Hidden His-Story of Man & Deep State: ACT 2: The Seed War Begins

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The Seed War – A war between Adamites (Pureblood Sons of Adam, or Human) and the Progency of the Fallen Watchers – The “Ancient Aliens” or Fallen Angels depending on your perspective. The “Gods” of our preflood and pagan postflood world. It began here, before there were “giants on the earth in those days” there was a Garden. A woman, and a Dragon with a tempting lie. This is the story of this deception, and the Seed Curse.

This series connects the dots on ALL of:
*The Conspiracies – All of Them.
*The Religions – All of Them.
*The Secret Societies – Yep. All of Them, too.
*The False Sciences – Many directly derived from Seances! Designed to Debunk the Bible.
*The Faked Moon Landing – But Why? We show you the motive.
*Big Brother Ancient Aliens – or Fallen Angels hellbent on our destruction?
*One Satanic Religion Rules The World, Many Faces (Brands) – Even if You’re an Atheist, *They* Believe in Gods that Want. You. Dead.
*Giants – and their Elongated Skull Descendants, found at blood sacrifice ritual temple ruins.
*The Scriptures (Including those removed from recent Bibles) including prophetic predictions.
*Our Censored Past – If you thought Fake News was bad, wait until you see His-Story.
*The Truth About The Pagan Gods – They Were Real! (Nephilim Demigods!)
*Science & The Bible Syncronize, It’s Real and History – And so are ALL the other religious books! They recorded real events, but from the perspective of those cultures and their “gods” – Most of which were the Nephilim!
*They walk among us today – we’ll show you how to spot them.

*SOME foul language/Graphic Content in this series*

Good Omens, Season 1.
Trey Smith’s Works.
Rob Skiba’s Works.
Professor Walter J. Veith.

04s – Genesis 3:15 Prophecy.
42s – Cinematic Historical Introduction.
2m:04s – About The Enemy.
8m:13s – The Motivation of The Enemy.
8:32 – The Loss of Paradise, A Love Story.


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