True Sabbath – And How The Moon & Sun Tell Us

True Sabbath – And How The Moon & Sun Tell Us.

Moon Calendar Sabbaths
Moon Calendar Sabbaths – Click to Enlarge


Part 1 –

• Constantine… standardized the planetary week, making Sunday the first day of the week.
• Constantine… exalted dies Solis (Sunday) as worship day for pagans and Christians.
• Constantine… exalted Easter over Passover.

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Constantine outlaws the Biblical Calendar!


Part 2 –

• In the fourth century, Hillel II modified the Biblical Calendar!
• Jews worship on Saturday because Talmudic law justifies the act.
• True Sabbath NOT on modern calendar!

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Hillel II transfers Sabbath observance to Saturday!


Jews & The Sabbath

• Millions wrongly assume Saturday is the Bible Sabbath because it is when the Jews worship.
• Jewish scholars acknowledge that Saturday is not the ancient, original Sabbath of Scripture.
• Gregorian Calendar IS NOT Yahuwah’s Calendar.
Saturday IS NOT the Bible Sabbath!

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The forgotten cover up!


Saturday: False Sabbath

“Saturday is the Sabbath” is FAKE NEWS!

• Date of the Crucifixion
• Admissions of Jewish Scholars
• Admissions of Catholic Scholars
• The Julian Calendar & Planetary Week
• The Man-Made International Date Line

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Irrefutable Proof: Saturday is NOT the Sabbath!

A careful study of history, Scripture, and astronomy reveals the shocking fact that Saturday is not the seventh-day Sabbath of Scripture, nor is Sunday the day of the Saviour’s resurrection!


Sabbath Calendar 5 - Easter Sunday
Sabbath Calendar 5 – Easter Sunday – Click to Enlarge


Sabbath Calendar 4
Sabbath Calendar 4 – Click to Enlarge


Sabbath Calendar 3
Sabbath Calendar 3 – Click to Enlarge


Sabbath Calendar 2
Sabbath Calendar 2 – Click to Enlarge


Sabbath Calendar 1
Sabbath Calendar 1 – Click to Enlarge


Pagan Calendar Tampering
Pagan Calendar Tampering – Click to Enlarge


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Mapping the Rabbit Holes

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