Tomb of Nephilim Giant Gilgamesh Found & Hillary Asks for Access to His Resurrection/Rejuvenation Technology in Leaked Emails

Leaked 2017 Expedition Afghanistan Nephilim Tomb

George Bush Freudian Slip on Iraq – The Tomb of Nimrod (Antichrist)

Sometimes we find that truth is scarier than fiction, and sometimes fiction turns out to be the scary truth. Clearly sinister things are going on within the government. If 2020 has proven anything to us, it is that nothing should come as a surprise. So if we were to hear that Joe Biden was caught summoning the powers of Gargamel to attack Maga smurfs, we shouldn’t be surprised. That outlandish claim would be much fiction, however the truth is a little darker than that. In fact, it’s Hillary Clinton summoning Gilgamesh and buried Nephilim.

Hold on to your tinfoil hat, you just read that right. Hillary Clinton. Gilgamesh. Buried Nephilim. A verified fact just in time for Halloween.

A shocking discovery in the FOIA release of State Department emails confirms the claim. An email is discovered “Requesting documents pertaining to the resurrection chamber of Gilgamesh, the location of his body and the location of the buried Nephilim.”

America Uncensored has verified this to be fact. The above photo is a screenshot taken from our own research, but as always it is recommended that you find out for yourself. You can do so by following this link to the FOIA site, click the first file “Department of State FOIA log 2018.” The email is found on page 470, number F-2019-02110.

This is as far as the information goes at this point. We know it is fact that the State Department’s emails include a message “pertaining to the resurrection chamber of Gilgamesh and the location of the buried Nephilim.” Everything else is left to speculation. However, knowing the wicked bitch of the west, her plans could only be dark and sinister.

While we cannot guarantee this is actually connected to Hillary, and speculation is warranted. Claims are noted the requestors name as Denetra D Senigar and the date being 12/13/2018. It should be understood that this is the date the file was received and not the actual send date. Further, a search for the name Denetra D Senigar brings up nothing of significance and is possibly an alias. Going to the the virtual reading room of Clinton emails and search for Nephilim and it returns zero results. However, if you search for the name Denetra D Senigar, 12,726 results return. So it appears that this name could very well be some type of satanic code name used by HRC. The file would not show up under Clinton’s secret emails because the request was not sent from this account. The request was to the state department from Clinton’s alias.

There is the possibility that the email is a cryptic discussion, Gilgamesh could be code for something else. If this is the case, what are the “buried Nephilim?” Further, it is unlikely that a message would be hidden under a title that would clearly gain so much attention.

Gilgamesh and Buried Nephilim
Gilgamesh is an ancient Sumerian King, thought by many to be among the gods. Some ancient text portray Gilgamesh as a judge of the dead in the underworld.

The Nephilim are considered to be the fallen angels whom rebelled against God and took up with the daughters of men. Their children being the giants of ancient text.

Taking into consideration the dark research at CERN, and the push for the Mark of the Beast, there is limit to conclusion. Also consider the plot to modify our DNA through a biometric vaccine. With these things in mind, it appears that the government is trying to resurrect the fallen to make war with God.

Spoiler alert: God wins.

Thanks to Hillary Clinton’s email secrets, now we can see the truth. Those in power that wish to make us believe there is no God, are doing everything to prove his existence. They make known whom they serve. What dark plan was Hillary working on, and how far has she gotten?

Many questions come to mind, and many answers fall into place.



The Tomb of Gilgamesh – Nimrod – Osiris – Apollo

Gilgamesh Tomb Believed Found

Archaeologists in Iraq believe they may have found the lost tomb of King Gilgamesh – the subject of the oldest “book” in history.

Gilgamesh Tomb Believed Found
Gilgamesh Tomb Believed Found

The Epic Of Gilgamesh – written by a Middle Eastern scholar 2,500 years before the birth of Christ – commemorated the life of the ruler of the city of Uruk, from which Iraq gets its name.

Now, a German-led expedition has discovered what is thought to be the entire city of Uruk – including, where the Euphrates once flowed, the last resting place of its famous King.

“I don’t want to say definitely it was the grave of King Gilgamesh, but it looks very similar to that described in the epic,” Jorg Fassbinder, of the Bavarian department of Historical Monuments in Munich, told the BBC World Service’s Science in Action programme.


In the book – actually a set of inscribed clay tablets – Gilgamesh was described as having been buried under the Euphrates, in a tomb apparently constructed when the waters of the ancient river parted following his death.

“We found just outside the city an area in the middle of the former Euphrates river¿ the remains of such a building which could be interpreted as a burial,” Mr. Fassbinder said.

He said the amazing discovery of the ancient city under the Iraqi desert had been made possible by modern technology.

“By differences in magnetisation in the soil, you can look into the ground,” Mr. Fassbinder added.

“The difference between mudbricks and sediments in the Euphrates river gives a very detailed structure.”

This creates a magnetogram, which is then digitally mapped, effectively giving a town plan of Uruk.

‘Venice in the desert’

“The most surprising thing was that we found structures already described by Gilgamesh,” Mr. Fassbinder stated.

Gilgamesh Tomb Believed Found2
Gilgamesh Tomb Believed Found2


“We covered more than 100 hectares. We have found garden structures and field structures as described in the epic, and we found Babylonian houses.”

But he said the most astonishing find was an incredibly sophisticated system of canals.

“Very clearly, we can see in the canals some structures showing that flooding destroyed some houses, which means it was a highly developed system.

“[It was] like Venice in the desert.”


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Tomb of Nephilim Giant Gilgamesh Found & Hillary Asks for Access to His Resurrection/Rejuvenation Technology in Leaked Emails
The Tomb of Gilgamesh – Nimrod – Osiris – Apollo
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