Was Peter The Rock Upon Which the Church Was Built? Doctrines of Men: RESOLVED

Doctrines of Men: RESOLVED. It is the claim of the Pope that his position originates in Matthew with Peter being called the Rock upon which the church is built. However, is this what Matthew says? We will examine and resolve the Doctrine of Men. Was Peter the Rock Messiah is talking about here? Is he even the topic of the passage? Was Peter the First Pope? Let’s look at the Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic, cross-reference with like scriptures, and review this passage in context. Does it pass or fail? Prove all things especially the claim of any man. Yah Bless


Matthew 16:13-15 – Jesus Confirms Himself Christ

Matthew 16:18 – Papacy is a Lie, Peter by Any translation is only a piece of the Stone that is Yeshuah. The Rest of this section of scripture is about Yeshuah, not Peter, for full context, beware following fragmentary doctrine.

Isaiah 28:16 – Also mentions this Stone.

1 Peter 2:6 – Peter himself quotes Isaiah, he understood this Greater Stone.

1 Peter 2:7 – Peter himself quotes Psalms (118:22), he understood this Greater Stone.

Acts 4:8-11 – Peter again affirms


Ephesians 2:20 – Yeshuah is the chief corner stone




Peter Meant Piece of The Rock - Not The Rock, Which is Yeshuah
Peter Meant Piece of The Rock – Not The Rock, Which is Yeshuah



Simon A Rock
Simon A Rock


A Rock
A Rock


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