Dustin Nemos and Daniel Kristos unveil the DEMONIC origins of Zionism

In this interview:

– Zionism and ethnic supremacy. (0:01)

– Biblical interpretation and identity theft. (3:14)

– The origins of Zionism and its connections to mysticism and infiltration. (4:57)

– Jewish tunnels in NYC and child trafficking allegations. (8:53)

– Secret tunnels and ritual baths in Israel. (11:51)

– Israeli government’s control and mass bombing of civilians. (17:35)

– Secret societies, conspiracies, and control. (21:27)

– Holocaust history and free speech. (28:34)

– Hitler, the Holocaust, and extraterrestrial life. (30:46)

– Rituals and end times in Israel. (39:54)

– Ukraine conflict, symbols, and prophecy. (41:54)

– Zionism, Israel, and conspiracy theories. (45:16)

Source: Health Ranger Report


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