Homo Capensis – The Biblical Nephilim Elongated Skull Giants

Homo Capensis – The Biblical Nephilim

People are rediscovering the ancient past, including the Nephilim giant conehead demons that came from the fallen angels of Genesis 6, the Watchers, mating with human women.

The Ancient Blood Sacrificing God Kings of the bloody past, are being labeled Homo Capensis by our modern scientists.

According to The Smithsonian Magazine:

“Homo capensis: In the early 1910s, two farmers stumbled across hominid fossils, including bits of a skull, near Boskop, South Africa. The bones were passed around to many anatomists—including Raymond Dart, who later discovered the first Australopithecus fossil—before ending up in the hands of paleontologist Robert Broom. Broom estimated the brain size of the skull (PDF): a whopping 1,980 cubic centimeters (the typical modern person’s brain is around 1,400 cubic centimeters). Broom determined that the skull should be called H. capensis, also known as Boskop Man. Other specimens from South Africa were added to the species, and some scientists became convinced southern Africa was once home to a race of big-brained, small-faced people. But by the 1950s, scientists were questioning the legitimacy of H. capensis. One problem was that the thickness of the original skull made it difficult to estimate the true brain size. And even if it were 1,980 cubic centimeters, that’s still within the normal range of variation for modern people’s brains, anthropologist and blogger John Hawks explained in 2008. Another problem, Hawks pointed out, was that scientists were preferentially choosing larger skulls to include in H. capensis while ignoring smaller skulls that were found in association with the bigger specimens. Today, fossils once classified as H. capensis are considered members of H. sapiens.”

Very little is known of “Homo Capensis”

However, we have a Lot of information on their true nature and name: The Nephilim, Biblical Giants and Enemies of God.


Cephalic index

Cephalic index is “The shape of the human head – by which we mean the general proportions of length, breadth, and height, irrespective of the “bumps of the phrenologist – is ONE of the best available tests of race known” (The Races of Europe, Chap. III, p. 37).”


One interesting fact this writer mentions is that the “long-headed” people have any affinity to the sea which the brachycephalics don’t possess. The writer quotes again from Professor Ripley (p. 89 of the above):

“Yet there can be no doubt that certain aptitudes do belong to certain races and breed true from generation to generation. The flat occiput has never shown any aptitude for the sea. All the races which have commanded the sea – the Portuguese, Spaniards, Dutch, Norwegians and British – have long heads with prominent occiputs. It is remarkable that even at the present day the German navy recruits its crews from the western shores, where a long-headed element still manages to survive (ibid., p. 720)”

And so I would suggest that the Cephalic Index does support your position that the Israelites did sojourn in Germany for some time, but have now largely moved on. There remains a small minority of Israelites among the Germans, but apart from the north-western coastal area, they are not a significant minority.

The writer postulates that the Sacae (Saxons) did sojourn for some time in Germany, but then largely moved to western Europe, the British Isles and to Scandinavia. The Sacae were classified as dolichocephalic (long-headed) and archaeological studies reveal that they were present in Germany for some time, but were replaced by brachycephalic (broad-headed) and mesocephalic (round-headed) tribes who also moved into Germany after the Sacae migrations. He also finds that there are still some long-headed (Sacae) Germans living in Germany, although they are limited to the north-west corner of Germany. As one moves from north-west Germany heading south and east, the incidence of dolichocephalic shaped heads significantly decreases to a small minority, and the incidence of the broad-headed individuals predominates.

“We shall soon see from the Bible, and also from secular history that the “original Hebrews” (by which Dr. Kephart meant the Israelites) were primarily an Aryan or Nordic type people after all!”

Now let us go to history and also to the Scriptures to prove what the pre-captivity people of the Twelve Tribes of Israel were really like. Professor Sayce makes the following significant comment: The names of the Jewish towns captured by the Egyptian King Soshenk … recorded on the walls of the temple of Karnak are each surmounted with the head and shoulders of a prisoner. Casts have been made of the heads by Sir Flinders Petrie, and the racial type represented by them turns out to be Amorite and not Jewish (Sayce, Races of the Old Testament, pp. 115,116).


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Homo Capensis – The Biblical Nephilim

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