Is God Warning Us Via Eclipses? – Why I Cannot Dismiss This Parallel to Nineveh…


I saw this video, which alarmed me greatly. Although they utilize conventional cosmology (globe Earth) technologies to show the pathway, this could be explained better via Biblical Earth – and does not detract much from the video overall. I ignored some of this video outright, but here are the pieces that alarmed me.

Let me explain how this might be a warning from our creator of Midyear Judgement.

The Eclipse(s)

The 4.8 Eclipse
X Point – Eclipse 1 – 2017
X Point – Eclipse 2 – 2024
X Point – American Midwest
New Madrid Fault Line
New Madrid Fault Line2
Impact Radius 1


Impact Radius 2



Ok, the Eclipses alone merely intersecting years apart isn’t enough cause for alarm. It’s merely connecting two possibly unrelated events.

But this caught my attention. This is impossible without YHWH.

Nineveh Parallels

Also – Apparently “From the 2017 eclipse to the 4/8 eclipse is 6 years, 6 months, 6 days apart . đź‘€”

Abortion – Carbondale – Eclipse Link


And with this doom sign hanging above our heads, the obviously manipulated J6 style entrapment Civil War kickoff is beginning its convoy to Texas to “Take our Border Back” – Noble sentiment, foolish tactics. Real rebellions don’t drive around unmasked in ID’able vehicles etc. It’s just asking to be put on the next roundup list. Real Rebellions tend to use Antifa tactics because they work. Many agree with Tucker Carlson who said “Violence Works” in referring to such tactics.

Convoy 1
Convoy 2
Eagle Pass – Civil War Kickoff?

Is YHWH Warning Us? The Path of this 4/8 eclipse is clearly beyond mere coincidence… for those who still believe in such things…

If this is correct, we could see the North American continent ripped in two from Texas through the Great Lakes as the New Madrid Fault Line catastrophically ruptures. Or some other horrifying “Judgement” that we are surely overdue for. The Ozarks, a haven to many preppers, would be impacted as well….




In case you missed it:

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