The Giant Problem of The Smithsonian

The Giant Problem of The Smithsonian

“The Nephilim Giants were real – and the Smithsonian is covering it up!”


The Nephilim Giants were real – and the Smithsonian is covering it up!

Upon research one finds an odd fact about the discovery of giant human bones.  Often times even in America local newspapers and even news affiliates report findings of giant human bones.  However, before the story can ever seem to pick any real traction there seems to be the equivalent of The Men in Black that swoop in and take over.  They confiscate the evidence push the button on the neuralizer and then give the official story if any story at all.  Why aren’t these discoveries allowed to be made public?  Why is there such a fierce attempt to suppress discoveries of this nature?

Today, they call them Homo Capensis, and many are falling prey to a deception that these Demons were our creators – TV shows like Ancient Aliens are being used by Satanists to push antibiblical lies and convince mankind that these demon hybrids and their fallen angel parents are actually our creators.

“Suppressing Knowledge of Giants

In 1848, two years after the endowment that established the Smithsonian and 32 years before The Powell Doctrine would be introduced, apparently Abraham Lincoln didn’t get the memo on how history’s narrative would be changed. In a speech at Niagara Falls he made the following statement:

“The eyes of that species of extinct giant, whose bones fill the mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara as our eyes do now.”

At the time, this statement didn’t take anyone by surprise because it was common knowledge that Giants were in the land(s).

In fact, there are several old newspaper articles dedicated to the uncovering of Giant skeletons and even run-ins with real live Giants. Yet, since The Powell Doctrine was instituted, the shadowy, supposedly nongovernmental, agency of the Smithsonian has been showing up and whisking off with Giant skeletons from around the world.

There’s a clear pattern of the suppression of knowledge when it comes to the evaluation and recovery of Giant skeletons. What has been witnessed on numerous occasions are instances where Giants’ remains are found and somehow the Institute finds out about the discovery, shows up on the site and confiscates the remains, leaving no record of the discovery or their confiscation.”

~Excerpt, The Smithsonian, Gatekeepers of High Strangeness



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The Giant Problem of The Smithsonian

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