NASA documents referring to a “Flat Earth”

An official NASA document called NASA Reference Publication 1207 – August 1988″, which on page 30 states …

‘This report derives and defines a set of linearized system matrices for a rigid aircraft of constant mass, flying in a stationary atmosphere over a flat, nonrotating earth.’

Here is another government document, this time from the FAA, entitled …

that makes a Flat Earth reference.

On page 32, It states …

So in other words, for all intents and purposes, unless you are traveling at above Mach 3, or intend to travel into low Earth orbit or higher, then you should just consider the earth to be flat.

But if the Earth was truly curved then this would not work.

For example if you were flying from Sydney, on the east coast of Australia to Perth in Western Australia you would have to travel a distance of 2034 miles.

The alleged Earth curvature over that distance should be 522.37 miles. That means that unless the pilot constantly dipped the nose of the plane down towards the ground as he flew, by the time he reached Perth he would be flying at an altitude of 522.37 miles or 2,758,113 feet higher than he should be!

This fact alone proves the EARTH IS FLAT!

You can download the document directly from the FAA here.

If the earth is a spinning globe (oblate spheroid) in the infinite vacuum of space then why does NASA in “NASA Reference Publication 1207 – August 1988” on page 30, refer to a “a stationary atmosphere over a flat, non-rotating earth”?



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