New Exodus – Escape from Babylon. Tribe to Survive.

We need 1. Pioneers willing to rough it to BUILD a community (often lacking infrastructure at first for awhile)

2. Founding members who bring the initial assets & Funds and lay out the rules for the land that will house the community.

3. The skills to grow food and build things etc – various skills needed (we have many among us, not worried)

4. then I can begin to work.

5. Ryan will help us organize and hopefully get a group of leaders in this community to begin the work

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Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.

When winter comes, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.

It’s time to Exit Babylon, the system. Its time to bring your family back to the protection of the village, shielded by bonds of community, faith, family, and friendship – Its time for people who see the writing on the wall with the current system to Tribe or Die.

Join the Chatroom, join the discussion – Join the New Exodus.

“So far this year for garden:

I’m adding a huge pile of tires into a mound (free tires) to create a strawberry/dragonfruit hill. (They cascade downward, the higher up you start the more you’ll get)

I’ve added 6 muscadine plants recently. Hardy perennial fruit that will feed chickens if it drops, and the chickens feed it because the roots run under the coop partially.

Unstoppable Food Famine Prep List for 2023: (What I did last year)

I’ve added dozens of fruit trees (from babies, mostly, although the one in the chicken coop with a pile of chicken poop over it has grown over 15 feet tall in 1 year, the others are 1/3 that size at best.)

Mulberries, Peaches, Loquats, Kumquats, Figs, bananas, avocados, nut trees, Citrus, lemons, Papayas, Pears, Plums, mangos,

Rows of blueberries, blackberries and strawberries and gooseberries (i eat the leaves, delicious) that I can easily spread around them where 1 becomes many. Cherries, dewberries, Apples, soursop, guava, strawberry tree,

Vining fruit on trellises, fences, using native palms as trellises (lifehack) etc Passionfruit and more. Tomatoes,

Vine beens as long as your foot, snake beans as big as your arm.

The DREADED (hottest in world) Carolina Reaper pepper (My brother likes hot stuff… I might use it to keep goats off plants)

Onions, Potatoes, Herbs, Spices, Air potatoes (vine), Yams, Taro, Casava, Tamarind,”

~Dustin Nemos, Exodus Chatroom