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Free En3rgy – If You Can Make Me One, Please Do! (Fixed)

Some say the earth has a resource scarcity problem, in truth there is more than enough room and resources for everyone. Free energy devices are ubiquitous. Geothermal technology alone could provide enough energy for any household. If one adds solar or wind on there’s no doubt we are being fleeced.

The elites have been killing off anyone who comes up with a technique for deriving free energy. Many free energy devices and their inventors are shown here.

Bruce DePalma explains that NASA is using ex “Astro-Nots” and an organization called IONS (Inst. Of Noetic Study) to locate and terminate people who attempt to develop free energy. Also this film is packed with useful, practical technology that works, (particularly if we consider them in the fe model) and these machines could power everything on the earth for free. The one tech not mentioned enough in this movie, or in general, is geothermal power. This technology, combined with a little solar here and there could truly power the earth with no pollution, for free. Did you know there’s solar paint? With geothermal and solar paint on every house / building, and some piston powered energy recapture setups on the roads, we could have everything powered for free with zero pollution or emissions. I hope this was informative.




SCIENTISM – The Cult of False Sciences




Widget Spinner – Endless Motion With Magnets. (Free En3rgy?)

Spinning Mercury is Free Energy


Simulated Salt Water Recipe + Magnesium (and copper?) in a mason jar  = light source. Being pioneered in African  nations primarily.

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