“King Solomon’s Demon – Shooting Stars Are Demons: The Testament Of Solomon”

Ashmedai: The King Of Demons (or King Solomon’s Demon) and The Testament Of Solomon Based on this text it appears falling stars, shooting star, comets and meteorites are fallen angels.

Scholarly opinion on when the testament was written varies widely. The text is claimed to have been a first-hand account of King Solomon’s construction of the Temple of Jerusalem, suggested dates for its composition range between the end of the 1st century CE and the high medieval period, although Mid-twentieth century scholarship agrees that much of its content “reflects the first-century Judaism in Palestine” and includes material much earlier than its supposed date of composition.

In other words… it’s probably real.

Many interesting points are found in these texts. Isn’t it amazing how The Most High does things? First demons manipulated most of mankind into building temples to worship them, so when it came time for God’s turn, God gave Solomon the ability to bind and command the demons, and to put them to work building the humans’ temple for God’s worship… amazing!

Another interesting point of note (among the many found in these books) is that the lone female demon is put to work “spinning the ropes of *hemp*” to build the Temple, which lines up with the new findings re: Kaneh Bosm. I found that very interesting. It’s mentioned in the piece about kaneh bosm as well.

Another point, the shooting star bit, where it says the demons can get up high into the Firmament, close to Heaven, where they can hear heavenly plans, but then lose their grasp and then fall as shooting stars… well, it brings new meaning to Disney’s ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’ and other similar memes.

The overall message behind the Testament Of Solomon is that he was the wisest, most powerful man on earth, but he gave in to his vanities and urges for lust with women, and he crushed the insects to appease the gods of another nation in order to please that woman’s kin. Have you ever given in to a family member to appease them for a tradition that celebrated / worshipped a false god? Maybe Ishtar, (Easter, also Nimrod and Baal) or Christmas (father winter, Father Time, nimrod, osiris) or even All Hallows’ Eve? Just something to think about.

Also, Solomon didn’t finish well. He had a good start and middle section… but he didn’t end well. It’s a good lesson, to remember that we need to go the whole way, the long haul, and finish well, or it can be all for naught.
God bless everyone.

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