The Holodomor – Jewish Genocide of Christians

The Holodomor – Jewish Genocide of Christians

The Real Holocaust was the Holodomor:

Huey Long - Roosevelts Competitor
Huey Long – Roosevelts Competitor

Driven by Ethnic Hatred of Christians, the Seed War 

The Holodomor
The Holodomor

Jewish Bolshevik (Disproportionate Jewish 80%+, Today is Worse) Treatment of Alleged “Antisemites”

Survivor’s Tale – Holodomor – Click to Enlarge

This isn’t an isolated event:

Dresden Germany
Dresden Germany

They also used Famine as a weapon, sound familiar?

Holodomor Ukrainian Christians
Holodomor Ukrainian Christians

Jewish Puppet, Stalin:

Stalin's Order 0428
Stalin’s Order 0428
Holodomor quote
Holodomor quote
Churchill - Jews In Russia
Churchill – Jews In Russia
Hitler Built Israel
Hitler Built Israel – Click to Enlarge

The Holodomor

“You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators” – Solzhenitsyn

“It is not the aim of Bolshevism to free nations from their ailments. Its object is to exterminate all that is healthy and replace the same by depravity and degenerate elements (” – Hitler

The word “Holodomor (” is not recognized by many apps & operating systems including MS Word & iOS. The reason for this is as Solzhenitsyn writes:

They don’t want the goyim knowing about the genocide of millions of Europeans by Jewry


This is a pattern with Jews, who also kill Christians every chance they think they can get away with it:

USS Liberty
USS Liberty


Roosevelt - Jewish Puppet
Roosevelt – Jewish Puppet – Click to Enlarge

The 1000 Year Kingdom and Jacob’s Trouble


Jews May Have Killed Russia’s Last Czar Nicholas II In Ritual Murder, Investigators Claim

Proof The 1941 Lviv ‘Pogrom’ Was Retaliation Against Jews For Orchestrating ‘Red Terror’ In Ukraine

(Tablet Magazine) From a Jewish perspective, no Jews died in World War II — rather every Jew was ‘murdered’ for no other reason than they were victims of irrational “antisemitic” hate — and the following article — “A Slaughter of Jews in the Ukraine” — is a typical example of how Jews remain arrogantly oblivious to their own responsibility for their fate — as if they don’t understand how their committing mass murder of millions of Christians during the “Red Terror” could never justify the Ukrainians and Germans giving them a taste of their own medicine:

John-Paul Himka writes:

“The day after the proclamation of Ukrainian nationalist leader Yaroslav Stetsko’s state of Ukraine, on July 1, 1941, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) pasted posters around Lviv with Mykola Mikhnovsky’s slogan, “Ukraine for Ukrainians,” printed in white letters against a red background. On the same day in Lviv and in many other localities of Galicia and Volhynia, another poster appeared, authored by Ivan Klymiv sometime earlier; it instructed Ukrainians: “People! Know! Moscow, Poland, the Hungarians, the Jews are your enemies! Destroy them!” These posters issued a clear signal as to what non-Ukrainians in Lviv could expect. And under the conditions of Nazi occupation, the only non-Ukrainians who could be targeted with impunity were Jews.

But much more incendiary than any posters of the new nationalist state was the discovery of the hundreds of prisoners murdered in Lviv by the NKVD in the last days of Soviet rule. Emotions ran high—rage, outrage, grief. Some people went inside the prisons to look for missing relatives. Famously, Roman Shukhevych discovered his brother Yurii’s body in a mass grave in the NKVD prison on Lontsky Street. When the corpses were exhumed and laid out in courtyards so that the public could search for relatives among the victims, a strong stench of rotting flesh permeated areas near the prisons. Photographs from the time show people with kerchiefs over their mouths and noses to blunt the stomach-churning smell. Isolated incidents of anti-Jewish violence escalated into the Lviv pogrom of July 1, 1941.

The word “pogrom” has a number of meanings. The term originated with the incidents of anti-Jewish violence that erupted in cities on Ukrainian territories within the Russian Empire in the early 1880s. These pogroms included much looting of Jewish businesses, beatings and rapes of Jews, and some murders. The pogroms of 1903-06 on the same territories were similar. But the pogroms in Ukraine of the civil war period, largely perpetrated by soldiers, were marked by great numbers of murders. Pogroms initiated by the Nazis, as when they seized Vienna in March 1938 and throughout the Reich in November 1938 (the November pogrom, often called Kristallnacht), primarily involved the destruction of Jewish property, the humiliation of Jews, and assaults, although there were also some murders.

The Lviv pogrom of 1941 combined many features of the preceding pogroms: There were beatings, sexual assaults and humiliations, murders by the urban crowd, shooting by soldiers, and ritual humiliations; Jewish apartments were robbed, but not their businesses, if we can speak of the businesses nationalized by the Soviets as in some sense still Jewish.

The main stages of the pogrom were three prisons in Lviv where bodies of the NKVD victims were exhumed, although anti-Jewish violence and humiliations also occurred in other areas of the city, particularly in the central town square (rynok), but also near the opera house and near the seat of the Greek Catholic metropolitan’s residence, St. George’s hill. Two of the prisons were close to largely Jewish neighborhoods: the Brygidky prison and the prison on Zamarstyniv street. As numerous Jewish survivors’ accounts make clear, members of the Ukrainian National Militia entered nearby apartment buildings and rounded up Jews, men and women, and took them to the prisons. The other prison, the NKVD prison on Lontsky Street (now a museum) was closer to the center of the city, outside the Jewish neighborhood. For this prison Jews were rounded up off the street by militiamen and volunteers from the urban crowd. They were marched with their hands up, sometimes on all fours, to the prison.

How did the pogrom start? It grew out of a general policy of the Wehrmacht to force Jews to do repairs and cleanup after war-related damage. German troops made Jews repair streets in Lviv that had been damaged by bombardment. Not infrequently, the impressment into labor was accompanied by physical harm or even death….

When the Germans entered Lviv, they discovered many hundreds of corpses in the prisons, heaped up or hastily buried in mass graves. Someone had to exhume the bodies, and it was not surprising that the Germans assigned Jews to this task, a nasty one, since the bodies fell apart as they were retrieved and the stench was unbearable. Outside Lviv, too, Jews were routinely assigned to exhumation work in localities where NKVD victims were found.

Thus Jews, whom both the Nazis and Ukrainian nationalists identified as carriers and beneficiaries of Bolshevism, were placed at the forefront of the NKVD crime, in a position that appeared to be punishment for their own criminal responsibility. Moreover, this was in a context in which Ukrainian public opinion was being influenced to regard the Jews as the main perpetrators of the refined tortures and mass killings that the numerous decomposing corpses indicated….

In Lviv, it was the Ukrainian National Militia that rounded up the Jews and participated in the violence against them. There is a photo from the time showing a uniformed militiaman pulling the hair of a half-undressed woman at the gate to the prison on Zamarstyniv street. There is a film that shows a militiaman with his armband beating a Jew with a truncheon inside one of the Lviv prisons. Numerous survivor testimonies and memoirs describe the arrests and brutality of the militiamen. The militia rounded up many more Jews than could be put to use in the exhumation project. Jewish women were rounded up primarily for misogynist sport. The extra men just huddled in the courtyards of the prisons, trying to avoid additional assault.

Although the militia played a major role in the pogrom of July 1, it was not the only OUN contributor to the anti-Jewish violence on that day. Some part in the pogrom activities was also taken by a military unit in German service commanded by Shukhevych. This was the Nachtigall (“Nightengale”) battalion, one of two battalions of what the nationalists called the Legion of Ukrainian Nationalists, although contemporaries also called it the Ukrainian Bandera legion….

However, there were a few survivor testimonies from the 1940s, thus written before the Oberländer campaign and its falsifications, that did point to the participation of some soldiers from Nachtigall in the violence at the prisons. The German historian Kai Struve, working with German records, established that at all three Lviv prisons where the major pogrom activities took place, detachments from Nachtigall were serving as guards until at least the evening of July 1. He concluded that the soldiers of Nachtigall were one of several perpetrator groups at the prison and “were only responsible for a small part of the acts of violence.”

We know a bit more about Nachtigall’s participation in the killing of Jews from an autobiographical document prepared in 1946 for OUN’s Security Service by a former soldier of Nachtigall who wrote under his nom de guerre Khmara. As historian Ivan Patryliak has noted, “the value of the document lies in that it was not intended for publication, and in it the author writes about the events of his life as they, of course, truly unfolded.” Khmara described Nachtigall’s march from Lviv to Vinnytsia:

“At the time of our march we saw with our own eyes the victims of the Jewish-Bolshevik terror; this sight so intensified our hatred towards Jews that in two villages we shot all the Jews we encountered. I recall one fragment. During our march we saw many people wandering before one village. When questioned, they replied that the Jews are threatening them and they are afraid to sleep in their own houses. As a result of this we shot all the Jews we encountered.”

It is not possible to ascertain whom Khmara was referring to in speaking of Jews who threatened the villagers. Perhaps these were Jewish communists who frightened them with the return of the Red Army. But whoever did what, all the Jews whom Nachtigall laid hands on paid with their lives.…

The Lviv pogrom did great damage to the Jews of the city. Many men suffered wounds, especially head wounds, and many women suffered forms of sexual assault. All who were taken to the prisons suffered trauma, and the Jewish community of Lviv at large was put into a precarious position. It is hard to estimate the number of fatalities from the Lviv pogrom. For one thing, no one was keeping count. Also, many estimates of the number of victims of the pogrom are including in their tally the much more systematic violence that was to follow over the course of the rest of July.

Struve, whose estimates of the number of victims tend to be conservative, argued that at most several hundred Jews perished during the pogrom. A major portion of the murders was committed by members of Einsatzgruppe C, who shot about a hundred Jews at Brygidky prison. The rest were killed as a result of beatings with thick sticks, paving stones, shovels, and other objects by the remaining perpetrators: Nachtigall, German police battalions, the Ukrainian National Militia, the urban crowd, and the Wehrmacht.

The lull in anti-Jewish violence in Lviv after the pogrom was very brief. Already on July 3 thousands of Jewish men were being detained and brought to a sports arena not far from the citadel, where the NKVD had recently had its headquarters. The militia once again made most of the arrests, but they had some help from Einsatzgruppe C. Some of the men were picked up because they were on a list of Jews who had cooperated with the Soviet organs of repression; but many others were just grabbed at random because they were Jewish. In the sports arena the Jews were tortured by the Germans; they were made to go up and down on the ground repeatedly and then to run around the arena while they were beaten with thick sticks. Most of them were taken by truck to woods outside the city and shot by the Einsatzgruppe. Altogether, about 2,000 or more were executed in this way. However, for reasons that are not certain, some of the assembled Jews were released….

Thus by the end of the first week of July, OUN was well aware of what its alliance with the Germans entailed with regard to the Jewish population: Its militia was to help them by rounding up Jews for torment and mass murder. At this time the Germans had not yet determined to kill all Jews, but they were clearly aiming to kill a great many of them. How did the leadership of OUN-B react to the Germans’ Jewish policy? We can answer that question with authoritative evidence.

First, we have the evidence from the head of the unrecognized Ukrainian state, one of the most influential figures in OUN, Yaroslav Stetsko. Arrested by the Germans on July 9, 1941, and taken from Lviv to Berlin, Stetsko composed an autobiography in both Ukrainian and German about a week later. In it, he stated his position on the Jewish question in general and the Germans’ Jewish policy in particular. He reiterated his long-held view that Moscow, not the Jews, was the primary enemy of Ukraine, but that the Jews played an important role in helping Moscow to keep Ukraine enslaved. He therefore supported “the destruction of the Jews and the expedience of bringing German methods of exterminating Jewry to Ukraine, barring their assimilation and the like.” Thus he approved of the anti-Jewish violence in which his militia participated….

Only a few days later, on July 18-19, OUN-B held a meeting of its propaganda sector in Lviv. Among the topics discussed was national minorities, and in particular the Jewish minority. The first to raise the matter of Jews was Oles Hai-Holovko, a writer from pre-1939 Soviet Ukraine who had moved to Lviv during the first period of Soviet rule. Stetsko had named Hai-Holovko to head the propaganda section of his government. In the course of delivering a report on Ukrainians in Kuban (then and now in the Russian republic), he noted: “There are a lot of Jews there who have trampled upon Ukrainian culture.”

The discussion continued about Ukrainians in areas outside Ukraine’s territory, including Ukrainian settlements in Siberia. A certain Hupalo said:

“It would be good if they [the Germans] gave us the regions inhabited by Ukrainians. The main thing is that there are a lot of Jews everywhere. Especially in the centers. They shouldn’t be allowed to live there. There should be a policy of expulsion. They will flee themselves. Or maybe we should assign them some cities, for example, Berdychiv [in Zhytomyr oblast].”

Stepan Lenkavsky, then head of OUN-B’s propaganda sector, addressed Hai-Holovko:

“Characterize the Jews for me.” The later replied, “The Jews are very arrogant. One couldn’t even use the word zhyd. It is necessary to treat them very harshly. They cannot be kept in the center, absolutely. We must put an end to them.”

Then Borys Lewytzkyj, former editor of OUN’s newspaper for the peasantry, Nove Slovo, and briefly of Krakivs’ki visti, spoke:

“In Germany, the Jews have the Aryan paragraph. More interesting for us is the issue of the General Government. There every Jew is marked (naznacheno). Every Jew had to be registered in a religious community. They were removed from some cities, for example from Kraków, and resettled to others, for example to Warsaw, with walled off ghettos assigned to them. They have cinemas and theatres, but nothing to eat. The young who are fit for work go to work. A portion has to be destroyed. Although already some have been destroyed … It is a fact that some have crept into Ukrainian blood; many married with Ukrainian women. In Germany there are various half-Jews, quarter-Jews, but this isn’t possible for us. A German who marries a Jewish woman becomes a Jew.”

Hai-Holovko added:

“In Ukraine married couples with a Jewish woman are mainly in the cities. Jewish women married Ukrainians for a comfortable life; when Ukrainians went bankrupt, they divorced. Jews with Ukrainian women even lived well. I like the German attitude very much.”

When Hupalo noted that “we have a lot of workers who are Jews, who are even respected, including some who converted to Christianity before the revolution,” Lenkavsky conceded: “This has to be reviewed on an individual basis.” Lewytzkyj added: “The Germans use specialists. In Kraków there are five Jews who do not wear armbands because they are positive forces (dobri syly). In my opinion, the German approach to the Jewish issue does not work well for us. We have to examine individual cases on their own merits.” Lenkavsky ended the discussion on Jews with the following pronouncement: “With regard to the Jews we will accept all methods that lead to their destruction.”

I have quoted the entire discussion of the propaganda sector on Jews, without interpretation. The conclusions that I see emerging from the discussion are: OUN’s attitude remained anti-Jewish; OUN wanted to exempt some Jewish individuals from persecution; it also wanted to segregate Jews from the rest of the population and to kill many of them.

The Ukrainian National Militia in Lviv was to take part in one more major anti-Jewish action, the so-called Petliura days. This action clustered on the days July 25-26, although some of the violence began a bit earlier and also continued for a few days after. It seems that it was the Germans, and specifically their security police, who named this action after Symon Petliura. Petliura, of course, was the leader of the Ukrainian People’s Republic whose troops had unleashed numerous pogroms with tens of thousands of fatalities in 1919. Kai Struve makes a convincing case that the security police were staging a “self-cleansing action” that Ukrainians such as Heydrich had called for about a month previously. Struve links the action with a visit to Lviv by Himmler, probably accompanied by the mass killer and SS commander Friedrich Jeckeln, on July 21.

The Petliura days differed from the Lviv pogrom that had occurred at the beginning of the month; there was very little public participation. The Ukrainians who took part were almost exclusively members of the militia….

When the various accounts are compared, the story that emerges is that the Ukrainian militia, together with members of Einsatz-kommando Lemberg, first arrested a great number of Jews, mainly men but some women. They took the apprehended Jews to the closest militia station, and when enough were assembled, they marched them through the streets or drove them to the Lontsky street prison. There the men were subjected to brutal beatings by both the militiamen and the Germans. As the beatings proceeded, trucks drove up; the Jewish men were crammed into the cargo beds and taken outside the city to be shot. The shooters were the Germans, not the militia.

The involvement of the militia in the violence of the Petliura days is confirmed by a report from OUN’s Main Propaganda Center in Lviv to the OUN Security Service, dated July 28, 1941:

“Proto-priest Father [Petro] Tabinsky informs us of the following: Our militia is at present conducting, together with German organs, numerous arrests of Jews. The Jews defend themselves against liquidation in all kinds of ways, primarily with money. According to reports that Proto-priest Father Tabinsky received, among our militiamen are supposedly people who for money or gold release Jews who are supposed to be arrested. We, unfortunately, have received no concrete facts regarding this matter, but nonetheless we provide you with this information to make use of. Glory to Ukraine!”

[CFT Comments]:

It is remarkable how this writer — John-Paul Himka — completely downplays the animosity that the Jewish participation in the “Red Terror” genocide engendered in the Ukrainian people.

As we showed in previous articles, during this “Red Terror” Ukrainian witnesses saw these Jewish terrorists roaming the streets looking for Christians to murder — while other captured Bolsheviks in Latvia were caught sacrificing Christian children — and admitted to the planned wholesale extermination of the Ukrainian people.

The Judeo-Bolsheviks — under the aegis if the NKDV — systematically raped, tortured, and murdered Ukrainians wholesale — and the “good” Jews who didn’t directly participate in this genocide aided and abetted the Bolsheviks in this state-sponsored mass terror.

And it should come as no surprise to these Jews in the Ukraine that once the Germans swept through the Ukraine and liberated from these Judeo-terrorist, that the Ukrainians would naturally want to help the Germans to round up the Jews responsible and exact vengeance.

As the article freely admits, the Judeo-Bolsheviks committed many of these atrocities at three prisons in Lviv — which just so happened to be in Jewish neighborhoods.

When the Germans opened up these mass graves — showing the Ukrainians the extent of this Jewish reign of terror — it’s only natural that the Ukrainians wanted to round up the Jews and taken them to the site of these heinous crimes and give them a taste of their own medicine.

Again, it is remarkable that the Jews cast themselves as “victims” of the Germans who made them exhume the bodies of the “Red Terror” — to show them what their collaboration with these Bolshevik terrorists had wrought.

And it’s not as if the mass murder at these NKVD prisons in Lviv were unique — the Judeo-Bolsheviks also committed mass genocide in Vinnitsa — murdering 10,000 Ukrainians and then trying to blamed the “Nazis” for their own war crimes.

The Jews did the exact same thing in Latvia, committing mass murder and then claiming they were “victims” of a “pogrom” when the Latvians exacted vengeance on them when the country was liberated by the Germans.

They used this same modus operandi in Poland — blaming their mass murder in the Katyn Forest of ethnic Poles who were a threat to the Boshevik terrorists on the “evil Nazis.”

Instead of humbly taking their punishment, as the Ukrainians noted, the Jews remained defiant and “arrogant” victims, which served only to inflame more animosity toward them.

The article attempts to smear Yaroslav Stetsko — the Ukrainian leader of the anti-Bolshevik movement — collaborated with the “Nazis” in this “pogrom” — as if doing so were some sort of “crimes against humanity.”

In reality, Yaroslav Stetsko was a devout Christian who had seen first-hand the fruits of the Judeo-Bolshevik “Red Terror” — and he made it his life’s work to liberate his nation from these blood-thirsty Christ-hating killers.

But we all know that the victors get to write the history books — and the winners are never accused of — or held accountable — for any so-called “war crimes” — “war crimes” are always committed by those who dare to oppose these genocidal tyrants.

The Judeo-Communists who seized Russia feared that if they ever lost control, they would be murdered “wholesale” by the Russian people — this fear was justified because they knew they deserved any retribution that would be exacted against them for the crimes they had committed — and no doubt the Jews who wrought the same bloody havoc in the Ukraine felt the same way — the deserved the “pogrom” that rose against them when they lost control due to the German invasion.

It worth nothing that the author of this article — court “historian” John-Paul Himka — has made quite a celebrated career for himself by throwing his fellow Ukrainians under the bus — smearing them as “Nazi collaborators” while promoting the official Jewish Holocaust narrative.

Ironically Himka is married to Chrystia Chomiak — the daughter of Ukrainian nationalist and “antisemite”, Michael Chomiak — who worked as an anti-Bolshevik journalist in the Ukraine during the German occupation — and of course, Himka threw his own deceased father-in-law under the bus to further his career and please the judeo-Bolshevik victors of World War II who give glowing reviews to his books.



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