Gentiles Does NOT Mean Non-Jew

Gentiles Does NOT Mean Non-Jew

“The word ‘Gentiles’ destroys the true understanding of scripture.”

the word ‘Gentiles’.

Gentiles does not mean non-Jew. Gentiles is a Latin word translated from the Hebrew goyim and the Greek ethnos. There are many instances in scripture where the Jews themselves are defined by these words, proving that this word does not mean non-Jew. It simply means nations, or peoples, and the context determines which nations or peoples.

If you don’t believe it, then explain how when Isaac’s wife Rebekah asked God why the twins in her womb were fighting. He told her ‘two nations are in thy womb, two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels.’ If you look up the word ‘nations’, you will see H1471 goyim. This Hebrew word goyim is translated as ‘nations’, ‘people’, ‘heathen’, and ‘Gentiles’.

If Isaac and Rebekah were Jews, then how could two Gentile twins be in her Jewish belly?

There are many such examples as this and you can see the full study ‘Gentiles’ which covers every verse using this word which clearly shows that ‘Gentiles’ does not mean non-Jew.

The word ‘Gentiles’ destroys the true understanding of scripture.

It’s no different than if the word Gentiles meant Birds, and if the Jews were Black Ravens and the non-Jews were Golden Eagles, both would be Birds. The Golden Eagles would not be the non-Birds. The context would determine which Bird was the subject, because they are both Birds.

The Word Gentiles       (This text was quite long, and difficult to include on page. You can download the full .rtf text file here, it’s as safe as .txt files or PDF files)


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