Hidden His-Story of Man & Deep State: Act 10 – Jesus and The Genesis 3:15 Prophecy

From Series: The Hidden His-Story of Man, Myth & The Mystery Babylon Religion of The Deep State

Yeshuah and The Genesis 3:15 Prophecy

In an age of Blood Magick, Child Sacrifice & Ruthless God Kings, A humble carpenter began to spread a message of love, mercy, and redemption through Yahweh’s Law. A servant king replaced the God Kings, and a new world began. A world the Rulers of darkness have never stopped trying to reverse.

*SOME foul language/Graphic Content in this series*

Blood, Violence, Graphic Depictions of Torture in this episode. Not appropriate for small children.
The Passion Of The Christ
Film: A Lamp In The Dark: The Untold History Of The Bible

History Channel: Bible Secrets Revealed: The Forbidden Scriptures Lost to Time (S1, E3)
Dr Michael Heiser

Probably Alexandra

In case you missed it:

The Hidden His-Story of Man, Myth & The Mystery Babylon Religion of The Deep State

The Hidden War – Full Series

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