The Nephilim Tribes of Canaanites, Edomites, Amalekites (Jews)

The Nephilim Tribes of Canaanites, Edomites, Amalekites (Jews)

“Thus, while it is a fact that all true Jews are Israelites (because they are descended from the House of Judah), it can be proven by research that Not All Who Say They Are Jews Are True Israelites.”

“After many years of research, Arthur Koestler, the well known Jewish author, published a 255 page book titled ‘The Thirteenth Tribe’. In this he proves that the Eastern European “Jews” (who migrated west), are not Israelites or “Semitics”, but actually Khazars, Mongols and Huns.”
~Arthur Koestler, the well known Jewish author


Seedline Theory 3.1 – Click to Enlarge
Children of Noah
Children of Noah – Click to Enlarge


How the Nephilim Returned
How the Nephilim Returned

The Jews Who Say They Are Jews, but are Not.

This is a work in progress. Lineages are as difficult to track as chronological shifts – We’re doing the best we can and attempt to validate each assertion with historical and biblical evidences.

These Edomites inter-married with the Horites, and took over the control of these peoples. Esau’s son, Eliphas, took a Horite concubine (Timna) and had a son by her called AMALEK (Gen. 36:12). So the Amalekites Were the Offspring of Esau.

The Edomite Connection: Judah is Infiltrated The other peoples who lived in the area saw the advantage and privilege that the people of Judah and Benjamin were given. Because of this: “many of the people of the land became Jews–-” (Esther 8:17) and so, numerous non-Israelites took up Judaism as a religion. Josephus, the noted historian, confirms how other races–-not Israelite by birth–– “became Jews” over the years. He writes:

“All the Idumeans [subdued after Antiochus], were permitted to stay in that country, if they–-made use of the laws of the Jews; they submitted––at which time–-they were hereafter no other than Jews[2].”

Josephus tells how these converts were in time “esteemed the very same people with the Jews” even though they could not trace their lineage back to Judah. They infiltrated true Israel to become it’s rulers and religious leaders in Jerusalem (the Scribes and Pharisees), and their hatred for the Israel nation even carried down to the days of Jesus.

These Edomites had been in the vanguard of the Babylonian forces when they attacked the Southern Kingdom of Judah around 600 B.C. for which the Babylonians rewarded them with the Gaza Strip. Others trekked north to the shores of the Caspian Sea, and settled down with their Mongolian cousins dwelling there among the descendants of Japheth. ‘The Jewish Encyclopaedia states that these people originated in the ‘Seif mountains.

Josephus , wrote how the Idumeans of Esau “became Jews” when they adopted the Jewish religion for political purposes. These children of Edom are still in world Jewry today. When Ezra returned to Jerusalem after the captivity to rebuild the Temple, he must have believed that fleshly lineage was important to God because he ‘screened’ those Jews who returned. Scripture shows how many of these “sought their register among those that were reckoned by genealogy, but they were not found: therefore were they, as polluted, put from the priesthood.” (Ezra 2:62)

In the years ahead, the Idumean House of the Herods -Dukes of Edom (Gen. 36), descendants of Esau–- a bloodthirsty group, would kill off the High Priestly ‘House of Hashmon’ and in their wickedness, even several members of their own families to become, with Roman help, the rulers of the Jewish state. Because of their slaughter of the High Priestly family, a High Priest had to be brought in from Alexandria, descended from / Aaron; but in the end the Edomite, Joseph Ben Ha-Quy-Ya-Fa (Caiaphas), the son-in-law of Annas, was appointed High Priest by the authorities, and now the State and the money power was under the control of Edom.

Herod ruled Judea from 37 B.C. to 4 A.D. He came from a family which had been forced to convert to Judaism in the 2nd century BC, when the Hasmonean, John Hyrcanus, conquered Idumea. Herod’s father, Antipater, rose to power under Julius Caesar, who appointed him, Commissioner of all Judea, a position which he exploited to advance the’ fortunes of his own family. Josephus confirms that Herod was: “no more than a private man, and an Idumean, i.e., a half Jew.” It was this Herod who ruthlessly put to death hundreds of Israelite children under the age of two years, in the attempt to kill Jesus after his, birth. He now recognized that here was a true Prince of the Royal House of David, the legitimate King of Israel, who would threaten his power as a rival to his throne and so he
was determined to destroy him.

The LORD Hath Indignation Against Edom The Bible relates how Edom would return and build the desolate places of Israel. In Malach chapter 1 it is written:–

“—–And I hated Esau, and laid–-his heritage waste– Whereas Edom saith, We are impoverished, but we will return and build the desolate places.”

Herod helped fulfil this when he rebuilt the Temple that lay desolate after the Babylonian conquest. The Scripture continues:-
“—thus saith the Lord of hosts, They shall build, but I will throw down;”

This was fulfilled in a measure when Titus, the Roman General, in 70 A.D. overthrew the temple built by Herod, the Idumean–-
“—and they shall call them, The border of wickedness, and, The people against whom the LORD hath indignation for ever.”

Jesus expressed some of this indignation against them when he overthrew (he tables of these Edomite money changers and declared:-
“It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.” (Matt. 21:12,13)

These descendants of Esau set up a plot to murder Jesus, and were the ones responsible for his crucifixion by the Romans. The Idumean High priest, Caiaphas, and the Idumean members of the Sanhedrin counsel had him arrested and falsely charged while they stirred up the town rabble of Jerusalem to demand his death.

The Pharisees of Idumean (Edom) seed were the ones who had Jesuscrucified. These so-called “Jews” were the ones Jesus declared to be “of your father, the devil(left).” (John chapter 8:44)

After the resurrection of our Lord Jesus and the redemption of Israel, the true Israelites were renamed Christian (Acts 11:26), as prophesied in Numbers 6:27, and were driven from Palestine by their Christ-rejecting Edomite enemies who remained in Jerusalem and retained the name “Jew”. When Titus laid siege upon the city in 70 A.D., these Edomite-Canaanite “Jews” were then themselves driven from Jerusalem.

Many of them fled or bought their freedom from the Romans, and in the years to come would settle in the grain towns on the shores of the Black Sea. In their migration, they even spread as far as Kiev. These people later mixed with the Japhetic KHAZARS and converted them to Phariseeism, whereupon they ALL have since been known as “Jews”.

The Khazarian Origin

As a result of this movement, by the 6th and 7th centuries AD, a people of mixed Idumean-Turkic-Mongol stock had settled on the shores of the Black and Caspian Seas. They were the KHAZARS; and were called by the true Sephardic Jew, THE ASHKENAZIM’[3]. Funk and Wagnall’s Jewish Encyclopaedia shows the religions of Europe in the 10th century. The ‘CHAZAR’ Empire is clearly shown: This ancient Khazarian Empire only ‘converted’ to Judaism in 740 AD even like those who “became Jews” in Esther’s time. Their Chagan (king) Bhulan, adopted Judaism as the religion of his people by decree, so as to consolidate them into one powerful nation. Rabbis were engaged to teach the people the religion of the Pharisees, and the Hebrew letters were used to write the Khazar language. The result was Yiddish.

Robert Quillan in his article, ‘The Jewish Kings of Russia’, elaborates on this “new Israel”: “Long before the modern State of Israel, a Jewish kingdom located between the Caspian and Black Seas arose amid a world overtly hostile to the Jews. This new Israel was called Khazaria. The King converted to Judaism–as did much of the population. Thus began a line of Gentile–––- Jewish kings that ruled into the tenth century[4].”

History Shows Their Gentile Lineage Askenazi is the ‘tribe’ from which most Jews claim descent. However, even the name itself reveals the GENTILE origin of almost 95% of today’s modern “Jews”. The name occurs in Genesis 10:3, and in 1st. Chron. 1:6 as one of the sons of Gomer, a son of Japheth (progenitor of the Gentiles). The “kingdom” of Ashchenaz is also mentioned in Jer. 51:27 and refers to a people living in the vicinity of Mt. Ararat and Armenia.

This is the precise location where the ancient Khazarian Empire was formed, just north of the Black Sea in the southern section of Russia below Moscow. Their capital was Itel or Atel (near the present town of Astrakhan on the Volga), located on the trade routes between Northern Europe and the East. Here they extracted tolls from the merchant caravans on the Eastern trade route, while their main trade was in slaves and amber. They were a very warlike people, with little feeling for the sanctity of life.

By the 8th century A.D. this Khazar Kingdom on the Steppes in Russia was the largest nation in Europe, covering an vast area of approximately 1 MILLION miles square. The origins of the Khazars and their Empire are historical facts, and have been well documented in history books, yet few people know anything about their connections to modern Jewry. Perhaps this lack of knowledge may stem from the fact that, while earlier encyclopaedias and history books discussed these people freely, mention of them in most all modern history books has been purged.

They Move Into Western Europe

The Scandinavian founders of Russia finally conquered these Khazars in 969 A.D. when their state was destroyed by Swyatoslav, Prince of Kiev, and his warlike Russ. Kiev is the capital of the Ukraine, and the Khazars have never forgiven the Ukrainians for this defeat. Consequently, there has been a conflict between them ever since. After their defeat, and due to the pressure of people coming in from the east, many of these Ashkenazi-Khazar “Jews” moved along their trade routes into Russia, Hungary, Poland, and the Baltic States. Eventually they made their trek further west, and as history shows, created extreme difficulties for Christian Europe. Some also moved South and East into India, where they again placed themselves into positions of collecting tolls and taxes, being the advisors to governments.
As they practiced the ancient art of lending money at interest (usury), they soon became the wealthy class of the nation. It is well known that India and the nations surrounding it possess some of the richest families in the world – despite the fact that the vast majority of people in that region are extremely poor. Earl Jones, in his ‘Intelligence Digest’ shares some information on the well-known Sassoon family:

“It was the Sassoon family of India of the Ashkenazi clan who worked with the British East Indies Co. during the colonization of India. The people of India were forced to produce opium and ship it to China… The ‘Chinese Opium War’ created enormous wealth for these families[5].”

The facts concerning the migration of the Khazars have been established by many historians, and is beyond dispute. While Polish historians agree That: “–in earlier times, the main hulk of the Jewish population originated from the Khazar country– “, Kutschera went even further, stating that Eastern Jewry was 100% Khazar origin. The implications of such facts are, in today’s society, enormous. True Jew, or Khazar?

After many years of research, Arthur Koestler, the well known Jewish author, published a 255 page book titled ‘The Thirteenth Tribe’. In this he proves that the Eastern European “Jews” (who migrated west), are not Israelites or “Semitics”, but actually Khazars, Mongols and Huns. Among the major newspaper and magazine editors who reviewed the book during 1976, Edmund Fuller, of the Wall Street Journal stated –

“You do not have to be Jewish to be interested–-Are today’s western Jews really ethnic, Semitic, BIBLICAL JEWS, or are most of them descendants of converted Khazars?—-This compact, interesting book examines tragic-ironic implications [on this issue] for modern history.”

Also, Random House, the Publisher, advertised it extensively and began some of their ads with the headline:– “WHAT IF MOST JEWS ARE NOT REALLY SEMITES AT ALL?”

In addition, Random House quoted the following reviews: Robert Kirsch of the Los Angeles Times stated in his lengthy review that ‘Koestler publishes with his customary skills a daring hypothesis’ that:– “the Khazar Jews Migrated to Poland and Became The Forbearers of Eastern European Jewry… ” Then Mr. Kirsch quoted Professor A. N. Poliak of Tel Aviv University, who, after many years of dedicated research, had found that: According to Koestler, although their ‘conversion’ was politically motivated, these Khazars claimed the status of a chosen race, despite the fact that they were not from the true blood line of Judah. He then states how, today, the “—- lingering influence of Judaism’s racial and historical message, though based on illusion, acts as a powerful emotional break by appealing to tribal loyalty–-”

On page 72 of Koestler’s book, he writes how, in a letter, the Khazar King showed that he had traced his people’s lineage to TOGARMAH and JAPHETH, the ancestors of all the TURKISH TRIBES:

“Joseph [the Khazar King] then proceeds to provide a genealogy of his people. Though a fierce Jewish nationalist, proud of wielding the ‘Sceptre of Judah’, he cannot, and does not claim for them Semitic descent; hetraces their ancestry not to Shem, but to Noah ‘s third son, Japheth; or more precisely to Japheth’s grandson, Togarmah, the ancestor of all Turkish tribes.”


The Canaanite political parties were the Pharisees, Sadducees, Zealots, Essains, Assissins, Herodians, and Scribes. A later group, the Edomites, descended from Esau and later intermarried with the Turks, producing a Turco- Edomite mixture which later became known as the Chazars, the present occupants of Israel, according to the great Jewish scholar, Arthur Koestler.
The Canaanites were divided into the Amorites, Hittites, Moabites, Midianites, Philistines, Ammonites, Edomites, Zidonians, Sepharvaims, Perizzites, and affiliated tribes, all of which are routinely denounced in the Bible. Genesis 3:17: “The Perizzites are the enemies of God; the Ammonites worshipped Moloch Chemos and were demon-possessed.”

Ham’s married the witch Naamah on the Ark. Col. Garnier, in his “Worship of the Dead,” writes, “Naamah was celebrated for her beauty, talent, energy, lustfulness, and cruelty, and she was of Nephilim (fallen angel) parentage.”

These Mystery cults were formally combined into much of the text of the Babylonian Talmud, a book of religious precepts which had been formulated after the fall of Jerusalem in 586 B.C. Nebuchadnezzar took this people to Babylon as captives from 586 to 537 B.C., after which Cyrus of Persia captured Babylon and authorized the return to Jerusalem. During the Babylonian captivity, there was a free admixture of the various Canaanite tribes; the Edomites intermarried with the Canaanite branch of the Judahites and Chers. Edom means red; ever since the Captivity, red has meant revolution and Canaanite massacre of the innocents. The Rothschilds, when they backed the formation of the Illuminati, changed their name from Bauer to Roth (red) child (shield). This intermixture of various strains caused u great deal of confusion among the offspring as to what heir customs should be. To resolve this difficulty, the captives began to compile a great book of religious teachings. Talmud means “teaching” in Hebrew. By the secondcentury A.D., the Talmud had been completed as oral law, the Mishnah, or older part, and the Gemara, or commentary on the law. It first appeared in print in 1520, when Daniel Bomberg published it in Venice.

~Eustace Mullins, Curse of Canaan, pg. 30

Jewish Lineage - From Fallen Angels to Modern Jews
Jewish Lineage – From Fallen Angels to Modern Jews

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Shem and The Hebrews

The SEMITIC (Shemitic) people came through Shem. One of these Semitic peoples is the Hebrews, since Eber, their father, came directly from Shem. The GENTILES came from Japheth. The chart shows that the Romans, Greeks and Ashkenazi are Gentiles. Since the Ashkenazi “Jews” are not Semites, then they cannot be Israelites, for Jacob/Israel was a direct descendant of Shem.

The Jews Who Say They Are Jews
The Jews Who Say They Are Jews
Abraham Not A Jew - Not Gods Chosen People
Abraham Not A Jew – Not Gods Chosen People – Click to Enlarge

It is absolutely imperative for us to receive true history, that we might all fulfil the destiny and purpose for which God Almighty has called us. In Scripture, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are always called ‘Hebrews’, NEVER ‘Jews’. The word ‘Jew’ was not used until the time when the twelve tribes became divided into two separate ‘Houses’. This Was about One Thousand Years after Abraham; and the name was Only used then to describe a true descendant of the House of Judah. It was Never applied to any of the other tribes at Any Time. When many thousands of ‘pastors’ today teach that “all Israelites are Jews”, they actually do so in direct contradiction of Scripture.

Thus, while it is a fact that all true Jews are Israelites (because they are descended from the House of Judah), it can be proven by research that Not All Who Say They Are Jews Are True Israelites.

Even The Jewish Encyclopaedia states that “Edom is in modern Jewry”[8] The Scripture in Revelation 2:9 now becomes extremely clear:-
“—and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan[9].”

Jeremiah chapter 24 reveals the difference between these “good” and “bad figs” of Judah. The good figs were removed and many of them merged with the ten-tribed House of Israel as they journeyed across Europe; many eventually accepted Christ as their Saviour and Messiah. But they were not the ‘modern’ Jew of today. These “bad” figs are those who “say they are Jews, and are not”, the forefathers of which were in Jerusalem when our Lord was on Earth; who taunted the Master, and caused him to be put to death. Their descendants have become a curse in every nation in which they have settled, as shown by early history books. H. G. Wells, (shown opposite) confirms the facts about these Khazars: “The Khazars were a Turkish people––To these Jewish Khazars are to be ascribed the great settlements of Jews in Poland and Russia–-” Concerning their connection with the “Promised Land”, he states:- “It is highly probable the bulk of the Jews’ ancestors have never lived in Palestine at all which witnesses to the power of Historical Assertion over Fact[10].

Someone once said that if you tell a lie often enough and shout it loud enough, most people will begin to believe it. Such must surely be the case with these Ashkenazi, when they cry for the “return to their homeland”—-


The Cipherers of Sephar
The History of The Khazarians
Khazaria 2 In The Making
The Jewish Paradox – Imposter Hebrews

Who or What Is A Jew

“The following article by Eli James is an attempt to clear up the historical confusion that has developed around the meaning of the word ‘Jew.’ The basic problem is that the word ‘Jew’ is used to designate two culturally separate and distinct groups of people: Jews versus Judahites. The biblical definition of ‘Judahite’ is “a member or descendant of the tribe of Judah.” Considering the repeated commandment in the Old Testament forbidding all Israelites from intermarrying with other groups, it is absurd to use the same word, ‘Jew’, to designate both a.) Judahites who were forbidden to practice intermarriage and b. Jews who have always practiced intermarriage.”

NOTE FROM THE COUNCIL: The following article by Eli James is an attempt to clear up the historical confusion that has developed around the meaning of the word ‘Jew.’ The basic problem is that the word ‘Jew’ is used to designate two culturally separate and distinct groups of people: Jews versus Judahites. The biblical definition of ‘Judahite’ is “a member or descendant of the tribe of Judah.” Considering the repeated commandment in the Old Testament forbidding all Israelites from intermarrying with other groups, it is absurd to use the same word, ‘Jew’, to designate both a.) Judahites who were forbidden to practice intermarriage and b. Jews who have always practiced intermarriage.

Also, the Judahites of Palestine never practiced the religion called “Judaism.” Only Jews have ever practiced this religion. As the following article explains, organized Jewry falsely claims descent from the tribe of Judah and also falsely claims that their religion is the religion of the Old Testament. Considering the diametric opposition of these two cultures, it is absurd and confusing to use one word, ‘Jew’, to refer to both groups. All Christian Israelite groups are encouraged, therefore, to refer to the true Judahites as Judah, Judahite, or House of Judah and to refer to the false Judahites (Jews) as Jews, Jewry, or the House of Edom. The sooner our people stop using confused and deliberately misleading language, the sooner we will understand our true heritage.

“…and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews [sic], and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan.” – Rev. 2:9

“Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews [sic], and are not, but do lie…” – Rev. 3:9.


Who or What Is A Jew



“There can be no doubt that the royal personages who formed the gods of Greece were also the gods of the Phœnicians. We have seen the Autochthon of Plato reappearing in the Autochthon of the Phœnicians; the Atlas of Plato in the Atlas of the Phœnicians; the Poseidon of Plato in the Poseidon of the Phœnicians; while the kings Mestor and Mneseus of Plato are probably the gods Misor and Amynus of the Phœnicians.

Sanchoniathon tells us, after narrating all the discoveries by which the people advanced to civilization, that the Cabiri set down their records of the past by the command of the god Taaut, “and they delivered them to their successors and to foreigners, of whom one was Isiris (Osiris), the inventor of the three letters, the brother of Chua, who is called the first Phœnician.”

Samaria Mixed Populations
Samaria Mixed Populations – Click to Enlarge

37 I know that you are the sons of Avraham, but you want to put me to death because my word is not within you. 38 I speak that which I saw from the Father; but you do that which you saw with your father.” 39 They answered and said to him, “Avraham is our father!” So Yeshua said to them, “If you are the sons of Avraham, do the works of Avraham! 40 But you want to kill me, a man who speaks truth to you–that which I heard from El. Did Avraham do this? 41 You do the work of your father.” Then they said to him, “We were not born out of fornication. We have one El and one Father.”

Pause. Notice how Yeshua calls them the sons of Abraham but explicitly does not name them the sons of Isaac. And that is because he is exposing them. They are not Yahudim, but the sons of Edom.

Continuing on.


42 So Yeshua said to them, “If El were your Father, you would have loved him, for I came from El, and I went out from El; and I did not come from myself—but he sent me. 43 Why do you not recognize my word? It is because you are not able to obey him! 44 You are the sons of Ha-Satan your father, therefore you take pleasure in doing the will of your father. He was a murderer at the beginning, and did not abide in truth, for there is no truth with him. For everything which he speaks is a lie; he speaks that which is night to him; for he is its father, and he is a liar. 45 But if I speak truth to you, you do not believe me. 46 Who of you traps me in sin? If I speak truth to you, why do you not believe me!? 47 Whosoever is from El, obeys the word of El; and this is why you do not obey it—because you are not from El.”


The Hebrew Gospel of John 8:37-47

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The Seed War

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The Ghebers of Hebron; pg 11
The Ghebers of Hebron; pg 11 – Click to Enlarge



The Table of Nations: Biblical & Historical Fact

Lineages of Adam
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