The Time of Jacob’s Trouble, The Jewish Holocausting of the Caucasian Israelites

They First Took Manhattan 1913 federal reserve act….

Then They Took Russia Bolshevik Red October 1917, In 1917, the name of the British royal house was changed from the German Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to the English Windsor because of anti-German sentiment in the United Kingdom during the First World War

Then They Took Berlin ww2


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The Jews Holocausting of the Israelites through the ages

Jacob’s Trouble ladies and gentlemen.

“The GREAT TRIBULATION is also called the time of “JACOB’S TROUBLE,” but God will rescue him from his sore travail, and finally the people of Israel will again be gathered unto their own lands to have another chance to serve and obey their God, thereby setting an example before all of the Gentile nations.”


The Armenian genocide

Jewish Genociding of Christians – Armenian Genocide

(Jewish Young Turks. 1915 through 1923)

“In 679 BC the Israelites or the Gemira as they were called, fled to the area around the Black Sea. The Greeks gave the same account but called the Cimmerians. The Assyrian Empire began to weaken this gave the Israelites a prime opportunity to flee the land of the Medes. The Israelites moved to the area around the Caucasius Mountains. They fought the Urratu and drove them out and settled the area of ​​Phrygia and Uratu. This is modern day Armenia” . ( Source )

Why won’t Israel acknowledge the Armenian Genocide? Because the Donmeh cryto-Jewish leadership of Turkey was responsible.

Why won’t Israel acknowledge the Armenian Genocide? The Donmeh Jewish leadership of Turkey was responsible.


Jews Plotted The Armenian Holocaust

Jews, Zionists Behind Armenian Genocide Holocaust

Christopher Jon Bjerknes has written the book

‘The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians’

It is the same Dohmeh crypto-Jewish Turkish president Erdogan is a member of today:

Modern Turkey: a secret Zionist state controlled by the Dönmeh


The Rus (Russia) genocide

Holodomor – Click to Enlarge

(Jewish Bolsheviks, Lenin (Blank), Trotsky (Bronstein) 66 million dead.

Here are their Holy Cows – same people occupying Israel today, running there from mostly — Russia.

Bolshevik Jews Killed 100 Million Mainly White Christians

When the Bolshevik Jews were finished killing there, they went to Israel.

The word RUS means Swedish or Scandinavian. Ref. King Yaroslav with his Russkaya Pravda (« Rus Truth [Law] » of Norse model. Tragic holocaust considering that Rus peoples and Vandals · Varangians, was our peoples . Most of our people were taken out by the trio Lenin (Blank), Trotsky ( Bronstein) and Stalin etc.

“Rus were Norsemen who had relocated “from over sea”, first to northeastern Europe, creating an early polity that finally came under the leadership of Rurik”’_people

“In 2006, in an surprising article in Ynet News, a widely read Jewish publication, columnist Sever Plocker, a Jew, wrote a revealing article entitled ‘Stalin’s Jews’ in which he explained the purging death, and destruction meted out… “We must not forget’, wrote Plocker, ‘that some of the greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish’ . – Texe Marrs.

66 million of our Christian brothers and sisters in Russia alone killed and industrially exterminated, according to Alexander Solshenitzin the cost of the Jewish Bolshevik regime from Lenin (Blank) to Stalin in the number of lives.

A whole people Holocausted and replaced with Mongols and Asians that is regarded as “RUSsians” today.
The Ukraine genocide (Holodomor)

Weird footage of the HOLODOMOR. The man-made famine/genocide in Ukraine 1932-1933. The Bolshevik Jews collecting the taxes:

Holodomor 10+ million white Christian Ukranians exterminated by Bolshevik Jews

The Jews resent Ukrainian laws to criminalize denial of the Jewish genocide of Ukrainians.

The Jerusalem Post:

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has criticized legislation proposed by a Ukrainian Jewish lawmaker to criminalize the denial of both the Holocaust and the Holodomor, claiming that it cheapens the memory of Nazi victims.

The Holodomor refers to a massive famine brought about by the forced collectivization of farms that resulted in the deaths of millions of Ukrainians and is regarded in Ukraine as a genocide planned by Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

The proposed law, drafted by MP Oleksandr Feldman – the founder of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee – defines the Holodomor as the “genocide of the Ukrainian people” and the Holocaust as the “genocide of the Jewish people.” The legislation proposes that denial of either be grounds for fines or imprisonment. Repeat offenders or government officials would be punishable by a longer incarceration.

Efraim Zuroff, chief Nazi hunter at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, blasted the bill, stating that it equated the Holodomor and the Holocaust, which he termed “a gross distortion of the history of the Holocaust typical of the efforts to equate other tragedies which are not the same as the Holocaust with the crimes of the Nazis.”

Feldman, according to Zuroff, is “doing a disservice to the memory of the Holocaust by linking it to a tragedy that is not equivalent.”

So they installed Jewish rulers in Ukraine recently, to prevent the truth from being known.
The German genocide

(Jewish askeNazis, holocausting the Sephardic’s and Israelites in Germany)

Remember Dresden. They killed all german sephardic and Israelites and of Judah (german Lion of Judah) and Simeon in the second world war.. all in order to take the power in Germany, as evident today, in this man as in Angela Merkel. They could not have killed all Germans from the Tribe of Judah without Hitler, and he was retired to Argentina for his services where he died in 1971. The askeNazi socialist lapdog Hitler laid all the foundations for today’s jewish Martin Shultz and Angela Merkel.

“Zionists recruited Hitler in 1923 to create the Nazi party. The world Zionist Organization, and that’s how the Nazi party was created. The goal was to get a population of Sabbateans into Palestine so that a homeland could be established. They were not looking for a homeland for the Jewish people. Why? This area was a crossroads of the world to create world domination from the center [and Jerusalem had a religious meaning for many people they could use to their advantage]. Hitler’s war machine was funded by Jewish bankers, Warburg and others, clandestine financing. The scheme was to get this hatred against the Jewish community to get the Jews to move to Palestine by the Zionists. They wanted a population in Palestine to get them to initiate the Balfour document made decades earlier.” ( . )


The Nordic genocide

(askeNazi Jewish liberalists multiculturalism, by miscegenation, demographic soft killing of the race, by their own admission by the lowest of the human emotions, the primal animalistic sexual impulses is stimulated, as long as it is given permission that his is ‘natural’ and good by the rulers. It is not.)

Naphtali is identified with Norway, ( Gen. 49:21 ) although groups from Naphtali were also to be found elsewhere. Norway was known as Thule. The word Thuls means Speaker. Naphtali will help bring about the Union of Judah and Joseph. The satanists in power must try to avoid this happening at all costs. So they divide and conquer. It is very simple. Mix up the races so that the seed of Israel is so diluted that they will be literally wiped out, by their own miscegenation influenced as ‘normal’ by liberal socialists and Jews alike.

« The Greek traveler Pytheas from Massilia (Marseille) traveled along the coast of what is now known as Norway perhaps as far north as Bodo around 330 BC, and he called that land “Thule,” which Norse scholars like Ottar Groenvik understands as “the land of the Thuls” or “the Thul land.” Norway was known as Thule. P. Senstius (1931) once suggested that Thule is a shortened form of Naphthali. The above note says that not only Norway but also the people of Norway were called Thuls and that this word means Speaker. Naphtali is known for his “goodly words.” …. »


South African genocide

(Lithuanian Jewish Joe Slovo). 70,000 dead Caucasians in SA since the Jewish Bolsheviks and the communist lapdog Mandela took power .

Average of one farm murder every 130 hours for the past few years -years/

The taking down of the British rule of the Seas


They did it from 1694 incorporating the Bank of England and the East India Company, looting the World for themselves, not to be a light to the nations as the Bible requires of the Judaites and the Israelites.



The taking down of Norway’s hegemony at sea


Norway is Naphthali, and some part of Sweden and Germany. “In the book of Isaiah, it shows that these nations if they do not repent and turn to Almighty God, an invasion will happen, and invasion by the German led-European Beast” . (German askeNazi led EU / Roman system) ( Source ). Isaiah 9:1 . “This prophecy in type was fulfilled in the days of Isaiah, but then found its fulfillment in Christ, his first coming, but not its full fulfillment, because the prophecy has to do with the second coming of Christ as the text clearly shows.”

“The people [of Zebulun and Naphthali] that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light s hined. [Jesus, Matthew 4:11 ]

Naphtali a blessed seafaring tribe
Before the tribes of Israel entered Canaan to possess it, Moses blessed the tribe of Naphtali with the words : “Of Naphtali he said: Naphtali is satisfied with grace and full of the blessing of the LORD, the Sea and the sea ​​route is in his possession.” ( Deuteronomy 33:23 ).

Be Watchful for the Day
…For it will come upon all who dwell on the face of the whole earth. 36 So keep watch at all times, and pray that you may have the strength to escape all that is about to happen and to stand before the Son of Man.”
( Luke 21:36-37 )
The Israelites and Judah

The Bible is a chronological history book of the Israelites, including the tribe of Judah and Benjamin. The Jews of today are brainwashing people to perceive themselves as from the Tribe of Judah, but that cannot be further from the truth. While they claim we holocaust them, they actually are Holocausting us.

“We have seen that the very Word of God is at stake on this very point. If these peoples of the dispersed Ten Tribes have vanished from the earth, then God’s Word has been broken!

Many prophecies speak of a future restoration of Israel when both the House of Israel and the House of Judah will once again become one nation, united in their Promised Land ( Ezek. 37:15-28 ).

“It is important for the present-day people of Israel to know their identity so that they can throw themselves upon God’s mercy, in order that they may be protected from the terrible calamities soon to befall the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples who inhabit North -west Europe and those countries settled by them – America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Republic of South Africa ( Lu. 21:36 ).”

Odin was for the Israelites out of Assyria / Caucasus that Moses was for the Israelites leading them out of Egypt. Real Israelites can never live under tyrannical rulers, be it Herod, Pharaohs, Nimrods or any other type. Israelites are genetically vaccinated against this. The Jews are not, they always keep the power positions for themselves in our times, and as Jesus advised; Come out of Her my people, that you will not share in her plagues (The Babylonian ruler system, in opposition to the nordic servant system of the State).

There is not ONE socialist – be it international socialist (communist) or national socialism (Nazism), that is Christian in the real meaning of the term. Christians have only one King, one der Fuehrer, that is Jesus Christ.

The Messiah = Jesus Christ = The Head… Now read the meme.
We Christian Israelites approve of no man of the Jewish socialist Babylon system as rulers. They are all part of the satanic government system. They are breaking our nations and our Christian way of government and system down from the inside, in many ways:

“We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will help the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.” Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the 20th Century” (1912).
The Babylonian system of rulers and ruled. Note Jesus never used a pulpit, at most he was on a stone so everybody should see him. Mostly they were sitting in a ring around him, He never put himself above His brothers, he was one of them.

They have turned this upside down, as it is themselves that are the Gentiles:

“All Gentiles are totally Satanic creatures in whom there is absolutely nothing good. Even a Gentile embryo is qualitatively different than a Jewish one. The very existence of the Gentile is non-essential. Whereas the world was created by God solely for the sake of Jews.” (The Hatyana, Fundamental Book of The Chabad Movement).

Trump or Putin? Two of the same kind Babylonian rulers, both Jewish, playing the good old ‘good cop bad cop’ game, always controlling both sides in any conflict of war and mayhem. To make sure they are able to get killed a reasonable number of Caucasian Israelites on both sides of their upcoming Third World War. In the first addition of Putin’s book: First Person: An Astonishingly Frank Self-Portrait by Russia’s President it says his mother’s maiden name was Shalomovitch – which apparently is a Jewish name. Yet in the second addition, it conveniently changes to Shelomova. A cover up?

We white people are Holocausted from within.. vaccines, medicines, chemtrails, abortions (Abortion is a diabolical form of Baal/Molech child sacrifice. It is barbaric, evil, satanic), perversities and miscegenation (multiculturalism), you name it.. poisoning the well. Other peoples like Arabs and Africans think the Jews have threatened them badly, what they have done, but what have they done to us Europeans?
The expression of their faces bears witness against them, And they display their sin like Sodom; They do not even conceal it. Woe to them! For they have brought evil upon themselves. – Isaiah 3:9

“Also among the prophets of Jerusalem I have seen a horrible thing: The committing of adultery and walking in falsehood; And they strengthen the hands of evildoers, So that no one has turned back from his wickedness. All of them have become to Me like Sodom, And her inhabitants like Gomorrah. – Jeremiah 23:14

Government means “govern the mind”, of the sheeple. Jesus Christ came to free His People from the brainwashing, to be mentally and psychologically free again. Satan and satanists in the Synagogue of Satan ( Rev. 2.9 & 3.9 ) rule this World. Inferior complex is manifested as a will and deadly determination to rule (tyrannically, like Nimrod) and be Masters. A course in psychology would serve many Jews well. The Christian gospel is for the leaders of the communities to be servants, not rulers. Read the Bible who is to be the real God’s people in the end, after their trials and tribulations are finished, in order to bring them back to God ( Hosea 11:5 ).


Timeline Of The Jewish Genocide Of The British People

Timeline Of The Jewish Genocide Of The British People


Game Over – The End Times Mapping Project







The Satanic Vendetta against God’s Chosen People, namely against the Germans


In the German Holocaust of 1914-55, the Zionist powers (US, GB, RU, FR) genocided 37 million Ethnic-German Civilians, but still portrayed themselves as “democratic” “liberators” despite having genocided over 30 million of the victims after they took control of Germany and Austria on 8 May 1945, or after WW2 was officially declared “over”.

This article draws from multiple sources (James Bacque, Thomas Goodrich, Konrad Adenauer, Willy Brandt, etc.).


Anyone who knows the Germans is fully aware that they may well be God’s Chosen People, and that Jesus really must have meant the Germans, or else people very like the Germans, when in Matthew 5 He said “You are the Salt of the Earth … and the Light of the World” (“Ihr seid das Salz der Erde … und das Licht der Welt”). But the Talmudists (Zionists and Freemasons) wanted the Germans either wiped out, or else under their total control, and they had largely achieved those aims by 1945. Yet the biggest secret the Talmudists kept covered-up for over 70 years was their genocide of over 30 million Ethnic-German Civilians after “VE Day”, on 8 May 1945. If their gullible audience had known THAT, it would have stopped falling for their hogwash official-“truth” narrative overnight.


It is really not that difficult to understand the REAL reasons behind the German Holocaust. If you lived in the era of 1866-1871 and you were a dedicated Satanist, for instance a member of the Talmudists, Zionists, Freemasons, or “Illuminati”, and you already knew that Jesus would have had a VERY HIGH opinion of the Germans, possibly considering them “the Salt of the Earth … and the Light of the World”, would you not plan terror, malevolence, and destruction for them? As a dedicated Satanist, would not such a plan be your very FIRST inclination or instinct?


In WW2, the Three Biggest WAR-CRIMES committed by the Zionist powers were:

The genocide by collective punishment of over 30 million Ethnic-German Civilians after “VE Day”, 8 May 1945, when WW2 was officially declared to be “over”. This attests to a massive Talmudic blood sacrifice;
The entire saturation-firebombing of Germany after 1943, although by then, it was very clear that Germany had already lost the war. This again attests to a Talmudic blood sacrifice of German Civilians to Molech;
Referring to ALL Germans as “Nazis” in Zionist propaganda during and after WW2, although the NSDAP only had 5.7 million members in 1939 (meaning probably less than 8 percent of the population).




The official-“truth” narrative for WW1 and WW2 was always implausible. By the 1990s, leading authors such as Carroll Quigley, Antony Sutton, and Fritz Springmeier, had proved beyond all doubt how both WW1 and WW2 were planned and all sides financed by the Zionist London-NY-Alliance starting around 1866-71, as the weary process of German Unification was being finalized. The Architect-in-Chief of the German Holocaust was Talmudist Edward VII, who was likely 75 percent Jewish, and whose advisors urged him to launch one war in two stages “to get rid of the Germans for once and for all”. He died in 1910, before his vast German Holocaust even began.

Already in 1883, German Chancellor Bismarck launched the world’s first social-welfare state that promised to create a “European Workers’ Paradise”. But such noble aims completely flew in the face of the goals of the Zionist London-NY-Alliance which sought, and still seeks, the total enslavement of mankind pursuant to the Talmud.

The Germans were selected for special punishment for the temerity they had demonstrated by creating systems and industries serving to free humanity. So, in 1871-1920, London’s QUATUOR CORONATI lodge built Nazism, the Nazi ideals, founded the Thule Society that then morphed into the NSDAP, and later installed their “Illuminati” Agent-Stooge Adolf Hitler on 30 Jan 1933, with his book “Mein Kampf” most likely written by Tavistock.

WW1 and WW2 were both religious wars whose 2 main aims were to create Israel as the venue for the reign of the Antichrist and to genocide Christians, exactly as the Talmud commands. The Talmudists genocided 65 million Christians in WW1, and 85 million Christians in WW2. In the entire twentieth century, in mostly religious wars, the Talmudists genocided a total of around 400 million Goyim “Livestock” and they plan 4000 million this century.

Thus, any gullible US Christians who still salute their flag must bear in mind that, in the coming religious war called WW3, they are to be genocided by decapitation in the FEMA Death Camps pursuant to the (wholly invented) Talmudic Noahide “Laws”, which were placed on US “law”-books in 1991 by House Joint Resolution H.J.RES.104.ENR. This is set to take place once the USA declares Martial Law in the early stages of WW3. So, US Christians are now about to get “special treatment” that will be SIMILAR to what the Germans were given in WW2, but also in WW1. Concisely, the Talmudists want all Goyim “Livestock”, especially Christians, dead.





In 1992, British historian Alan Bullock gave the figure of 3.81 million Ethnic-German Civilians genocided between 3 Sep 1939 and 8 May 1945. In his 2010 book “Hellstorm”, Thomas Goodrich described WW2 and its aftermath from the viewpoint of the Germans. In WW2, the Zionist powers dropped over 20 times more bombs on German territory than Germany did vice versa. Unexploded bombs from WW2 are still a problem in Germany today.

The 2015 documentary “Hellstorm” can be viewed here:


After the Dresden Holocaust, the Dresden Chief of Police reported that over 200,000 bodies had been recovered from the ruins, adding that the toll might possibly reach 250,000 (contained in Daily Order #47 dated 22 Mar 1945, Office of the Dresden Chief of Police). Later, the International Red Cross estimated that 275,000 had died in the Dresden Holocaust. Other estimates place the death-toll at 300,000 to 400,000 given that many “melted like wax”.

Apologists for the Dresden Holocaust often tried to argue that Dresden was “Revenge for Coventry”, but only 380 people died in Coventry-England during all of WW2. Apologists also tried to argue that Dresden was “Revenge for the Blitz”, but London escaped with damage to only 600 acres during all of WW2, whereas 16,000 acres of Dresden’s land were obliterated in this single night. Also, the total headcount of British Civilians who died in WW2 was 70,000, a tiny figure that pales in comparison to the 37 million Ethnic-German Civilians genocided in 1914-55. [Source “Hellstorm”, by Thomas Goodrich (2010), pages 122-123].


Before the Dresden Holocaust, Winston Churchill had warned: “I do not want to receive any suggestions how we can destroy militarily important targets in Dresden’s hinterland, I want to get suggestions how we can fry 600,000 refugees from Breslau in Dresden”. [Source: A minute by APS of Air Chief Marshal Wilfrid Freeman, dated 26 Jan 1945, in Air Historical Branch file CMS 608].


It is important for “Christian” Zionists of the USA, Britain, and elsewhere, not to “celebrate” the Dresden Holocaust because the satanic Talmud commands very clearly that, ONE DAY, THEY TOO must be slaughtered like animals, just as the Germans of Dresden, Hamburg, and countless other terror-bombed cities, were.






Today, it is very clear that the expulsion of 15 million Germans from their eastern homelands was the single gravest act of Ethnic Cleansing the world has ever seen, and that it was part of this same Crime of the Century. In total, 7 million Germans perished on their way to the core nations of West and East Germany, and Austria.


On 23 Mar 1949, Konrad Adenauer gave a speech to the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Bern-Switzerland in which he said that a total of 13.3 million Ethnic-Germans had been forced to flee the East, but that only 7.3 million of those German refugees had arrived in the occupied zones of East or West Germany. He cited their origins as Prussia, Posen, Silesia, Masuria, Pomerania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary, and noted: “Six million Germans simply disappeared; they are dead and gone [‘Sechs Millionen Deutsche sind vom Erdboden verschwunden; sie sind gestorben, verdorben’]” [Source: Konrad Adenauer’s “Erinnerungen 1945-1953”, DVA Stuttgart 1965, page 186].

But Adenauer failed to include a further death-toll of 1 million “missing” since he did not mention Ethnic-Germans fleeing into Austria, particularly those fleeing the Balkans and Romania, and because he made his speech in Mar 1949, when many Ethnic-German Civilians were still on the run, in many cases in fact up until the mid-1950s.

15 million Ethnic-German Civilians were forced to flee their homes in Eastern Europe and 7 million died in so-called Death Marches, mostly of exposure, but many also mercilessly slaughtered by the Red Army, by Red Army deserters, by former Red Army POWs, by Slavic nationalists, or by Slavic partisans. Recall that, just after WW2, nearly two million Russian deserters and former POWs were at large in Russian-occupied Eastern Europe.






The Zionist powers (US, GB, FR) genocided 9-10 million Ethnic-Germans under the Morgenthau Plan, which was enforced under JCS1067 from 8 May 1945 until 31 Dec 1950. In “Crimes and Mercies” (2nd edition dated 2003), meticulous Canadian historian James Bacque presented all the detailed statistics, and summarized: “More than nine million Germans died as a result of Allied starvation and expulsion policies in the first five years after WW2 – a total far in excess of the figures actually reported. That these deaths occurred at all is still being concealed and denied, especially by Western governments” [Source: “Crimes and Mercies”, James Bacque, 2nd edition (2003), Introduction, page 3 of PDF].

Despite sufficient food being available, for over 6.5 years, the Zionist powers (US, GB, RU, FR, PL) “granted” Germans only 1500 calories (about six Mars bars) per head per day. But the minimum to sustain life is quite a bit higher. Bacque said the following of this savage Zionist policy: “Germany is the only nation where UNRRA is not permitted to feed its nationals. Germany is the only nation subjected to a deliberate starvation policy of 1,500 calories per day” [Source: “Crimes and Mercies” by James Bacque, 2nd edition (2003), page 38].






In his 1989 book “Other Losses”, James Bacque focused on the German POW-Civilians genocided by Dwight Eisenhower for his boss and Rothschild-Zionist-Handler, Bernard Baruch. In the intro, Bacque synopsizes: “The victims undoubtedly number over 800,000, almost certainly over 900,000, and quite likely over a million”. [Source “Other Losses”, by James Bacque (1989), Introduction, page 2].

But the single “most official” figure came in 1969, when Germany’s foreign-minister Willy Brandt told the German parliament how he had “to ‘instruct’ Germany’s historians on how to ‘correctly’ write about the 1.5 million German soldiers still missing 24 years after 1945”, and added that this was because the German Foreign Ministry “wanted to PREVENT said German historians from provoking a public discussion at home and abroad which would only open up old wounds and would not serve the reconciliation efforts of Germany’s foreign policy”.

[Source: 1969 teilte der deutsche Aussenminister Willy Brandt dem Deutschen Bundestag mit, dass das deutsche Aussenministerium sich IN DAS VERLAGSWESEN EINMISCHEN MÜSSE. So konnte er eine Gruppe deutscher Autoren “anweisen”, wie sie über die 1,5 Millionen deutscher Soldaten “richtig” zu schreiben hätten, die “24 Jahre nach 1945 noch immer vermisst waren”. Willy Brandt sagte, dies geschehe deshalb, um die Autoren davon abzuhalten, eine Diskussion in der Öffentlichkeit des Inlandes und gar Auslandes zu provozieren, die nur alte Wunden wieder aufreissen würde und die auf Versöhnung ausgerichtete Aussenpolitik “nicht dienlich wäre”.]

General George Patton was murdered on 21 Dec 1945 on the orders of OSS boss William Donovan, who was yet another lackey of Zionist exterminator Bernard Baruch. This took place just after Patton had labeled Eisenhower a “sadistic psychopath”. But Eisenhower’s motivation may also have been his stark resentment of NSDAP racial ideology, because he was one-quarter African, given that his mother, Ida Stover Eisenhower, was a mulatto.

German military law prohibited Wehrmacht soldiers from being members of the NSDAP (Nazi Party). But military historians Christian Streit and Bernhard R Kroener found that the proportion of NSDAP members among officer applicants was 44 percent. Thus, in all reality, only perhaps one-quarter of Wehrmacht officers may have been Nazis, but it is certain that only very few of the ordinary soldiers were Nazis, because German military law (“das Wehrgesetz”) actually forbade that. And that means that the Quarter-African Eisenhower was incorrectly blaming ordinary German soldiers for being “Nazis” when in fact very few of his victims were even NSDAP members.






Wikipedia confirms here that roughly 1.1 million German POW-Civilians were genocided by communist Russia: “A commission set up by the West German government found that 3,060,000 German military personnel were taken prisoner by the USSR and that 1,094,250 died in captivity (549,360 from 1941 to April 1945; 542,911 from May 1945 to June 1950; and 1,979 from July 1950 to 1955)”. (10,891 Austrian POW-Civilians also died.)


So, taken together, 2.6 million POW-Civilians were genocided (1.5 million in the West; and 1.1 million in the East).

NB: In total, roughly 9.1 million Combatants died for Germany, Austria, and Bavaria, in WW1 and WW2. But “only” 2.6 million of them were genocided as POW-Civilians by the Zionist powers after WW2. Thus, “only” 2.6 million of them are included in the total of 37 million Ethnic-German Civilians genocided by the Zionist powers in the German Holocaust. The other 6.5 million Combatants are not included in said headcount of victims.





In the seven years 1944-50, a VERY conservative estimate for the number of illegal abortions in Germany and Austria due to systemic rape is 12 million. The official stats acknowledge that there were over 2 million illegal abortions per year in Germany in each of the years 1945, 1946, 1947, and 1948 (total over 8 million). We must infer 0.8 million illegal abortions for Austria in the same years given that it had roughly one-tenth the population of Germany. That brings our tally to around 9 million. But we must also add about 1 million illegal abortions for each of the as-yet-unmentioned years 1944, 1949 and 1950, thus bringing our cautious estimate to 12 million in total.

Red Army eyewitnesses confirmed that roughly one-in-eight of the German women were actually raped to death.

Wikipedia gives the following confirmation for post-WW2 abortions in Germany: “After WW2, abortion remained broadly illegal throughout both German states [West and East Germany] … The legal requirements in the West were extremely strict, and often led women to seek abortions elsewhere, particularly in the Netherlands. It has been estimated that about 2 million women had abortions each year between 1945 and 1948, mostly in the Soviet Zone. An abortion cost around 1,000 marks and was performed without anesthesia” [Source:].






In WW1, about 1 million Ethnic-German Civilians were genocided by the Starvation Blockade (“Hungerblockade”) led by the British Navy in 1914-19. This blockade took its severest effects on the northern and eastern regions of Germany ( Added to the Starvation Blockade, a further 0.4 million civilians were genocided in Germany, Bavaria and Austria during WW1.

If Germany had not signed the unjust “peace” treaty of Versailles on 28 Jun 1919, Britain would have continued to genocide even more of its civilians by this Starvation Blockade, which was clearly an act of State Terrorism.




270,000 Ethnic-Germans raped to death (of over 2 million rape victims), mostly by the Red Army;
240,000 excess suicides among Ethnic-Germans in 1919-39 (Interwar Era, Zionist economic war);
100,000 Ethnic-German POW-Civilians murdered by Britain after WW2;
100,000 more Ethnic-Germans starved from 1 Jan 1951 till 27 May 1955 (outside Bacque’s purview);
70,000 Ethnic-Germans genocided in 1937-39 (Interwar pogroms) in Poland, Czechoslovakia, etc.;
50,000 Ethnic-Germans genocided in 1937-38 (Interwar Era) by Russia’s NKVD order 00439;
30,000 Ethnic-German civilians shot for “sport”, and under post-WW2 general shoot-to-kill policies;
20,000 Ethnic-German civilians mass-murdered in the West post-WW2 (BE, LU, NL, DK, NO, IT, FR);
310,000 other Ethnic-Germans genocided in 1914-55.




So now, let us calculate the total: Alan Bullock’s 3.81 million before 8 May 1945; 7 million perished refugees from the East; 9 million starved under the Morgenthau Plan; 2.6 million murdered POW-Civilians; 12 million illegal abortions due to systemic rape; 1.4 million Civilians genocided in WW1; and 1.2 million other Civilians (including women raped to death, Interwar pogroms, Russia’s NKVD Order 00439, German Civilians shot for “sport”).

That gives us a final plain estimate of 37 million for the TOTAL genocide of Ethnic-German Civilians in the German Holocaust of 1914-55, but, most atrociously of all, 30 million of those victims after “VE Day”, 8 May 1945.


So please tell me, dear reader: Is that why they call WW2 the “good” war?






In truth, no one knows the exact death-toll of the German Holocaust. Greater Germany (“Gross-Deutschland”) had roughly 90 million Ethnic-Germans in 1940, after inclusion of the Ethnic-Germans of Austria, Poland, Sudetenland (CZ), and Memel-Klaipeda, and as shown here:

But the total Ethnic-German population of Europe in 1942 was about 98 million (including other German exclaves, see German Diaspora by 1910 census:

Calculating the exact death-toll of the German Holocaust is a Herculean Task because of the following facts:

By 1950, the three core nations had shrunk to 76.29 million total (West Germany 50.96 million, East Germany 18.37 million, and Austria 6.94 million), although population is a number that is constantly in flux;
Some Ethnic-Germans ended up citizens of other nations beyond the new borders of Germany or Austria;
Of course, the number of illegal abortions is not reflected anywhere in the official population statistics;
In 1942-50, Germany and Austria welcomed an “excess” of approximately 8 to 10 million newborns (when “normal” fertility was about 20 per thousand, and “normal” mortality about 10 per thousand);
In WW2, Germany had 13.6 million combatants (5.53 million died in battle, 2.6 million were genocided by the Zionists after WW2, and 5.47 million survived). So the newborns all but replaced the dead combatants;
There is no political will to find the true death-toll of the German Holocaust, because, since 1945, Germany and Austria have been ruled by Zionist Freemasons who, as Willy Brandt well knew, must follow their orders from London, DC, Paris. The Talmud decrees that only Jews are human, so, under Talmudic “law”, the German Holocaust must not “count”, and it must never even be PERMITTED to “count”.
In a nutshell, the population stats do confirm excess deaths of around 23 million Ethnic-German Civilians in 1939-50. If we add to those 23 million the 12 million illegal abortions due to systemic rape, and the 2 million other Ethnic-German Civilians (who were genocided in WW1 and the Interwar Era), we can confirm with near-total certainty that the death-toll of the German Holocaust in 1914-55 was indeed 37 million Ethnic-German Civilians.






In all the Holocausts of the twentieth century, the most SUPREME of all IRONIES is that there are quite literally dozens of written plans by Talmudists (Zionists and Freemasons) to genocide every last German; but there is not one single written plan, and not one single written order, by any German man or woman to murder any single Jew.


It would be foolish to believe that the German Holocaust had not been planned. The lion’s share of genocide took place after 8 May 1945. A quick glance through the writings of, and statements by, several of its architects should suffice to convince even the most reluctant skeptics that this huge genocide was done with ice-cold premeditation.


The following list of MAIN architects of the German Holocaust is alas incomplete, but it shows most of them:

Edward VII, Architect-in-Chief of the German Holocaust (most likely 75 percent Jewish, his alleged father being Lionel Nathan Rothschild, and his alleged maternal grandfather being Jakob Mayer Rothschild, as shown here:;
Zionist Winston Churchill (most likely 87.5 percent Jewish, as an alleged son of Talmudic Jew Edward VII);
Bolshevik-Zionist “Stalin” (Ioseb Dzhugashvili) (crypto-Jew, whose surname is a cognate of “Jewson” from the Georgian “Dzhuga” meaning Jew, and who also had Jewish in-laws and grandchildren);
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Zionist Sephardic crypto-Jew and communist traitor, real name Rosenfelt);
Adolf Hitler (who was the Zionist Agent that committed dozens of deliberate military “blunders” to enable the Zionist powers (US, GB, RU, FR) to perpetrate the German Holocaust of 37 million German Civilians);
Bernard Baruch (Jewish Zionist of the Committee of 300, and Eisenhower’s Rothschild-Zionist-Handler);
Dwight David Eisenhower (African-American Zionist (his mother a mulatto) who had zero Jewish lineage);
Ilya Ehrenburg (Bolshevik-Zionist propaganda-writer, highly “esteemed” in communist Russia and Israel);
Chaim Weizmann, Jewish Zionist and first president of the Khazar-Supremacist State of Israel;
Henry Morgenthau Jr (one of “FDR’s Murder Quartet”, known in German as “Roosevelts MordQuartett”);
Theodore Newman Kaufman (Zionist member of “FDR’s Murder Quartet”);
Louis Nizer (Zionist member of “FDR’s Murder Quartet”);
Earnest Albert Hooton (Zionist member of “FDR’s Murder Quartet”);
Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, leader of the satanic CHABAD, who moved its HQ from Europe to the USA in 1940. Schneersohn is often dubbed “Hitler’s Boss”;
Alexander Sachs (Kabbalist-Zionist bankster, identified by Carroll Quigley as one originator of the concept of, and setting up of, the UN Security Council, ultimately for establishing the reign of the Antichrist);
Samuel Untermyer, Jewish-Zionist leader, who led World Jewry’s war-declarations against Germany in Mar and Aug 1933 and chaired the Keren haYesod fundraising organization that funds Zionist terrorism;
Menachem Begin, Jewish-Zionist terrorist and later president of the Khazar-Supremacist State of Israel;
Prof Alexander Kulisher, Jewish-Zionist lawyer;
Bernard Lecache, president of the World Jewish League;
André François-Poncet, French ambassador to Germany, and a Rabid Zionist;
Ewan Cameron, deranged “psychiatrist” and eugenicist, involved in “Illuminati” mind-control experiments;
Robert Vansittart, powerful Zionist diplomat high up in the British Foreign Office;
Maurice Samuel, Jewish-Zionist author;
Vladimir Jabotinsky, founder of Jewish terrorist group Irgun that morphed into the ZioFascist LIKUD party;
David Brown, president of the American Hebrew, and national chairman of the United Jewish Campaign;
Emil Ludwig Cohn, Jewish-Zionist author;
Rabbi Felix Mendelssohn, Jewish-Zionist leader of the Temple Beth Israel congregation in the USA;
Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, founder of genocidal super-lodge PAN EUROPA, author of the Kalergi Plan.




As the process of German Unification was being finalized in 1866-71, Talmudist Edward VII (who was probably 75 percent Jewish) began hatching his plans for the German Holocaust. His military advisors urged him to plot and launch “one war in two stages to get rid of the Germans for once and for all”. And how “well” he succeeded!

But the Talmud commands that all Christians must be savagely slaughtered because they are “animals”:

The Talmud says: “All Gentile children are animals” (Yebamoth 98a).

The Talmud says: “Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form, so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form and condemned to serve the Jew day and night” (Midrash Talpioth).

The Talmud says: “Murdering a Gentile is like killing a wild animal” (Sanhedrin 59a). Thus, Talmudic “law” makes it very clear that the life of a non-Jew has no value and that Gentiles exist only to serve Jews. Furthermore, the same “law” implies that commemorating the German Holocaust must remain strictly prohibited since the Talmud refers to Goyim “Livestock”, such as Germans, as “animals”, “ants”, “cockroaches”, “beasts”, “dogs”, “donkeys”, “goats” etc. The Talmud states only Jews are “human”. Thus, only the Jewish Holocaust must be commemorated, but not any single one of the other circa 50 Holocausts that took place in the whole WW1-WW2 Era of 1914-55.

The Talmud commands: “Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed” (Abodah Zara 26b).

Satanists pay a great deal of attention to the words of Jesus because they often discover “welcome opportunities” in those words to disobey the Divine Will. Already in 1870, the Talmudists knew the Germans, and they knew well that the Germans lived up to Matthew 5:13-14 “You Are The Salt Of The Earth … And The Light Of The World”. That is the reason they selected Ethnic-Germans for genocide. Similarly, Talmudists and other Satanists choose to brazenly disobey Matthew 18:6 (“these little ones”) whenever they torture, rape, and sacrifice a child to Molech.






The Talmudists plan to intensify the German Holocaust once their new Bolshevik-Zionist Totalitarianism takes over after 2030. So far, the Kalergi Plan has succeeded in genociding many White Christians, but that will worsen.

In the domain of Germany and Austria today, the Talmudic plan is to genocide all remaining Ethnic-Germans by 2100 AD. So, the German Holocaust is set to escalate and intensify, even as brainwashed Germans offer ZERO resistance to their own extermination. By 2100, you can expect a brown-mixed-race population living in a handful of “smart”-cities where Germany and Austria currently live today, and that population will speak some variant of English. At least, THAT is the Talmudic plan of “Team Antichrist”, but it might yet be foiled by the King of Kings.






The Talmudists (Zionists and Freemasons) need to lie about history because, otherwise, the “profane” slaves might at least TRY to prevent them from getting history to repeat. If history books told the truth that the Zionist powers (US, GB, RU, FR) genocided 37 million Ethnic-German Civilians in the German Holocaust of 1914-55, their slaves would at least TRY to prevent this from ever happening again. By falsifying history, the Talmudists have done much worse than “merely lie”, they have actually weaponized history to safeguard their future plans to genocide ALL Christians, except for 2,800 Gentile slaves for each Talmudist, as is also decreed by the Talmud.


The very last thing the Talmudists want is to prove Jorge Santayana right, because history, and genocide, would stop repeating for them if the slaves ever learned the truth about history. The falsification and weaponization of history are key tactics for enabling their planned genocide of 4 billion Gentiles in this, the twenty-first, century as is printed in the sermons of many “holy” rabbis, and contained in many files on the UN website. Satanic rabbi Yosef Mizrachi called for the genocide of 6 billion Gentiles here:

Today, British and American slaves are still taught that the Normandy Landings were something to be “proud” of, because they produced a “great” Zionist victory. But if those slaves had been told the truth that the Zionist powers genocided 30 million Ethnic-German Civilians after “VE Day”, 8 May 1945, humiliating shame would soon replace that “pride”. The USA has lived under Zionist Totalitarianism since 1913, Britain since 1808 when Proto-Zionist Nathan Mayer Rothschild became a financial “advisor” to the British Regime. The Zionists have owned and run the mainstream media of Europe since the 1880s, and those of the USA since around 1917. This WW2 and post-WW2 genocide of Germans is still kept secret by the sheer power of Zionist Totalitarian Propaganda, and that power will not be broken until the “secret” of the German Holocaust has been revealed, and the truth finally told.


“Voltaire” (François-Marie Arouet) stated: “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities”. And the Zionist powers (US, GB, RU, FR) successfully deployed the myth of German villainy to dupe the “brave” men of their “honorable” Zionist militaries into committing BY FAR THE GREATEST CRIME of the twentieth-century, which was the genocide of 37 million Ethnic-German Civilians in the German Holocaust.


Most slaves still believe the official yarn about WW2, including how genociding 37 million Ethnic-German Civilians inspired “bluebirds” to “fly over the White Cliffs of Dover”, how US and British soldiers were “cool dudes smoking Luckies and Woodbines”, or how WW2 was the “good” war. None of that was true; quite the opposite in fact.


In a nutshell, the Talmudists are obliged to continue presenting an official-“truth” narrative that is totally FALSE, or else face having to surrender their power. And that is also the reason why the mainstream-media have been the single biggest source of Conspiracy Theories for at least the past 150 years. It is these Conspiracy Theories that have succeeded in keeping at least 99 percent of the slaves thoroughly brainwashed, complacent, AND complicit.


You were LIED TO, but that does not necessarily imply that you will remain deceived for life. Right?


After 1955:


During the COVID-PHARMA GENOCIDE, many alt-media commentators called for “Nuremberg 2.0 Trials” for the perpetrators who had compelled many slaves to take the COVID-BIOWEAPON-JAB so as to kill, maim or sterilize themselves in the name of fighting the Climate “Change” Hoax, sometimes called the Global “Warming” Hoax.

But in reality, the “Nuremberg 1.0 Trials” of 1945-46 were the greatest travesty of justice in history, by a Kangaroo Court stacked with 80 percent Jews. Nuremberg also launched Zionist Revisionism and its “Six Million” slogan.

But what we really still need are what might be dubbed the “NEWTONBURY 1.0 TRIALS”, under which the tyrants of the Zionist London-NY-Alliance, and all their lackeys, would finally be brought to justice.


What became of the PERPETRATORS of the German Holocaust afterwards?

Zionist Bernard Baruch elevated his murderous lackey Dwight Eisenhower to puppetician-in-chief of the USA and to “author” of a #1 bestseller about his “righteous” “crusade” to genocide the Ethnic-Germans of Europe. Baruch remained an “advisor” to, and Rothschild-Zionist-Handler of, very many DC puppeticians;
Zionist Freemason Churchill was knighted by the English monarch (who in Ireland is affectionately called “the Beast”) in Apr 1953, and was awarded the IgNobel “literature” prize in Oct 1953 for WW2 “memoirs” in which he “forgot” to even mention the German Holocaust, or the other Holocausts he had perpetrated;
Zionist Freemason Franklin Delano Roosevelt was murdered after he was poisoned, probably at the Yalta Conference in Feb 1945, and most likely slow-poisoned by Churchill’s physician Charles McMoran Wilson;
Zionist Freemason Henry Morgenthau Jr survived to mismanage the Bretton Woods conference for FDR, was then rejected by Dirty-Harry Truman, and ended as an “advisor” to an agronomic community in Israel;
Zionist Freemason Ilya Ehrenburg fell out with “Stalin” (Ioseb Dzhugashvili) but remained an “esteemed” journalist for another 20 years, and the ZioFascists of Khazar Israel still regard him as a “hero” today;
Agent Adolf Hitler’s “Illuminati” bosses gave him his freedom after WW2 in gratitude for his part in the highly successful German Holocaust and the establishment of Khazar Israel. Hitler was a major traitor to Germany. CIA-Insider John Lear confirmed that Hitler died in the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN in 1968;
Zionist Chaim Weizmann was made puppetician-in-chief of Khazar Israel, and launched the Arab-Semitic Holocaust of 1948-2024, in which the Zionists have so far genocided around 10 million Arabic Semites;
Zionist Menachem Begin was a terrorist and mass-murderer in WW2 Europe and in the fledgling Khazar Supremacist State of Israel, before he was made puppetician-in-chief thereof. He continued the Arab-Semitic Holocaust of 1948-2024, and so far the genocide of around 10 million Arabic Semites;
Zionist Freemason Charles De Gaulle was made puppetician-in-chief of France and also wrote “memoirs” in which he “forgot” to mention the German Holocaust or his role in it, but they still made the bestseller list;
Zionist Freemasons Konrad Adenauer and Willy Brandt were made puppeticians-in-chief of Germany and helped to keep all knowledge of the German Holocaust under wraps, especially from the German people;
Zionist Freemason “Stalin” remained puppetician-in-chief of Russia, until Bolshevik-Zionist Jews poisoned him in 1953 when his megalomania made clear to his “Illuminati” handlers that he had served his purpose;
Zionist Samuel Untermyer was made president until his death in 1940 of the Keren haYesod, an agency that still supports Zionist terrorism in the Khazar Supremacist, and Terrorist, State of Israel.

So, as you can see, not a single perpetrator of the German Holocaust was ever brought to justice. Instead, they were all made “stars” within the Zionist Totalitarian System in both sides of the wholly-staged “Cold” War that was overseen centrally by “Mafia Don” Victor Rothschild who “worked remote” in London from 1945 till his death on 20 March 1990. Indeed, the Zionist House of Rothschild decided most “design aspects” of the past 250 years.

In 1983, Victor’s “crown prince” or successor, Jacob Rothschild, made it clear that he viewed the wholly-staged “Cold” War as having served its purpose. That was the REAL reason the Zionist-Totalitarian London-NY-Alliance decided to install Super-Technocrat Gorbachev in Moscow. His job would be to wind down the staged “Cold” War and help to replace it with the era of “globalization”, which was a brief period of peace in 1991-2011. After 2012, the Zionist-Totalitarian London-NY-Alliance replaced “globalization” with today’s newer “Overture to WW3 Era”.


In the twentieth-century, the Talmudists (Zionists, Freemasons, “Illuminati”) genocided around 400 million victims; They already demonstrated their talents for murder and cover-up. But maybe hellfire will be their final conclusion?


The Final Takedown of the West: 

Operation Warpp Seed – THE MARK OF THE BEAST – Human DNA Made In Gods Image (Until Vaxxed…)

5g Kill Towers Rolled out during the “15 days to slow the spread” lockdowns.




Today, the German Holocaust is most often commemorated with the orchestral piece “Ombra Mai Fu” by Georg Friedrich Händel of Halle-Saxony-Anhalt. It is a musical celebration of the soothing shade of a GREAT PLANE TREE, under which King Xerxes I was very fortunate to rest, and find shelter from the searing summer sun:


The 37 million Ethnic-German Civilians who were genocided in the German Holocaust deserved, but never got, any such shelter from the sheer terror and malevolence done to them by the Zionist powers in 1914-55. It is a very unfortunate yet proven fact that “Team Antichrist” genocided 37 million Ethnic-German Civilians for the “cause” of establishing the Talmudic “new” world order, while deceitfully presenting itself as the “restorer” of “order”. It is also very unfortunate that many willing dupes served as Useful Idiots in the perpetration of this enormous genocide.


May those victims never, ever be forgotten!


Some questions for you to ponder, dear reader:

Can you trust any “history” books that “forgot” to notify you of this the Crime of the Century, the German Holocaust of 1914-55, which was the premeditated genocide of 37 million Ethnic-German Civilians?
Can you trust any “news” media that “forgot” to notify you of this huge “liberating”, “democratic” slaughter?
Which Nazis were worse? The German Nazis who at least fought fairly or the Judeo-Freemasonic Nazis who subjected innocent Civilians to illegal collective punishment, as Zionists always do?
Who were the worse order-followers? The Germans or Useful Idiots of the Talmudist-directed militaries?
Can you trust the Zionists given they applied collective punishment throughout the German Holocaust, the Arab-Semitic Holocaust, the Russian Holocaust, the Chinese Holocaust, and today’s Gaza Holocaust?
Can you trust the Khazar-Supremacist State of Israel, which is quite clearly a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE?
Do you really believe that the Talmudists (Zionists and Freemasons) would stop short of doing the exact same to YOU as they did to 37 million innocent Ethnic-German Civilians in 1914-55, and that they would not manage to cover up the genocide of YOUR group? Really? They would draw the line at YOU? Really?



James Bacque – Crimes and Mercies (1997, 2003): Main focus: 9-10 million German Civilians starved to death under the Morgenthau Plan, JCS1067, in 1945-50
James Bacque – Other Losses (1989): Main focus: 1.5 million German POW-Civilians genocided by the USA and France
Thomas Goodrich – Hellstorm (2010): Main focus: 3.81 million Ethnic-German Civilians genocided during WW2 (e.g. in Dresden in Feb 1945)
Erich Maschke – “Zur Geschichte der deutschen Kriegsgefangenen des Zweiten Weltkrieges” (On the History of the German POWs of WW2) (1965, 1973): Main focus: 1.1 million Ethnic-German POW-Civilians genocided by communist Russia
Konrad Adenauer (later Chancellor), March 1949 speech in Bern: Main focus: 7 million German Refugees who perished while fleeing Ethnic Cleansing in the East
Foreign-minister Willy Brandt (later Chancellor), 1969 speech to German parliament: Main focus: 1.5 million German POW-Civilians genocided by the USA and France



In case you missed it:

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