POP (Sex, Satan, and Babylon’s Boule) – Episode I (Beguiling Beginnings)



An in depth dive into the very origins of  POP culture as a whole. Starting in the 1500s with a violinist whose mother claimed to have sold his soul for his talent on the violin and denoting the satanic birth of the Mississippi blues. Detailing Robert Johnson’s story of how he sold his soul down at the crossroads at midnight. This legend grew into numerous songs and Hollywood references drawing particular attention to “Oh Brother Where Art Thou?”

The documentary shows the Satanic roots of the blues and how the character of the modern day rapper was carefully crafted into the “Pimp” we see today.

As well, running side by side with the story of rock n roll is the story of the black power structure in America as detailed through the entertainment industry. Starting with the Black Muslim Brotherhood and showing its masonic ties, we see numerous murders and assaination within the black community including but not limited to Malcom X and Martin luther King. 

Finalizing with the Masonic and Greek influence into the black sororities and fraternities, we see the masonic ruling hand guiding the rise to the Whitehouse by Kamala Harris.

The names, details and general information of this video makes it a mindblower, “truth is stranger than fiction,” “back that up and replay it” kind of experience.

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