The Hidden His-Story of Man & Deep State : Act 3 – The Watchers & The Seed of the Serpent

From Series: The Hidden His-Story of Man, Myth & The Mystery Babylon Religion of The Deep State

In this section we walk through the most ancient records of mankind to explain an ancient evil that the deep state has worshipped since these “Watchers” first invaded our world – The Fallen Angels of Genesis 6! And the Bene Ha Elohim are back! In this episode we explain the origins of Fallen Angels, Giants, Nephilim, and – Aliens (Hint: The Fallen Angels Slick New PR Campaign!) and the “Seed War” that God declared when he cursed the Serpent who tricked Eve.

“The Seed of the Serpent” has been waging war on “The Seed of The Woman” ever since – and it continues today. Hidden in “plane” sight.

This is where it all began.

History is a lie.
*SOME foul language/Graphic Content in this series*

Youtube Channel: The Legends of History
ABC News – Liger Segment
Ancient Aliens
Rob Skiba’s Works
Robert Sepehr’s Works
Hollywood Movie: Jack The Jack Slayer

Brian Forester’s Works

Discover Ministry

0:11s – Genesis 6 -The Fallen Watchers
0:47s – Where & When They Descended.
1m:09s – The Watchers
4m:40s – The Secret History of the Names of The Patriarchs
6m:22s – The Teachers of The Watchers
7m:34s – Jubilees 5:1-11 – All Flesh Was Corrupted. Destruction of The Titans
9m:49s – More Teachings of The Watchers
10m:35s – The Universal Story Agrees – Mythology is History
11m:30s – The Watcher’s Story: Hollywood Edification
12m:10s – The Reprimand of The Eternal Watchers
13m:37s – The Nephilim Ate Everything
13m:59s – The Angels That Sinned
14m:47s – The Prophecy of Enoch, Imprisonment of The Watchers. Release Date.
15m:47s – Clash of the Titans
16m:37s – The Liger
21m:24s – Timeline of Events
27m:58s – Giants Were Real
31m:20s – Timeline Monologue
31m:56s – Elongated Skull Peoples

To be Continued…




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