The Errors of Dispensationalism

“Viewing Scripture through the indoctrinated lens of dispensationalism has become the most common theological framework in mainstream Christianity. In this teaching, we examine dispensationalistic thinking, test it to the word, and allow the audience to generate their own conclusions and begin their own study on the subject matter.”

“For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.” 

                                                                                                                                                                    ~Timothy 4:3-4

In this video, Pastor Lyons shows that the idea that the church gets raptured and taken away is not in Scripture. He also shows how the Bible unites both Israel and the Church together as one body in Jesus Christ.


Viewing Scripture through the indoctrinated lens of dispensationalism has become the most common theological framework in mainstream Christianity. In this teaching, we examine dispensationalistic thinking, test it to the word, and allow the audience to generate their own conclusions and begin their own study on the subject matter. We pray that this teaching only blesses and serves the body, allowing His people to see the Word the way our Father intended, and the way our Messiah modeled for us.


John Nelson Darby Marked His Doctrinal Writings With Theosophical Terms

John Darby Theosophical Terms

John Nelson Darby (1800-1882), the “Father of Dispensationalism,” used occult language throughout his doctrinal writings and letters. The majority of the phrases are found in Kabbalistic/Theosophical literature. J.N. Darby learned these esoteric terms somewhere—not from the Bible—and he deliberately integrated them into his theological treatises and letters. His practice of merging Theosophical vocabulary with supposedly biblical teaching is a form of syncretism. (It is also a red flag.)

(Note: The fact that Mr. Darby died six years before Theosophy’s co-founder, Helena Blavatsky published her masterwork, The Secret Doctrine, has no bearing upon his use of Theosophy-specific terms and ideas. Theosophy is ancient (1) and originates with Satan, not with H.P. Blavatsky and Henry Steel Olcott. (2)

Do you really believe the Holy Spirit led J.N. Darby and other Brethren leaders to use Luciferian terms to refer to God and teach supposedly “recovered” biblical truths? (3)

Darby used some of these phrases frequently but for the sake of brevity I have cited one reference from Theosophy writings and one reference from Darby’s writings for each term.


The Absolute

Theosophy and the Absolute

The Absolute is a Theosophical term for God.

The following is Helena Blavatsky’s description of the Absolute in The Secret Doctrine:

The Absolute: “An Omnipresent, Eternal, Boundless, and Immutable PRINCIPLE on which all speculation is impossible, since it transcends the power of human conception and could only be dwarfed by any human expression or similitude. It is beyond the range and reach of thought — in the words of Mandukya, ‘unthinkable and unspeakable.’” (Secret Doctrine I pg. 14)
Darby and the Absolute

John Darby used the word, Absolute (with capitals to indicate a title) in reference to God:

“The essential being of Godhead cannot change, as is evident – the Absolute, as men speak – and whatever His humiliation, all the fulness of the Godhead (theotetos) dwelt in Him bodily.” Quote source: The Humiliation of Christ by J. N. Darby



Theosophy and Architect

“The occultist, however, works there; he becomes a conscious directing agent; he creates upon the physical plane that which he desires, and that which he desires is the pattern of [244] things and the design laid down upon the trestle board of the spiritual consciousness by the great divine Architect.”–A%20World%20Problem%20by%20Alice%20A.%20Bailey.pdf

Darby and Architect

John Darby used the Masonic/Theosophical word, Architect (with capitals to indicate a title) in reference to God:

But we need a “Faithful Witness.” We see God in nature that is true, but all this knowledge does not lead man to God. Man has spoilt all. The traces of God, of the Architect, are there; but it is a ruin. All is defiled from His mind; all is in degradation.


Heavenly Architect

Theosophy and the heavenly architect

“And then he desired him to bring his army, which, from respect, had been encamped at a distance, and he called on the heavenly architect, Vishvakarma, to come and build him lodgings for Bharata and his followers, and to various Deities to aid him in showing due hospitality.” Quoted from Shri Ramachandra by Theosophist Annie Besant

Darby and the heavenly Architect

“It is life; that is, Christ, as having, as Son, life in and from the life of the living God, life divine, life in Himself (proved in resurrection), which is the foundation and security of the assembly built by the heavenly Architect, against which he who has the power of death, Satan, cannot prevail.” (“Heavenly Architect” is also a Masonic term.)

Quoted from The House of God; the Body of Christ; and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. J. N. Darby


Vital Force

The occult and vital force

“Vital Force, the force – the energy of life, that makes the difference between a dead and a living body.”

“A person is “really dead” when his vital force is totally diminished.”

Darby and vital force

“All suffering was over for Him at His death; and in His resurrection all is new for us! all our sins are forgiven, and we are with Him in God’s presence, and when He comes we shall be like Him in glory. But though He died it was not because His vital force was exhausted. He cried with a loud voice and gave up the ghost.” — JN Darby

[Note: John Darby used the term, “vital force” the same way that occult practitioners do.]


Divine Mind

Theosophy and the Divine mind

H. P. BLAVATSKY defined Occultism as “the study of the Divine Mind in Nature”. Quote source: Occultism by Annie Besant

Darby and divine mind

In spiritual subjects, it is the object of much distinct converse in them to be able to present them primarily and vividly, so as to lead the way to fuller investigation of the divine mind.


Divine Being

Theosophy and the Divine Being

Theosophist Alice Bailey stated that the Seven Rays that reach us on Earth locally originate within the “Solar Logos,” i.e., the consciousness of the “Divine Being” of the Sun.

Darby and divine Being

Christians are brought into connection with the divine Being Himself, and in acts which ought to have the most powerful effect on the heart and conscience; if they do not, both the one and the other are in a bad state and hardened.


Divine Essence

Theosophy and divine essence

The fundamental teaching of the ancient wisdom is the spiritual unity of all things. Blavatsky writes: “. . . ‘not only humanity — composed as it is of thousands of races — but everything that lives is made of the same essence and substance, is animated by the same spirit, and consequently, everything in nature is bound in solidarity.’ Rejecting the idea of a God existing outside nature, theosophy speaks of an all-pervading divine essence, an infinite ocean of consciousness, from which all things are born and to which they ultimately return.”

Darby and divine essence

“No man hath seen God at any time: the only-begotten Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.” He knew, and saw, as One familiar and at ease with the Father and the Holy Ghost, with the glory of the Godhead. He was Himself in the unity of the divine essence.”


Divine Energy

Theosophy and Divine Energy

“All human history and all human temperaments, all ways to serve and all ways to joy, are seen as manifestations of one or another of the seven “rays” which channel divine energy into the life of the world.”

Darby and Divine Energy

“There is a power which takes us, as it were, out of ourselves, where God is in divine energy, but there is a calculation of love which is divine too.”


Unintelligent Energy

Theosophy and Unintelligent Energy

“It is evidently first apparent as a blind force seeking the light of self-perception and from this it arises that we are often puzzled by the appearance of an apparent unintelligent energy, known to us as the law of necessity usurping the control of the Universe.” (Theosophical review, Volume 6

Darby and Unintelligent Energy

“When the carnal and unintelligent energy of Peter employs force to defend Him, who, if He would, had only needed to have gone away when a word from His lips had cast down to the ground all those who came to take Him, and the word that revealed to them the object of their search deprived them of all power to seize it.”


Energy of Faith

Theosophy and energy of faith

“The weak point and vicious aspect of the arrangement is that people, not understanding the real meaning of these rituals, have come to perform them quite mechanically, and the energy of faith has evaporated leaving behind the scum of blind-belief. So to-day the religious actions and exercises are in greatest measure a farce, nay more, a blasphemy.”

Darby and the energy of faith

If God has shewn that He took notice of His servant’s fault, and did not pass it lightly over, He did not fail towards him in either tenderness or faithfulness. He acted towards him as towards a beloved and faithful servant, even at the moment in which He made him sensible of his failure in the energy of faith; for He did not make others aware of it, although He has communicated it to us for our instruction.


Secret Wisdom of God

Kabbalah and the secret wisdom of God

“According to tradition, the Kabbalah is the secret wisdom of God, first given to Adam and Moses and passed on orally from teacher to student down through the ages to the present.”

Darby and the secret wisdom of God

“The church continues, if you take the secret wisdom of God; if you take the revealed statement of God, there is no intimation of remaining here. You will never find the church contemplated as remaining, so as to put off the coming of the Lord.”


Divine Principle

Theosophy and the divine principle

“We believe in a universal divine principle, the root of all, from which all proceeds, and within which all shall be absorbed at the end of the great cycle of being” (ibid., p. 63).

Darby and the divine principle

“In the case which has led to these remarks, it is striking to see how this principle elevates the slave in his condition: he obeys by an inward divine principle, as though it were Christ Himself whom he obeyed.” (Quote source: John Nelson Darby’s Synopsis of the Bible Ephesians Chapter 6:


Divine Doctrine

Theosophy and the divine doctrine

“To continue the tradition, we have to add that the class of hierophants was divided into two distinct categories:*** those who were instructed by the ‘Sons of God,’ of the island, and who were initiated in the divine doctrine of pure revelation; and others who inhabited the lost Atlantis — if such must be its name — and who, being of another race, (born sexually but of divine parents), were born with a sight, which embraced all living things, and was independent of both distance and material obstacle.” (Term used by Helena Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine–Vol.2)

Darby and the divine doctrine

“It is beautiful to see the way in which divine doctrine enters into the details of life, and throws the fragrance of its perfection into every duty and every relationship; how it acknowledges existing things, as far as they can be owned and directed by its principles, but exalts and enhances the value of everything according to the perfection of those principles; by touching not the relationships but the man’s heart who walks in them; taking the moral side, and that of submission, in love and in the exercise of authority which the divine doctrine can regulate, bringing in the grace which governs the use of the authority of God.” J. N. Darby (


Vital Principle

Theosophy and vital principle

H. P. Blavatsky wrote in 1888:

The “wave motion of living particles” becomes comprehensible on the theory of a Spiritual ONE LIFE, of a universal Vital principle independent of our matter, and manifesting as atomic energy only on our plane of consciousness. (The Secret Doctrine II, 672.)

Darby and vital principle

“The aggressive action which is the vital principle of all dissenting energy, be it for good or for evil, its professed disconnection with the State, debars it from this place.”


Vital Energy

Theosophy and vital energy

“Most people who have taken the Seven Ray Intensive report life-changing adjustments to their path and an increase of vital energy and spiritual connectedness.”

Darby and vital energy

“Moreover, here is the emphasis, the point of association as the communion of all vital energy, the standard and communication of fulness, and thus all fulness is there. But as the branch bears nothing out of the vine, but withers itself, so we bear no fruit but as abiding in Christ, and this practically proportionately, for all the fulness is in Him.”


Energy of Love

Theosophy and energy of love

“Bailey wrote of “the return of the Christ”, but her concept had little in common with that of mainstream Christian churches. Bailey almost always used the phrase “the Christ” when not referring specifically to the Christian idea. For her, the leadership of the Hierarchy is an “office” (so to speak), to be occupied by various Masters, including the Master Jesus, in the course of Their unfolding evolution. She saw the Christ as a great “Person”, embodying the energy of love, and His return as the awakening of that energy in human consciousness.”

Darby and energy of love

“For here it seems to be, in the largest sense, the love of God. Of course, it means God’s loving us; but it includes also the blessed fact that no matter what the state of evil may be, as long as the Lord leaves His Church here, there is room for this energy of love to others.”


Lord of Love

Theosophy and Lord of Love

“He is known to be the great Lord of Love and Compassion, the Master of the Masters, the Instructor of the Angels and the “One for Whom all the nations wait.” And, this Great Being is also known under such additional titles as the True Aquarian, the Pilgrim, the Healer and the Thinker.” Bailey, Alice A. The Reappearance of the Christ, Page 190.

Darby and Lord of Love

“But the patience of the Lord of love is never wearied by the obstinate perverseness of His people.”


Divine Intelligence

Theosophy and divine intelligence

Alice Bailey: “On theological interpretations there are wide differences; on a widespread recognition of a universal divine Intelligence or of God (by whatever name the all-embracing Life may be called) there is a general similarity of reaction.”

Darby and divine intelligence

“The three parables which follow (v. 44-50) shew the intention of Christ, and divine intelligence, in these things. The field is purchased to obtain the treasure. Christ has bought (not redeemed) the world to possess His own. His power over those who refuse His rights will be manifested in judgment, but this is not the subject of the parable.”


the Coming One

Theosophy and the Coming One

“Forgetting the things that lie behind, I will strive towards my higher spiritual possibilities. I dedicate myself anew to the service of the Coming One and will do all I can to prepare men’s minds and hearts for that event. I have no other life intention.” Discipleship in the New Age.Vol.11, p.226

Darby and the Coming One

The axe is at the root of the trees, the fan is in the hand of the coming One, the wheat is gathered into God’s garner, the chaff burnt up. That is, there is a close of the history of God’s people in judgment.


Below are some other Theosophical terms J.N. Darby and/or other Brethren leaders used in their theological works. (This list is not exhaustive.)

white light as used by Brethren preacher W.G. Turner: “In the presence of that intensely white light, the differences in degree of guilt between the woman and her accusers vanished, as each man realised his own unfitness to undertake the office of executing judgment on a fellow sinner.”

divine teacher

blessed One (The Bible does not refer to God as the blessed One, but Theosophy refers to their deity by this name)

divine knowledge (See footnote #2 below)

divine wisdom (See footnote #2 below)

union with Christ

union with God

consummation of the age

the One

spiritual intelligence


Great Architect (used by Hocking, Miller)

Divine Architect (used by C. Stanley)






consummation of the ages

divine energy

divine essence

divine intelligence

all-seeing-eye (used by C. Knapp, J.T. Mawson and Walter Scott)

mystical body


spiritual energy

human consciousness

unintelligent energy

energy of faith

radiance of light

Universal Principle

Universal Truth


unconditional love (used by William Kelly

slave (in reference to Christians)

divine light

divine law

divine spirit

divine order

divine love

divine teaching

divine glory

divine thought

divine plan

divine union


(1) Books on ancient Theosophy (See:

(2) When asked if Theosophy was just a new-fangled religion, Helena Blavatsky replied,

“It is not. Theosophy is Divine Knowledge or Science.”

She also referred to it as “Divine Wisdom,” explaining that Theosophy forms the

“…substratum and basis of all the world-religions and philosophies, taught and practised since man became a thinking being. In its practical bearing, Theosophy is purely divine ethics.”
(3) See: Recovery Through Darby and the Brethren

More examples of J.N. Darby’s and other Brethren theologians’ use of Theosophical terminology may be found at

Do you really believe John Darby’s (and other Brethren leaders) use of Theosophical terms is merely a coincidence?


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