SCIENTISM – The Cult of False Sciences

SCIENTISM – The Cult of False Sciences

“We own the science”

~Melissa Fleming, UN’s Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications

“O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called”

1 Timothy 6:20


Trigger Warning: You’ll be triggered below, try to remember Conspiracies Really Exist

SCIENTISM EXPOSED – Full Documentary



Forbidden Science: AETHER by Marcia Ramalho

Free Energy of Tesla (Documentary)

Free Energy Inventors And Devices – Full


Cosmology & Physics:

Biblical Earth – Young, Stationary, Geocentric, Flat, Hollow & Domed

Biblical Earth Cosmology – FAQ

The 10 Best Evidences from Science That Confirm a Young Earth

Scientists Know The Earth’s True Age – Polonium 210 Radio Halos Vs. Government Scientists

Gearing Up For Apollo: Part1: Architects of a Spherical World

Gearing Up For Apollo: PART 2: Examining An Ancient Motive

Gearing Up For Apollo: PART 3: A Time of Great Change… And The Death of God

Evidence of Lemuria or Mu

Antarctic Coverup – The “Outer Space” Beyond the Ice Wall Surrounding Our Biblical World

Skydome: The Firmly Solid Firmament

The Next Level

NASA – The Actor’s Guild of The Freemason Forked Tongue

Astrology Proves Earth Is Stationary and the Center Of Creation: Astro Tulum Event

The Multiverse Deception

Hidden History: Carbon Dating Is A Lie

100 Proofs Evolution Is False

Gravity Contested (Buoyancy and Density work better)

Gravity Does Not Exist

The Spaceship Graveyard In The Ocean – Space Is A Lie

Herme’s Emerald Tablets Source of Debunked Heliocentric Gravity Theory – Newton Was An Occultist

Heliosorcery (2022) – Exposing the Occult Origins of Heliocentrism (Full Documentary)

Heliosorcery – The Papacy Contrived Globe Earth To Debunk The Bible

Heliosorcery – Rome Weaponized Fake Science To Debunk God’s Word

1000+ Flat Earth Memes

World Upside Down (Biblical EARTH Documentary 2022)

Terra firma : the earth not a planet, proved from scripture, reason and fact

One hundred proofs that the earth is not a globe

Zetetic astronomy. Earth not a globe! an experimental inquiry into the true figure of the earth

Flatten The Curve – The Documentary

Mt. Meru At The North Pole: Mercator To John Dee, 1577

Man Says; ‘I Have Seen The Ice Wall!’

Debunking # 1 of the “Top Ten Reasons Why We (allegedly) Know the Earth is Round (SHORT VERSION)

Debunking # 2 of the “Top Ten Reasons Why We (allegedly) Know the Earth is Round (as in a globe)

Debunking # 3 of the “Top Ten Reasons Why We (allegedly) Know the Earth is Round (as in a globe)

Debunking # 4 of the “Top Ten Reasons Why We (allegedly) Know the Earth is a Globe + A CHALLENGE

Debunking # 5 of the “Top Ten Reasons Why We (allegedly) Know the Earth is Round (as in a globe)

Debunking # 6 of the “Top Ten Reasons Why We (allegedly) Know the Earth is Round (as in a globe)

Debunking # 7 of the “Top Ten Reasons Why We (allegedly) Know the Earth is Round (as in a globe)

Debunking # 8 of the “Top Ten Reasons Why We (allegedly) Know the Earth is Round (as in a globe)

Debunking # 9 of the “Top Ten Reasons Why We (allegedly) Know the Earth is Round (as in a globe)

Debunking # 10 of the “Top Ten Reasons Why We (allegedly) Know the Earth is Round (as in a globe)

Enoch’s Domed World

Enoch, the Bible, Flat Earth and Captain Kirk

How Pythagoras and Eratosthenes gave us THE Flat Earth trump card

The Genesis Revelation: Part 1 – The Biblical Flat Earth?

Rob Skiba proves the Chicago skyline (as seen from the other side) is NOT a mirage

Debunking the “Top 10 Reasons We Know the Earth is a Globe” (Condensed)

Debunking Flat Earth 101 (full version)

Debunking Flat Earth 101 (Short Version)

Enoch, Nimrod, Admiral Byrd, Flat Earth and a Most Peculiar Timeline

Cool! Check out at what Blue Origin’s Shepard Flight proved!

Flat Earth Clues – Directors Cut – Mark Sargent – Under the Dome – They are hiding GOD

NASA’s Inconvenient Truth: It’s NOT Too Big a Conspiracy!


Never-Before-Seen Footage Uncovers Antarctica’s First Scientific Missions

Scientism – The Moon “Landing”

Scientism – The Maps Are Wrong

Biblical Earth – Operation Fishbowl Of God

Fountains of the Great Deep – Hydroplate Theory – Dr. Walt Brown

Do Ice Cores Show Many Tens of Thousands of Years?


The Coverup:

PUTIN declassified the TARTARIA archives. The official history is FALSE

The Smithsonian, Gatekeepers of High Strangeness

Exposing the Evolution/Ancient Alien/Multiverse Deception – FULL Encore Presentation

Why The Elite Hide Biblical Earth – Science v God: God Wins (w/ Science)

God is Not Dead: Debate Series – How To Prove God

CIA, Russia, NASA, US Army Docs: Motionless Flat Earth

The History of Globe Earth vs Biblical Earth – The Papacy’s War With God


Occult Sciences:

CERN: Where Science and the Supernatural Collide

Everything You Thought You Knew Is Fake


Nephilim (Hybrid Human) Genetics:

Forbidden Genetics: Mitochondrial Eve Is A Lie

Nephilim Among Us: Human-Animal Hybrids, Eugenics, GMOs & Transhumanism

DNA Results Of The Paracas Elongated Skulls Of Peru Part 1

Fallen Angels of Atlantis and Archaic DNA

2015 Lubbock Conference Session 4: Rob Skiba – Nephilim Genetics and the Rise of the X-men

The Elongated Skulls Of Peru And Bolivia Revealed

Archeologists Found Giant Skeletons All Over America

Elongated Skull Phenomenon: Global Presence, DNA Analysis, Blood Type Anomalies And More


Ancient Aliens: DNA Reveals Human/Alien Hybrids

Monsters of Forbidden Archeology

Evolution (Evil~Lucion): Richard Dawkins Favorite Video

Massive human head in Chinese well forces scientists to rethink evolution

Evolution: Modern Myth (100 WAYS to KILL DARWIN’S EVOLUTION)

Giants of Forbidden Archeology: The Biblical Nephilim – Enemies of God

Hybrid Species – Ancient Aliens: DNA Reveals Human/Alien Hybrids (Season 7) | History



What are the Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences?

The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary

The History of the Federal Reserve

One Church To Rule Them All – Protestantism Bends The Knee To Unholy Rome

Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve




Forbidden Archeology Validates Bible

Christian artifacts in North America way before they were supposed to be.

more evidence early coptics fleeing egypt (or something) brought white Christians to North America first

Forbidden Archeology: SUPPRESSED New Evidence of Early Man

FORBIDDEN ARCHEOLOGY: Secret Discoveries of Early Man



UN Representative Declares “We Own the Science” at World Economic Forum – Admits Working with Big Tech to Suppress Other Viewpoints


Depopulation Science:

Deadly COVID Vaccines and the Mysterious Downward Spiral

Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion

5G Powered Graphene Based Nano-Tech in the Pfizer Vaccine

Vaccine Induced Super Clots

Climate Change Alarmism – The Power To Tax & Cap Life.

CLIMATE FORCING | Our Future is Cold

TO KILL & CONTROL – A Brief History of Unlawful Human Experiments

Murder By Injection – The Story Of The Medical Conspiracy Against America

Scientism – Vax Era of Synthetic Self Replicating Cells

Peter Daszak Funded China’s Inserting Spike Proteins Into SARS Virus To Create KillerCorona


The Weaponization of Scientism: Fake News in Science

The Seance-ists that Tried to Kill God


The Roman Pagan Church Was Behind It All



God is Not Dead: Debate Series – How To Prove God



The Great Falling Away

The reason people believe in a Globe is because the Pope approved this great deception, Cardinal Wolseys idea to debunk the BIble with fakenews in education “Learning against learning”

It’s all bullshit folks.

The globe, evolution, carbon dating, etc.

Results? Why is it important?

The Bible is verifiable and accurate science and history.


The prophecies, the fallen angels, the cannibalistic demon giants, the blood sacrifice cults, The enemy (Fallen angels) being “God of this world”

It’s why nothing makes sense, Science has run out of answers, yet the scientific method has always given us truth and the history is one of fake news suppression tactics by the elite trying to debunk the Bible in their War on God.

Politics is mostly bread and circus to distract you from the real stuff.

The vax are sorcerous pharmakopeia – Poison.

The people behind it are occultists and Nephilim.

They Continue the Seedwar against you. Killing off Hue-mans. Especially #pureblood adamites (They hate Whites, especially Christians – the most – obviously)

The Holy Scriptures check out, more evidence than one can ever ask for it. I continue to be in awe as a skeptical scientific former devout atheist who hated religions…

Truly, Truth is fallen in the street, and our fathers have inherited nothing but lies…




In case you missed it:

Mapping the Rabbit Holes – All Conspiracies Explained, All Dots Connected. Know Everything.

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