NASA Fake Images of Earth – Smoking Gun


Here I show clearly beyond any doubt that these ‘photos of the Earth’ produced by NASA during the Apollo 15 and Apollo 16 ‘journeys to the moon’ are CLEARLY FAKE. They show clear cropping, in particular the Apollo 16 image shows the cropping line somehow going through the Earth ! It is such a badly produced image it is a joke. I wonder whether they didn’t deliberately produce the mega-crap Clementine image just to make these useless attempts seem better! This is the final nail in the coffin for the Apollo missions. Clearly they never took any photos of the Earth on their way to the moon, which makes you question if they ever went to the moon at all. Please see my other videos to see how the Apollo 17 famous ‘blue marble’ image of the Earth is also fake. Also see my JAXA videos which is the Japanese fake moon mission.

I am very sorry for you if you still think the Apollo missions were real. I know it’s hard to believe, just go and have a nice cup of tea and a biscuit and try to relax.

After finishing this and doing further analysis I have worked out what NASA has done. They have cropped the Earth painting to make the right side appear to be in shadow, but the edge was too hard, so they overlayed some shadow afterwards. If anyone cannot understand this just think about this: WHY would the image be cropped EXACTLY where the Earth is meant to be disappearing into shadow?!!!! 100% FAKE.

(All images in this video taken directly from NASA’s own website here: ) *** NASA HAS CHANGED THIS IMAGE NOW

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