The New Age Movement – One World Religion Of Charismatic Experience

The New Age Movement – One World Religion Of Charismatic Experience

“In his definitive work, “The Magical Mason,” W. Wynn Westcott, the founder of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in England, traces the origins of the Freemasons back to the Essenes in Jerusalem; Pharisaic Jews, the practitioners of the most strict Judaism; the ancient Mysteries of Egypt and Greece; the Vehm-Gerichte of Westphalia in Germany; the trade guilds of the Middle Ages; the Roman Collegia; the French Compagnons; and the Rosicrucians. Westcott points out that the cornerstone of the Capitol of Rome has the keystone mark of “the Overseers,” a sacred group. The Royal Arch has an altar of white stone in the form of a double cube; it is engraved with “the Sacred Name.” He says that the Mysteries, from which all Masonic ritual is derived, were intended to end the fear of death in the initiate, by re-enacting the descent into Hades, and thus finding the great first cause of all things revealed to the initiate. Westcott claims that the famous Black Stone in the Sacred Mosque at Mecca is also part of this ritual. There is also the Sacred Stone placed beneath the Throne of England, which is said to have been the Stone of Jacob in Biblical times. From such ancient symbols of power came the Masonic motto, “Per me reges regnant,” “through me kings reign.” By controlling kings, the Masons exercised their power from behind the scenes. If the kings were overthrown by revolutions (which were often of organized by the Freemasons themselves), the kings might be beheaded, but the instigators behind the throne would be forewarned and escape unscathed. They would then continue to reign through the next chosen leader, usually designated by their inner councils. Although it is dedicated to the usurpation and maintenance of absolute power through an Oriental despotism, Freemasonry has attained much of its worldwide influence through its emphasis on and sponsorship of the power of revolutions against the established order. Their slogan became the motto of the French Revolution, “Liberte, egalite, fraternie.” Liberty, equality, that is, equality for Masons only, with slavery as the fate of everyone else, and fraternity, that is the brotherhood of the Masonic Order of the Canaanites. This slogan appears throughout documents of Freemasonry, which also advertises itself as “The New Age” movement. Many of its publications, such as the magazine of the Washington Freemasons in our nation’s capital, feature the name, The New Age, and the symbolic triangle on the cover of its magazine, the triangle being emblazoned in its borders with the motto, “Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.” The New Age, or New Order, refers to the era which will be inaugurated after the final Armageddon, when the Canaanites exterminate the last survivors of the people of Shem.”

~Eustace Mullins, Curse of Canaan 32

New Age Experience Rather Than Scripture Based Doctrine - One World Religion Attack
New Age Experience Rather Than Scripture Based Doctrine – One World Religion Attack – Click to Enlarge


Note to self: Include Probably Alexandra’s breakdown on this as well.


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