The Noticing: Who Controls The World? Them

Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out.

~John 12:31

It’s their religion: it’s called Tikun Olam: WHAT IS TIKUN OLAM?


Who Controls The World? Them

Who Controls The Fake News? Kanye West Was Right

Is the New World Order “Jewish”?

Who Are The “Banksters” Exactly?

Jews Founded & Rule Communist China

The Golden Secret Society With a Black Soul That Rules the World

The Rulers of Darkness – The Illuminati’s Greatest Secrets Revealed


The Creators of the World’s Misfortunes

Ben Garrison Jews

Ben Garrison Jews

1919 US War Dept Investigation Substantiates Protocols of Zion by Unknown

The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion

They Rule The World

George Soros’ Empire of Broken Nations

Jews Rule The World – Admittedly


“It’s astonishing that a handful of billionaires and governments can fund an organization that produces dubious reports, labeling opposing viewpoints as racism, hate speech, misinformation, or disinformation, and then cite those reports to advocate for more censorship.”



They Rule the USA

US Pledge To Israel in State Laws

Benjamin Netanyahu: “Americans are easily manipulated”

Ben Shapiro-CIA-AntiSemitism Industrial Complex

Jewish Representation in Western Politics

3 trillion given to Israel while Israel conducts more espionage against the US than anyone else.

Jews dominate USA
Jews dominate USA – Click to Enlarge

Antifa: Jewish Paramilitary

Here’s where Lindsey Graham gets his campaign money

Rupert Murdoch took direct role in Fox News 2020 election call, filings reveal

Son of George Soros scoring easy White House access, records show

Members in US politics who hold dual US/Israeli citizenship


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Laura Loomer – ‘It’s the Jews’

Freemasonry in the Military

Who Controls The World? Them

Jews Exempt From Military Service! (Christian Wars They Instigate?!)

Ted Gunderson – Illuminati Conspiracy – FBI Head

UN Beast Statue

Hidden History Tour of Washington, D.C. Symbolism

Is Hillary Clinton the Demon Hillarion?

George W. Bush, Barbara Bush, and Aleister Crowley

George Bush’s Skull And Bones Moment

The Democrat Party Reportedly Received Half Its Donations from Unemployed Americans, Many Are Elderly Voters Whose Identities May Have Been Stolen – Where’s the Money Really Coming From?

Jews Control Military
Lawmaker Destinations - USA>Israel
Lawmaker Destinations – USA>Israel – Click to Enlarge

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Which Will Fall First
Which Will Fall First


Duke of Edom
Republicans Protect Jews


And the moment you offend them with your Noticing, is the moment your First Amendment of The Constitution, the foundational document (and value) of our nation – is removed within days.

George Soros Paying Student Agitators To Whip Up Anti-Israel Protests (Controlling Both Sides and Agent Provocateurs)

Jewish Agent Provocateurs and Protest Propaganda Infiltrators – Example 1

Even the Good Ones like Hawley, dance to this tune..

Even the best ones, like Jim Jordan.

The House Passes H.R. 6090: A Threat to the Christian Faith and an Affront to Free Speech.

Republicans Ready Sanctions On World Court If It Issues Arrest Warrants For Israelis

Florida Legislature approves bill with new definition of antisemitism (As example, most states have now passed this)

Democrats Join Republicans To Block Greene’s Bid To Oust Speaker Johnson – The Uniparty

President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Jewish Cabal



Of course, they train the police…

They Control The Police


They Rule Ohio

Jews Rule Ohio – Les Wexner


Ron DeSantis Flies To Israel To Destroy Free Speech In Florida

Gov. Ron DeSantis Shuts Down Pro-Palestinian Group ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’ for Aiding Hamas, Violating Florida’s Anti-Terror Laws

South Dakota




Michigan Is Passing “Hate Speech” Laws, Don’t Use The Wrong Pronouns– or Else!

A recent bill passed by the Michigan state House has ignited a contentious debate surrounding the First Amendment and the criminalization of “intimidation” on the topic of gender identity. The bill, which would elevate such actions to the level of a felony, specifically targets “disrespectful acts such as intentional misgendering.” The legislation also aims to expand Michigan’s existing ethnic intimidation law, enacted in 1988, by granting prosecutors greater authority to address acts of vandalism targeted at places of worship.

The Michigan bill secured a 59 to 50 vote in the Michigan House. Republican State Representative Steve Carra voiced concerns about the potential ramifications of the expansion, particularly in relation to free speech. While acknowledging the importance of combatting actual threats, violence, and crime, Carra expressed unease about constructing legislation solely based on an individual’s feelings of fear. Carra maintained that he would not have supported the bill, regardless of any proposed compromises. He called for the bill to be scrapped, asserting that it was unnecessary for the state of Michigan.

State Representative Andrew Beeler strongly opposes Michigan’s hate-crime bill, arguing that it is subjective and irrational, with the potential to criminalize the use of biologically accurate gender pronouns. Beeler’s concerns echo those of free speech advocates who assert that the legislation poses a threat to the fundamental right to express oneself. The bill introduces penalties of up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine for speech deemed to “intimidate another individual.”

While Beeler remains hopeful that the reasonable-person standard might offer some protection against wrongful convictions, an additional provision in the bill raises concerns. It allows individuals found not guilty of hate speech in criminal court to still face civil litigation. If found guilty in civil court, they may be required to pay damages for actual or emotional distress, with a minimum of $25,000. Beeler points out the potential for abuse in civil court proceedings, where subjective terms like “emotional distress” could lead to hefty financial penalties based on a single individual’s decision.

This legislation is similar in nature to the “hate speech” legislation that was signed recently in Israel by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. HB 269 makes it a felony with up to five years in jail for passing out flyers or pamphlets that hurt the feelings of certain groups of people. HB 269 criminalizes speech that is deemed “intimidating” by the state, a subjective and emotional concept that is certainly open to abuse depending on the judge overseeing the case.

One of the core tenets of a healthy society is the protection of free speech. It allows individuals to voice their opinions, challenge established norms, and foster healthy debate. Platforms like serve as a crucial place for those concerned about potential limitations on free speech especially amidst rising “hate speech” legislation in the United States of all places.

By providing an open forum, Gab empowers individuals to engage in conversations and express themselves freely without fear of censorship or reprisal. This freedom is not without its challenges, as it means allowing the expression of a wide range of ideas, including those that may be “offensive or objectionable” to some. That being said, Gab’s commitment to free speech as a fundamental principle ensures a more inclusive marketplace of ideas where the best ideas win. In the face of rising hate speech legislation, Gab will continue to play a significant role in safeguarding free speech rights and promoting open dialogue.

We hope you’ll support us in doing so.

Andrew Torba
Jesus Christ is King”



Glenn Youngkin Signs Anti-Speech Legislation to ‘Combat Antisemitism’


They Rule Ukraine

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1957 LIST OF RICHEST AMERICANS – ONLY ONE JEW – Blaustein (no descendants)
Few of the families have significant economic influence today.
Many have disappeared.


They Rule Russia

Vladimir Putin Is a Jew

Vladimir Putin Is a Crypto Jew

Wall Street And The Bolshevik Revolution

They Rule China

Jews Founded & Rule Communist China

A Jew in Mao’s China

They Rule Australia

They Rule France

Who Controls the World – Them – France

They Rule Argentina

Controlled Opposition – Javier Millei


They Rule Iran

Jews Control The World – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – Jew



They Own Hollywood & Entertainment

Hollyweird – The Capital of the Sin War

The Beatles – THEY Control The World.

Michael Jackson said it too… “They don’t really care about us…” was just a top of the iceberg.

The Secret Societies Symbolism

They Control the News Media & Controlled Pro Israel Gatekeeper “conservative” Media

Who Controls The Fake News? Kanye West Was Right


Alex Jones – Muslims Everywhere
Alex Jones – Neverjew


WHO IS FAKE NEWS? – Be Careful Who You Trust – Known Clickbait, Shills, NeverSayJews & Gatekeepers

Christian Activist Morgan Ariel Gets Expelled From Turning Point USA And Declares “Stop Zionism And Free America”

Noticing: Alex Jones Shills AntiReality “Zionist Nazi’s” and More – NeverJew Harder Alex Jewns!

Click to Enlarge
Jews Own Alt Media

They Control The “Alt Right”

They Control the Corporations



They Control Public Influencers and Politicians

Jordan Peterson on Jewish Supremacy & Depopulation of Christians


They Control The Apostate Churches

Who Controls the World – Them – Megachurches


They ARE The Banksters

The Jewish Federal Reserve Act 1913
The Jewish Federal Reserve Act 1913 – Click to Enlarge

Who Are The “Banksters” Exactly?


Canaanite Altars & The Federal Reserve

Part 1:

Part 2:



They Control The Borders

The Kalergi Plan – White Replacement

Zionist Jews Happily Brag About Being At The Center Of The Muslim Invasion Of Europe

Any Nation That Rejects Christ Will Be Enslaved By Jews


They Control the Blackmail & Child Trafficking & Rape Trade:



🇮🇱 Former Israeli Intelligence officer Ari Ben-Menashe alleges Epstein ran a honeypot for Mossad after being recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell

🇮🇱 Maria Farmer, the first victim to report Epstein to the FBI, said everyone involved in the operation was a Jewish supremacist who racially abused her as a non-Jew – she claimed the operation was led by the Mega group

🇮🇱 Mega group is an organisation of exclusively Jewish billionaires set up to fund Jewish and pro-Israel causes

🇮🇱 One of the co-founders of Mega was Victora’ Secret owner Les Wexner, who provided Epstein with his $77 million house in Manhattan which he used for his blackmail ring

🇮🇱 NY Times article from the 1990s reported on the apartment when Wexner owned it, describing it as reminiscent of James Bond movies

🇮🇱 Wexner was the only client of Epstein’s mysterious hedge fund and the apparent source of his wealth

🇮🇱 Epstein was hired to work for Bear Stearns in 1970 by Alan Greenberg, another member of Mega group. Prior to this Epstein was just a school teacher

🇮🇱 Mega group member Ronald Lauder is president of the World Jewish Congress and has been a big donor to Netanyahu’s Likud party

🇮🇱 Epstein’s associate Ghislaine Maxwell is the daughter of Robert Maxwell, a top Mossad spy.

🇮🇱 Robert Maxwell’s business partner was Charles Bronfman, a co-founder of the Mega group

🇮🇱 Epstein’s lawyer and long-time friend Alan Dershowitz is an ultra-Zionist, author of The Case for Israel, and was considered by Israel to represent them at the ICJ

🇮🇱 Epstein had multiple meetings with former Israeli PM Ehud Barak in his New York apartment

🇮🇱 Les Wexner’s Wexner Foundation gave Barak $2 million in 2004 for still unspecified research

🇮🇱 Barak says he was first introduced to Epstein by former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres, who gave a eulogy at Robert Maxwells funeral

🇮🇱 Epstein and Barak were business partners in a tech company – the company’s executive team were all former members of Israeli intelligence

The conclusion is unavoidable: Jeffrey Epstein was running a blackmail operation for Israel, backed by very powerful and connected Zionists with ties to the very top of the Israeli government.

Correllation Between Jew Populations & Trafficking

Israel Is the Organ Harvesting and Human Trafficking Capital of the World

Maria Farmer, the first victim of Jeffrey Epstein to come forward, claimed overwhelming Jewish Supremacy as a primary motivation for the continual rape of children. “You’re nothing cause you’re not Jewish” etc 

Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer Alan Dershowitz bragging about Jewish power in America

Tunnelgate – SewerJews Beneath The Girls Bathroom, Near Epstein’s Place – Tunnels, Toddlers, & Soiled Mattresses


They Control The Saviors…

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a Puppet of Mossad’s Ari Emmanuel

Trump’s Indefensible Promotion of Suicide Shots – Updates, Luciferian Son In Law, WEF Daughter.

Trump is a Crypto (Closet) Jew

Vladimir Putin Is a Jew

The Truth of Trump – Stupid, Evil? THE Antichrist?

Trump Soros Connections


They Control The “Terrorists”


ISIS is Jewish



Hamas: Jewish Funded Terror Group

Blowback – How Israel Helped Create Hamas


They Write the “History”

Government changing story

It’s Always Been Them


The Seed War Between Mankind and Nephilim – Demons Walk Among Us

Rockefeller – NWO Leak




Jewish Global Communism – Jews Enslave All Goy


Zionism Is Nepotistic and Will always betray the host nation for their tribe.

Click to Enlarge

To find out who rules over you, learn who you are not allowed to criticize




The Kalergi Plan – White Replacement

The Seed War Between Mankind and Nephilim – Demons Walk Among Us

The Golden Secret Society With a Black Soul That Rules the World

Who Controls The Fake News? Kanye West Was Right

The Rulers of Darkness – The Illuminati’s Greatest Secrets Revealed

Jews Founded & Rule Communist China

Vladimir Putin Is a Jew

Who Are The “Banksters” Exactly?

The Truth About Palestine & Israel

Antifa: Jewish Paramilitary

What Famous People Throughout History Said About Jews

Who Controls The World? Them


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