Moses tells us exactly how the Nephilim returned after the Flood

This is a segment from my teaching session during the 2015 Nephilim, Monsters and Giants Conference in Lubbock, Texas. In this clip I show you what Moses has to say regarding the return of the Nephilim both BEFORE and AFTER the Flood. In short, Moses totally debunks any notion of “multiple incursions” of angels repeatedly mating with women again and again. That theory is nothing but a textually unsupported fantasy made up by people who would rather believe other people who apparently refuse to just let the Bible speak for itself. Some may prefer to stand on the shoulders of Dr. I.D.E. Thomas, G.H. Pember and others like them, but I’m going to just stick with the Scriptures. Neither Genesis 6, nor chapters 9 – 10 support the multiple incursion thesis in any way.



Nephilim Epigenetics, Suspicious Women and the Rise of the X-men

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