D. Nemos is of the affirmative.

R. Wysong is of the negative.

Both participants agree:

A, That there is a Creator that is factually, rationally, and scientifically provable (Dustin’s Hyperlink<)

B. That materialism and evolution are factually, rationally, and scientifically false (Dustin’s Hyperlink<)



1. Who or what is the Creator?



What we can know about the Creator can only be gleaned from the creation itself, not human institutions and human books ostensibly speaking for the Creator.

The creation is complex beyond comprehension. We don’t know how anything in the natural world, including all the natural laws that govern it, could come to be.

Much less do we have any idea what the source of all this phantasmagoric reality is. We can no more comprehend it than comprehend infinity, or time without beginning or end.

So, faced with this unknowingness, humans from the beginning of time have attempted to anthropomorphize the Creator into human forms, like all the gods that speak our language and write to us.

But these gods are not the Creator, they are human constructs that are used by humans to rule over other humans or assume knowledge not possessed.

We must be content with the limits of our knowing and understanding and go about the business of following our Creator-given conscience and reasoning abilities to live a life true to conscience and truth.

Since the creation does not lie, ever, truth is the best description of what the Creator is. To the extent that we seek and come to know truth is the extent to which we can know the Creator.

Anthropomorphized book-writing gods do not do.



The world is not what we were told. It’s a lot weirder.

If one accepts the existence of a creator, a series of other questions must certainly follow in short order – questions such as: Who is this Creator? What do they want? Why did they create us? And how can we know for sure?

Logical deduction shows us that our Creator is, in many ways, more complex and even ineffable than we can ever know. However, our creator is also a loving God with a purpose and plan for His creation. It was not made randomly, because we are the only habitable planet in the universe – and we are the geocentric center of the universe. And in this center, we – mankind, are the superior and dominant species (Aside from our UNNatural competition – the Nephilim.)

One might say, with sincerity, based on these facts – that we are the apple of the creators eye, His greatest piece of art on a huge canvas filled with beauty. His highest form of life on His creation. Caretakers of His Garden paradise.

I believe that it can be shown that He has sent messages (and messengers) throughout human history to guide His children towards the nobler path, salvation and repentance of evil. I believe those messengers were sent (the prophets, Angels, and His own son in mortal form, Yeshuah – Jesus Christ) to convince us to choose him of our own volition.

Using deductive reasoning and the scientific method, as well as vetted historical accounts as well as current events, I will endeavor to prove this to be the case. That there is only One true God, only one Creator, and that while we cannot fully comprehend anything multiple dimensions beyond our own limited understanding – we can Trust His word is authentic and from Him, A small window into eternity. As the holy scriptures can be proven authentic and divinely inspired – a claim that only the Christian scriptures (the original manuscripts, not todays modern corrupted English bibles) will confirm.

In short, Our loving Creator gave us free will and has been encouraging us, begging us, commanding us, pleading with us – to use it to choose Righteousness over Evil. But as He loves us, Free will is given us as an inalienable right. We must all make the choice between Good, and Evil. Between Sin, and righteousness. This is the great test, this is the purpose of the mortal life.

I intend to explore the following realms for evidence of my position:

Anthropology (People movements)
Etymology (Language Evolution)
Prophecy (foreknowledge of events beyond human capability, including “blind” prophecies where the speaker had no idea of what they spoke.
Historical Accounts (From Famous and Not so Famous people that testify to the truth of God’s impact on History)
Archeology (Hieroglyphs of every ancient culture testify to my position, Megalithic structures around the world, Giants, Elongated skulls etc)
Genetics (Hybrid humanity – multiple species)
Miracles (The kind that only God could have done, such as leaving balls of pure sulphur embedded in the stone around Sodom and Gamorrah)
Government Coverups (Hiding the truth, going to war against the Christian God, YHWH. The Iraq War 2003, etc)
The Illuminati’s Mystery Babylon Religion (Satanism masked as Paganism – The worlds most powerful people absolutely believe in Satan – The enemy – and follow its orders) Including Judaism, An Imposter and Deception
Hidden History (Various)
Aliens (They are real, and are fallen angels)
The Other religions (All of which were also flesh and blood mortal Nephilim “gods” pretending to be Gods)


In summary: there is a creator, provable by the observable scientific method and reasoning. Equally so, there is a single true religion whose scriptures are:


A. Divinely inspired by God himself (this book is testable)

B. Has an accurate historical account of major events, including early histories of various peoples and massive anthropological, etymological and migratory information that also checks out against history. With events like the Flood of Noah explained in the most accurate way of all the various flood myths. (which are universal because they are various perspectives of the same story, generally the local tyrant “Nephilim” demigods godkings perspective. But the actual fallout of events is best explained and in most detail by the scriptural account of ancient (moreso than heavily censored current) Christians/Hebrews. Including the explosion in population in the post flood setting)

C. Has an accurate prophetic account of major events including the secession of empires over world history, various destructions (such as Sodom and Gomorrah), Wars, and Emergences of new leaders, laws, dates, etc.

D. Yeshuah (Jesus Christ’s true Hebrew Name) was a real man, he existed – and furthermore, was the divinely parented son of God himself, as part of Gods plan to redeem humanity from its mortal materialistic (sinful) natures and bring us back into alignment with our higher spiritual core selves. Something Yeshuah did, not necessarily by miracle, but by example with His life and His sacrifice – and then resurrection. His story gave mankind Hope in a world of godkings and human sacrifice and the fallen tyrant gods of the Satanic secret societies were cruelly oppressive to everyone with fear of death. His story inspired mankind to rise above their fear of Death and live for something bigger than life itself, eternity in righteousness. And that story continues to inspire people today, over 2000 years later.

E. The “Deep State” elite hate Christianity (Esp. White Christians) above all targets on earth because they serve Satan, in a direct and willing and deeply devoted manner in the higher initiations of the secret societies. Self admittedly they serve and commune with Satan. They Hate Christianity because only it is real. Every other religion on other (not moral code religions, but creationists) is the pagan Nephilim’s perspective. Their story is universal and basically the same story. “wisdom serpents” or some variation, a flood, giants eating or ruling over humans, etc.

The deep states entire religious code actually is built upon the Teachings of the knowledge of the tree of good and evil (Kaballah and the problem reaction solution techniques they employ to control)

and worship of the fallen angels and their demigod tyrant king of the FIRST one world government, Nimrod. Builder of the Tower of Babel – whom they seek to mimic and use transhumanism to self ascend to demigod status like Nimrod did (who BECAME a giant but wasnt born with those genes) and unite his one world religion once more. They deify and revere Nimrod, they want to be him.

F. The Fallen Angels of Genesis 6, (the entire “his story” that was covered up and censored from the Bible, also – about 1/3 of the bible was removed) are the very same “Aliens” of today. They aren’t from outer space, and they’ve been here before. It didn’t work out very well for us.

G. A loving and kind God left instructions for people to follow, including the best moral code, dietary code, best holidays (arguably).




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