Antarctic Giants 2: Antonio Pigafetta’s Full Account, Chronicler Of Magellan’s Voyage In 1519

Antonio Pigafetta’s full retelling of his encounters with Patagonian Giants, “A Remarkable Race Of Polar Giants”.

This video is a rare primary source account of real giants in Patagonia, South America from Ferdinand Magellan’s “Voyage Around The World” circa 1519-1522. Pigafetta was Magellan’s Chronicler. Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese-born explorer turned subject of the Spanish Crown. In 1518 he was appointed Admiral of the Spanish Fleet by the emperor Charles V to lead a five-ship fleet called “Armada de Molucca” to reach the Spice Islands (Maluku Islands, in present-day Indonesia).

It appears the elites of Europe were given access to the full accounts of the explorers, while the public was told the tales of 9 foot and taller giants weren’t true. Shake-speare (shaking the pen)… who was actually Lord Byron, had access to the full accounts and made mention of them. He used the word “Setebo’s” to describe demons when the only other time the word was referenced was in this text by Antonio Pigafetta about demons from the beliefs of the giants.

Many of the pictures seen in this video are from the ships artists who recorded what they saw as realistically as possible in order to accurately report to their King.


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