Doctrines of Devils – Pagan Infiltration

Doctrines of Devils – Pagan Infiltration

“Yeshuah (Jesus) is the only path to salvation”

Catholicism – The Scarlet Whore of Babylon

Judaism – Antichrist Flavor of Satanism

Did Catholicism Create Islam? The True Origins of the Islam Revealed | The Islamic Connection

The Rulers of Darkness – The Illuminati’s Greatest Secrets Revealed


Unorganized Notes:

UNCENSORED BIBLE – Correcting the Corruptions

Why The King James “Authorized” Bible (And other Modern Bibles) Are Less Accurate Than Ancient Bibles.

Specific Examples:
YHWHs name removed and replaced with Baal in English over 6000 times:

God’s Holy Name is YHWH, Not “The Lord” – A Slave’s Title for Baal –

Age of Lawlessness: Jesus Kept Torah Law – A Deep Dive Into God’s Eternal Law, Sin, and Grace:
Marcionism – Grace & Lawlessness –

Doctrines of Devils – Pagan Infiltration

Doctrines of Devils – Pagan Infiltration

Christmas – A Pagan Infiltration of Christianity – Has Nothing To Do with Christ

The Occult Origins of Easter (splits the Church & Israel)

Misunderstood Prophecies (Gap theory)

70 Week Prophecy of Daniel 9: Forbidden by Judaism – Christ or antichrist

Controlled Opposition Christianity: – Catholicism’s False Doctrines & False Authority (Peter was NOT The Rock)

Pre Tribulation Rapture Theory – Neutered Christians Activism –

The Rapture – Occurs AFTER The Tribulation, Not Before.


Israel and the Church together as one body in Jesus Christ. – True Israel

The True Hebrew Israelites – (The Lost Tribes of Israel – Caucasian Europeans)

-Seed of the Serpent stole the identity of Gods people, True Israel (Europeans)

The Seed War Between Mankind and Nephilim – Demons Walk Among Us


In case you missed it:

Mapping the Rabbit Holes – All Conspiracies Explained, All Dots Connected. Know Everything.

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