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Welcome to the Serapeum

Thank you for joining us at the Serapeum.

On behalf of our entire team — welcome!

The information on this page is brief, and important. Please take a moment to read until the end.

The Serapeum is all the banned, hidden, and censored content they don’t want you to see. We curate, triple back it up in our archives… and make it available for your research.

I will give you your Keys to The Serapeum in a moment. Before I do…The Serapeum is NOT for…

  • Satanists,
  • Fake News,
  • Jordan Sather,
  • Transexuals,
  • 30th+ Degree Freemasons,
  • Lazy people,
  • People not willing to go all the way,
  • Sensitive people,
  • Easily offended people,
  • White or Black supremacists,
  • Anti-Christians.

On the other hand, if you are…

  • A deep researcher of the deep state
  • The bible scholar who wants to explain why the contradictions in the bibles of today with those of yesteryear.
  • If you ask, “What really happened in history?”
  • One of those alien researchers who has doubts that the alien narrative is correct (especially because the “authorities” push it)
  • The Contrarian
  • The wise man, historian, scientist, archeologist, or pastor who doesn’t follow the official orthodoxy
  • The parents who know the world is flat, and want to teach their children truth in history and science
  • One who wonders what it means
  • A moon landing skeptic… or know the moon landing was faked, and wonder what it means
  • Someone who wonders about the true origins of Satanism and the elites Babylon belief system
  • Seeking the uniter of all pieces of the puzzle
  • Researching Pedogate, who is behind it, and what they believe

You are in the right place!

Pay attention, this is important…


Gmail and others email services are doing everything they can to interfere with you receiving The Serapeum’s Banned, Hidden, and Censored Archives.

When you check your email… I want you to look for the subject line Welcome to The Serapeum.


Inside that email, you will find instructions on how to do to get around the shenanigans. We work hard around the clock to archive, backup, curate, and publish the information they don’t want you to see — It would be a shame if Big Tech got in the way of that.

Here’s what to expect from The Serapeum (keep reading…)

You will receive email notifications in your inbox on average 3-4 times per week.

They typically come once per day. Sometimes twice … and sometimes there is a day in between emails.

These email notifications are focused on our banned and censored archives, and more.

We couldn’t provide this service to you without the help of our sponsors.

Our sponsors are pre-vetted and allow us the resources to provide the news. Our intention is to keep it classy, and keep our primary focus on the banned, hidden and censored archives, and more. You will see their banners and advertising on and in email.

Also as a courtesy, we negotiate the best deals on your behalf. We will also let you know when these deals are active.

While it’s NOT required to support our sponsors, know it is what keeps us going to provide our banned, hidden, and censored archives for you.

The Serapeum wouldn’t exist without people like you.

Thank you.

We are grateful you chose us, and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Your keys to The Serapeum are in your inbox.

— The Serapeum