Pizzagate v Pedogate – Myth v Reality (Graphic Content WARNING)

Pizzagate v Pedogate – Myth v Reality

“but the fake news says it begins and ends with a pizza parler in DC.”

Donald Trump Jr – Pedogate



Pizzagate is a Fake News bastardization and caricature of Pedogate, they tell you that Pizzagate was a reference to Hillary Clinton trafficking children out of the basement of Comet Ping Pong Pizza in Washington, DC. They remind you, The Owner claims it has no basement! What a silly conspiracy! Now stop looking and thinking for yourself, Slave!

Pizzagate was a distraction – Which stemmed from the Wikileaks emails from the DNC & allegations that the Clinton Foundation was involved in child trafficking. Jokes of sacrifices to blood god “Moloch” and hints of children waiting in the Hottub for John Podesta’s enjoyment are just the beginning of this rabbit hole – But the fake news says it begins and ends with a pizza parler in DC.

The Truth is, as usual, more nuanced. Pedogate emerged from the Wikileaks emails of John Podesta and HRC, as well as numerous Clinton linked figures engaged in alleged pedophilia – A prime example being Laura Silsby who was arrested trafficking 33 children out of Haiti after being warned not to by the Haitian government, was then represented by a fake lawyer (who was later busted as a pedophile himself) and was eventually extricated from the situation by a concerned Bill Clinton acting on her behalf. She then went to work for a subcontractor of Amber Alert. Nothing to see here…

Excerpt from Over the Target – BullSchiff Attacks on Q

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