Clif High Mocks God’s Word & Dustin Nemos – Gets Wrecked as Hypocritical Liar

Responding to: Clif High

I find it intriguing that on a video about logic and discernment, Clif would violate both in order to bash me out of nowhere.

Clif High has said that although he agrees that you should not judge a book by its cover – when it comes to myself, Dustin Nemos – that we should definitely judge this book by its cover. He throws around words like cult, while defending the Jews as victims –

He even lies about my teachings, he claims that I do not cover the Elohim:

Little G Gods, Elohim are indeed plural in Holy Scripture, we call them the Watchers or Bene Ha Elohim, and I teach on them extensively, including the names of their captains – and we teach their evil and hatred for our species. Incidentally El means “Of God.”

Including how they created their hybrid giant cannibal demon offspring by raping human women, then those cannibal demons gave us the Antibible from Babylon, the Talmud and tried to wipe our species our with knowledge like Abortion as well as miscegenation and sin leading up to the provable global flood of Noah when “All Flesh was Corrupted.”

Jew indeed was not in original Scripture because they are not the lost tribe of Israeli Judahites, but are instead Edom stealing Judahites identity to deceive Christianity – the actual lost tribes of Israel being Europeans.

I also find it interesting that you say my understanding is flawed when referencing the most superaccurate collection of history books ever, which I would be happy to defend in Debate – you claim people don’t want to talk to you. Yet suddenly I find myself willing to accept your challenge to my views with a Moderated public debate on the platform of your choice. Your acceptance or denial will be most telling on the conviction you hold for your views.

“because the jews were not involved in things 2000 years ago in the middle east”

His logic here is simply because the word Jew wasn’t around in that time period. This is evidence, Clif High has indeed read a few pages before understanding the content of this book, precisely as he described his methodology of research.

Yet I teach this same thing, Jews injected the word later to steal the identity of the tribe of Judah to infiltrate Christianity… They are in fact The Canaanite Edomite Amalekite offspring of the Same Elohim you seem obessed with. The Same Elohim who raped our grandmothers to create the Anunnaki Nephilim tyrant Cannibal Giant Demons, The same demons who diluted their genetics as Plato lamented until – Post Flood, they were much smaller and continued to shrink into the modern Jew – a Tare amidst Gods wheat.

It seems that Clif High has more issue with the Biblical Narrative and prefers his Ancient Aliens perspective, pretending NASA is legit and Space is Real. But we know and can prove what these things really are.

When it comes to scripture, however – I suggest actually NOT judging THIS collection of books by its cover. Yet, as YHWH the creator said – “Test all things, hold fast that which is true”

The Biblical Timeframes Check out Space and Aliens are Fictions, Aliens are Bene Ha Elohim

Your proposing to teach logic in this video, yet you violate the logic you agree with when the information doesn’t agree with your own presuppositions and bias.

If words like metadata impress you, watch Clif High.

If an undefeated record of public, moderated debates on advanced theological, scientific, and philosophical matters such as Biblical Flat Earth, Aliens, Conspiracies, including a big dose of logic and deductive reasoning by an autodidact parrhesiastes polymath who has shown millions of people around the world that I am willing to suffer and lose everything to tell you the truth impresses you – then judge this book by its contents. You can review my most important works at, including my personal testimony and history as one of the most Censored Reporters, Journalists, Authors, Documentary Film Producers, Historians, Theologians, ever.

I am Dustin Nemos, of Nemos News Network, Host of the Hidden HisStory Archive at, and Brother in Yeshuah Christ at The Uncensored Church.

Find me, And move past Clif High’s Alien Cult Nonsense.

It has been said that nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. I want to leave you with something to know who I am, since this may be the first time many of you have met me.


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