The History of Flat Biblical Earth

The History of Flat Biblical Earth

“In their case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.”
~2 Corinthians 4:4

First Read: Antarctic Coverup – The “Outer Space” Beyond the Ice Wall Surrounding Our Biblical World

First Read: Biblical Earth – Young, Stationary, Geocentric, Flat & Domed


The Satanic Priests of Scientism – False Science To Obscure God


Gearing Up For Apollo: Part1: Architects of a Spherical World

Gearing Up For Apollo: PART 2: Examining An Ancient Motive

Gearing Up For Apollo: PART 3: A Time of Great Change… And The Death of God

Rob Skiba was Covid Murdered before he could complete part 4. It so happens that his article 3 ended where my Map post began. I’m no Rob Skiba! But here’s my efforts at building a spiritual successor for this series. Rob’s next post was called:

Gearing Up For Apollo: Part 4: The Beast Goes South – You can begin exploring those topics with our Map – especially the Antarctica section

Gearing Up For Apollo: Part 5: The Rulers of Darkness – Freemason Satanism

Context: Why The Elite Hide Flat Earth – Science v God: God Wins (w/ Science)

History of a Lost Earth



00:00:00 – Episode 1: Questioning His-story
00:13:25 – Episode 2: A Lens Into The Past
00:38:28 – Episode 3: Inheritors Of Mud & Magnificence
01:19:19 – Episode 4: Back To The Future
02:15:38 – Episode 5: The Whispering Of The Water
03:27:28 – Episode 6: Offerus And The Alchemist
04:31:57 – Episode 7: The Known World





Biblical Earth – Young, Stationary, Geocentric, Flat & Domed

Search Terms:

Biblical Earth

Forbidden Science

Deep State Science


NASA – The Actor’s Guild of The Freemason Forked Tongue

Evolution – Freemason Attack on God – Evolution: Modern Myth (100 WAYS to KILL DARWIN’S EVOLUTION)


In case you missed it:

Mapping the Rabbit Holes

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