All The World’s A Stage: Who OWNS The NWO? Have No Further Doubt

Many people are unsure as to which org holds the reigns atop the N double you oh.. Do you know who it is? All roads lead to Rome. This piece should leave viewers with no doubt. Would the ultimate power let itself be so easily known as to put the plot in an old movie? (ie: The Rothschild sons movie) Or might it not have a cover, a “front” that takes the heat? Real power knows how to hide. The Vatican has been playing the games of international intrigue and state intelligence for nearly 1000 years. All NATO and most other modern intelligence organizations such as CIA, CSIS, KGB/FSB etc. all claim the Vatican as their founding agency, based on the v@ticans international spy policies. Cemented through Freemasonic Secret societies, it’s a great rubric perpetrated on the people of the world. Remember, control both sides, and build-up hatred … order through chaos…

They assassinated Pres. Lincoln, and Mckinley to eventually install the fed reserve… the fourteenth amendment, the councils of Vienna and Verona, the Knights of Malta and the Vatican owning the top shares in the fed, Bank of America, J.P Morgan, all higher education and scientific elites, and their empires are able to dictate consensus science and eventually, through mass televised indoctrination, they fully control public opinion and actions.

Another piece of outstanding evidence is the so called “Oslo accord”… where Israel sold the rights to the Temple Mount to the Vatican.

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