HEATED Flat Earth Debate Goes Sideways!!! WTF!? YOU DECIDE!

In this Debate:

Craig from Fight The Flat Earth proposes we live on a round ball hurling through space while believing the moon landing was real. Dustin Nemos proposes NASA is fake, there is an Arctic Ice Wall around a disc with a firmament dome. He believes in the biblical flat earth. This debate gets heated extremely fast as insults begin to fly as both sides get triggered. I did my best to moderate this debate but it was literally beyond my capacity to keep each of these gentlemen from wanting to decimate and destroy each other…This was literally a fight to the death, but who won? Please leave your comment below on who claimed victory!!! I felt like Jerry Springer and had to tell each of them YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!

Source: Ninoscorner



In case you missed it:

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