Origin of the Word JEW. NOT Hebrew, Greek and NOT the Bible

Ever wonder where the word Jew came from? Well, we should because it does not originate in the Bible nor the Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, Latin, Old French, Old English, or Old English. In other words, the languages from which the Bible was translated do not use this word. It doesn’t belong in modern Bibles and is a mistake no Hebrew nor Greek scholar could actually mistake. They are educated into a paradigm and they render things inaccurately according to such paradigm unfortunately not true to the Bible at times. This is definitely one of those times as well as the name of God, the Son, etc. One must wonder where does this originates and we will demonstrate this for you in this video. This is a brief of our 2 videos Parts 5&6 of The Name of God Series. If you have watched those, this will mostly be reviewed. It’s time to know the origins of such things and this will enlighten many. Yah Bless.

Source: The God Culture


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