DEBATISM Ep 7 | Jeffrey Daugherty vs. Dustin Nemos | Christian Identity: Fact or Fancy?

“I use the bible, he says I won’t use the bible and want you out of it.He claims I’m a jew who called him a kike, without evidence of either things. He claims I can’t understand translations yet calls a german word a jewish name.He ignores verses that he doesn’t like, and claims I refuse to use them.He calls me confusing, and says it must be simple: I believe you can handle complex. But this lie is very simple, actually: Read the bible, compare and contrast the originals.The word jew was inserted, the words The Lord was inserted
The words bene ha elohim are fallen angels (its in the concordances, too) And jeffrey deceived people by ignoring this, in our last debate. I did a video breakdown showing how his deception works.He wants you to hate God, and therefore ignore everything I’ve showed you.But like I said, doesn’t an extraordinary claim require an extraordinary evidence”


Welcome to the seventh edition of a new show! jeranism DEBATISM. I want to offer a debate but in a new way. 6 questions, 8 claims and your questions answered all in less than 90 minutes. Join me as I host a timed and structured debate.

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