

AGENDA 2030 – Dutch Farmers, Train Derailments, and EPA Land Grabs


Man Finds Undetonated Blasting Cap 1.4 Miles From Ohio Derailment

PETS DYING FROM DERAILMENT (Compilation) – Massive Redpill

Explosion Rocks Ohio Metal Plant, Sending Large Plume Of Black Smoke Into Sky

Two More Trains Derail Across US After Ohio Catastrophe

ANOTHER TRAIN DERAILMENT: Hazmat Team Dispatched Following a Union Pacific Coal Train Derailment in Nebraska

Another Derailment?! Train Carrying Hazardous Materials Crashes Near Detroit

Video Shows Norfolk Southern Train with Axle(s) on Fire Miles Before Derailment. Evidence Suggests at Least 40 Minutes Before Derailment

CNN: East Palestine, Ohio Residents Break Out in Rashes, Report on Headaches After Toxic Chemical Explosion – Imagine That!

Mysterious White Dust Blankets Parts Of West Virginia

Ohio Department of Natural Resources Estimates 44,000 Animals Killed By East Palestine Train Derailment

“We’re Dying Slowly”: East Palestine Residents Report Bizarre Health Issues After Toxic Train Derailment

BREAKING NEWS: Train carrying more than 30,000 gallons of propane fuel derails in Florida – Hazmat crews rush to the scene after six cars overturn

Leaked audio reveals US rail workers were told to skip inspections as Ohio crash prompts scrutiny to industry

‘No risk to public health’ after Norfolk Southern train derailment in Clark Co.

Multiple emergency crews and fire departments are on the scene at Emery Oleochemicals chemical plant

Shelter in Place Order for Hazardous Material Incident in Lancaster City, PA



Train derailment in Anacortes spills fuel on Swinomish Reservation



Multiple Minnesota Agencies Monitor Nuclear Plant After Over 400,000 Gallons of Radioactive Water Has Leaked Since Last Year


Several Emergency crews and other agencies are at the scene of a Norfolk Southern train derailment in Ayer, Massachusetts. The train cars were carrying trash cargo about 10 cars have overturned, but there have been no reported injuries.


Philadelphia Residents Rush to Buy Water After Major Chemical Spill Occurs in Delaware River


Here We Go Again… Massive 70 Car Train Derails in North Dakota Spilling Hazardous Materials

DEVELOPING! “Runaway train from Baker heading towards Barstow 80mph with no one on it 180 cars. Train has derailed 3 miles west of Kelso, [California]. Heard the crew jumped off and it was run away for over an hour.”



Ohio River Disaster As Barge Hauling 1,400 Tons Of Methanol Smashes Into Dam


Minnesota Town Evacuated After Train Carrying Ethanol Derails, Bursts Into Flames



CDC team falls sick probing Ohio train derailment – NEW – Authorities say seven US health investigators fell ill while probing the impact of the 3 February train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio.


CDC Research Team Members Fell Ill Studying Toxic Ohio Derailment, Agency Confirms


At Least 25 Train Cars Derail in Paradise, Montana – Unknown Substance Leaking in the Clark Fork River



A major fire at a plastic recycling plant in the US state of Indiana.

“Burned Alive:” Explosion Kills 18,000 Cows In Texas


Sky Fills With Black Smoke After Reported Explosion and Fire at Industrial Park Near Houston

More….so many more…

Train Car Spills Toxic Chemicals Near Residential Area in Jacksonville

Massive Gas Pipeline Explosion in Oklahoma Panhandle — Pipeline Erupts Into 500-Foot Flames (VIDEO)


Pfizer Chemical Spill in Michigan Causes No Contact Advisory of Kalamazoo River



Train Derailment In Illinois Prompts Emergency “Long-Term Evacuation”




The Black Plague (Poison) 2.0 – Covid19 Was A Jewish NWO Depopulation & Domination Plan

The Seed War Between Mankind and Nephilim – Demons Walk Among Us

Seed War: Loxist Talmudic Weaponized Racism – AntiSemitism & White Guilt Explained

Those Weird Street Lights Are Weapons


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Primordial Truth: Mapping the Rabbit Holes – Know Everything!

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