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What Is The Serapeum?

Thank you for visiting the Serapeum.

The Serapeum is all the banned, hidden, and censored content they don’t want you to see. We curate, triple back it up in our archives… and make it available for your research.

This website is filled with thousands of posts. But while you’re exploring the Hidden History of Mankind and the Mystery Babylon Religion of The Elite, remember this:

You can search this website by clicking on the categories on the left hand side, or by clicking on individual tags within each post. We have a mix of video and written content, including some PDF Books. Our hope is that others will back this content up as well and protect it from censorship. This is the critical knowledge humanity needs to understand our lost history, and our rulers evil motives – and perhaps, just maybe – escape their agenda.


We built this archive after dealing with years of heavy censorship in our work with exposing Fake News media daily with our independent media company, – Simply put, we were tired of good information being “disappeared” by the powers that shouldn’t be.

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There is a Map, connecting the dots for people at every level of their personal journey down the Rabbit Hole.

You can find it Here


What does the name mean? It was the name of one of the Libraries of Alexandria that burned with much of the lost knowledge of the ancient world. Here, we are piecing together that forgotten, neglected, or often occulted (censored) past – together. The Serapeum is often called the “daughter library” of Alexandria. For much of the late fourth century AD it was probably the largest collection of books in the city of Alexandria.

Note: This archive is evolving as we improve it, suggestions are welcome. We are a small team doing this on a volunteer basis as we have no real income from this site at present time. It’s a labor of love to share the truth with everyone out there.
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The Serapeum wouldn’t exist without people like you.

Thank you.

We are grateful you chose us, and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.

— The Serapeum