GDL’s HT & Nemos: God Loves Everyone Except Jews (God Hates Jews) – Seedwar, Primordial Paradigm

Source: HandsomeTruth

By the way… if you really wanna push the envelope – check out (maybe share if your heart is so inclined..) this video.

The reasons this interview is important! Here’s why:

Jon Minadeo (Aka Handsome truth from Goyim Defense League – Adult Language Warning this guy is a total lightning rod) and I are both some of the largest voices who name THEM in the world.

He has a huge activist base who get out there and do irl activism, mostly whites who are split on Christianity – some believe heaven is whites only, or that Christianity is a Jewish deception.

I have recently spanked one of the “Christianity is a Jewish deception to control us” types in debate – and the whole community is talking about this.

I’ve recently exposed Jews teaching false doctrines pretending to be Aryans pushing ‘whites only’ heaven theology as well. Fincklestein of Christogenea who mixes truth with lies to make them more palatable and his flock.

False Teachers – Doctrines of Devils

What about Non White (Israelite) Salvation?

(Adam Green – Know More News, Dunno if you saw this debate. Its on my Iron Sharpens Iron page.

This video corrects many deceptions and points towards true north – scripture, as the last piece of the puzzle for many of these brave men who are often missing the finer theological and historical components.

There are so many others out there like that. Going Nordic Pagan (Giants are Jews ancestors…) in hatred of Jesus, or rejecting God because the Jews claim to represent him.

This is an important interview. Because it addresses a large number of major historical, theological, conspiratorial, racial, moral, spiritual, and political issues to an important and quickly growing segment of the world – pissed off white people – the Wrath of The Awakened Saxon (Isaac’s sons) is WELL underway.



Will you stand with the Remnant and share this video?

Spoiler: they even ask about my Asian wife and mamzer babies! – Act 11 Which goes into Europa topics at far more detail, its a lot longer, even than Europa.


In case you missed it:

DEBATE Was the Moon Landing a Hoax? | BasedTheory & Ozien Vs Dustin Nemos & Flatzoid

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