Primordial Truth: YHWH (God) & Jesus ARE Real: Insurmountable Evidence Marathon (Documentary)

All Sciences Prove Christianity. All Religions Prove Christianity. All Logic proves Christianity. All Historical Evidence Proves Christianity. And Prophecy, the Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, and the Resurrection of Christ prove the miraculous nature of Christianity.

Hold on to your hat – because you’re about to see the most exhaustive collection of evidence for Creationism and the true God ever assembled.

Revelation Media (Wet Dino Tissue Clip)
Gods Not Dead movies
Dnesh D’Souza
Cold Case Christianity – J. Warner Wallace
God Culture
AlphaOmega Productions
Apologetics Press
Voddie Baucham
700Club Interactive
Chuck Misler


God’s Not Dead: Primordial Truth: YHWH (God) & Jesus ARE Real: Insurmountable Evidence Marathon (Debate Article)

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