Today’s Boondoggle Podcast – The Dustin Nemos Story

In this interview:

Today’s Boondoggle Podcast talks with Christian, Historian, Reporter, Theologian, Scholar, and Researcher, Dustin Nemos.

We talk about wanting to be a superhero as a kid, how the early days of the World Wide Web led him down many rabbit holes, becoming an argumentative atheist, then eventually through biblical studies and research finding his creator. Learning how skewed Government funded Science is, studying religion and theology leading him to Christ, as well as “Biblical” Earth, and the ancient religions that are satanic that the Deep State is rooted in.

We also discuss the sex magic rituals that brought us Hillary Clinton, how Aleister Crowley is tied to Barbara Bush, Barak Obamas role in the end times, where does Donald Trump fall in the grand chessboard, the Nephilim and giant sightings in Miami, Operation WarpSEED, where we currently stand in biblical prophecy, plus so much more.

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