Route 91: Uncovering the Cover Up of The Country Music Concert Mass Shooting In Las Vegas, Nevada

On October 1, 2017 58 people were killed at the Route 91 country music concert in Las Vegas… and by 2 weeks the media dropped the entire story due to all the lies and holes in the police and FBI’s story. These are all the things they’ve covered up about the tragedy that they don’t want you to know about…

One of the largest mass shootings to ever occur, happened at the Route 91 country music festival here in Las Vegas. 58 innocent people lost their lives and rather than look for answers or a motive, the mainstream media dropped the story instead after major inconsistencies and holes started appearing in the FBI’s “investigation.”

“I’ve lived in Vegas for 8 years now, and everyone I’ve talked to that was there knows there was absolutely more than one shooter that night, not to mention all the other stuff going on across the Strip that night that the FBI and Sheriff Lombardo are covering it up. I’ve researched everything I could get my hands on (and more) to make this full length documentary to expose all the things they didn’t want you to know about it….and I think some of you are going to find some of these new revelations really shocking. It’s about getting the truth out there, so let’s see if the country is finally ready to learn just how unbelievably corrupt our government can be.” – Mindy Robinson (Telegram)

Feel free to ask these two goons why they covered it up: Governor Steve Sisolak: 775-684-5670 Sheriff Lombardo’s Office: 702-828-3394 or email


Video originally posted by Mindy Robinson’s YouTube channel via this link: Click Here>> Here>>


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