The Word “Church” And It’s Real Meanings

The Word “Church” And It’s Real Meanings.

The word ‘church’ has been added by King James to the translation, who ordered his translators to replace the word ‘ekklesia’ with this word ‘church’.


The word ‘church’ has been added by King James to the translation, who ordered his translators to replace the word ‘ekklesia’ with this word ‘church’.

This false translation has helped promote the false doctrine of a universal or worldwide church, a hierarchal authority over the local congregation, and the church as being a building. The translation of ekklesia as “church” has adversely affected the proper understanding of the biblical doctrine of the ekklesia.

The term “the church” as used is ambiguous. As the term implies, it is referring to all groups who call themselves a church. Using the term “the church” makes no distinction as to who is being referred to.

The term ‘church’ does not come from the word ekklesia, but in the word kuriake.

This word kuriakos G2960 is used only twice. It means belonging or relating to the Lord. It’s used in 1Corinthians 11:20 as ‘the Lord’s Supper, and Revelation 1:10 as ‘the Lord’s Day’.

So we see that the word ‘church’ does not belong in scripture, it does not mean a ‘church’, and it is not used anywhere in scripture to describe God’s people or ‘church’. It’s a meaningless English word and it’s an incorrect concept that should be erased from your mind because it does not mean what you’ve been taught it means. It’s not the body of believers in Christ. A ‘church’ is a body of believers who believe in their ‘church’.

Ekklesia is G1577 and is a gathering, an assembly of people, specifically of Israelites.

It’s a compound of G1537 ek/ex, which means origin, from out of, ​​ and is a derivative of G2564 kaleo , which means to call, to call out, to call forth. It denotes the redeemed, which as we will see in this study, are Israelites.

Ekklesia ​​ does not mean a building, or a congregation of mixed peoples in a denominational ‘church’. It does not mean anyone who joins a congregation or attends a ‘church’ by their own choice.

The ekklesia is a group of certain and specific individuals called forth by God. God does the choosing.

The words in the Old Testament Hebrew are H5712/13 edah, which is a congregation, a gathering. The edah congregations and assemblies were witnesses. Witnesses to God’s Torah. They are legal terms.

Edah refers to the community, to the people, or to the family and has to do with corporeity and fellowship that goes beyond just a collection of individuals.

The root word is H5707 ed , and means someone who will be accepted to bear a true testimony, and it also refers to the testimony given, such as a covenant.

The other word is H6951 qahal , which is also an assembly, a congregation, and has more to do with a summoning to a meeting for councel or religious purposes. The word describes the children of Israel as a congregation, an organized community. ​​ It’s used for an assembly for war. It can describe a gathering called for evil purposes. ​​

The qahal is often translated into the Greek as ekklesia.

The concept of qahal and its Greek counterpart ekklesia describe a redeemed people who are summoned and assembled to be granted authority to accomplish the business of heaven on the earth. The ‘churches’ teach works are not necessary, so how can they accomplish the business of heaven on the earth then?

If the word ‘church’ were correct, then why is the word it is translated from, kuriakos, used only twice, and why is the word ekklesia which does not mean ‘church’ translated 115 times into ‘church? ​​ If the word ‘church’ is correct, then which church is God’s? Are they all God’s churches, even though they all have different doctrines and beliefs and ideas of who God is and who His Son is? The Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Mormon church, the Seventh Day Adventists, the churches in the Asian countries, the black countries, the Latino countries, Joel Osteen’s, Billy Graham’s, and John Hagee’s churches, and any ‘church’ that calls themselves a ‘church’, are they all accepted by God? What about some of the people in church that go just to make a showing, or who go because they have to? Are they all God’s people too?

What about the fact that there is One Lord, One Faith, and One Immersion? It sure doesn’t sound like that is the case with all these ‘churches’.

The word ‘church’ destroys the true understanding of scripture.

It can be shown that the word ‘church’ originates from the Old English kirke/circe, which was the name of the goddess Circe, the daughter of the Sun god, who was famous for taming wild animals for her circus. The places of worship among the pagan nations were always circular. The word circe means ‘a circle’ and transmits to the etymology of the word circus.

If and when you understand what the ‘churches’ have become, then you will understand that they truly are a circus!


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