Reign of Nimrod: The Book of Jasher

The reign and death of Nimrod. The Book of Jasher. Chapters 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 and 27. LibriVox recording. Public domain. Music and quotes added. CONTENTS:

00:10 – CHAPTER 7

* The Garments of Skin made for Adam Stolen by Ham and they Descend to Nimrod the Mighty Hunter, who Becomes the King of the Whole Earth.

* The Birth of Abram.

06:10 – CHAPTER 8:

* The Wise Men of Nimrod, by their Divination, Foretell the Evil that Abram will do to Nimrod’s Kingdom, and they seek to kill the Child.

* Abram, with his Mother and Nurse are hid in a cave for 10 Years.

14:03 – CHAPTER 9

* When Ten Years Old, Abram goes to Noah and Shem, Remains with them for 39 Years, and is Taught in all the Ways of the Lord.

* The Wickedness of Nimrod and his People.

* People of Nimrod propose to Build a Tower to Heaven and Dethrone God.

* The confusion of Tongues.

22:49 – CHAPTER 11

* Nimrod’s Wicked Reign. The Idolatry of Terah, Abram’s Father.

* When Fifty Years old, Abram returns to his Father’s House and Discovers his Idols. Makes a pretext to destroy them. A

* After making Savory Meat for the gods, Abram takes a Hatchet and destroys them, leaving the Hatchet in the hands of the larger one, where it is discovered by his Father, who is told by Abram that the Great God had risen up in anger and Destroyed his Fellows.

* Terah in his wrath betrays Abram to the King, who brings him up before the Throne for Judgment.

* Abram Warns his Father and the King, before all the Princes, of the Evils of Idolatry.

35:33 – CHAPTER 12

* Abram placed in Prison, and is condemned after ten days to be cast into a Fiery Furnace.

* Abram´s Brother Haran being Falsely Accused is condemned to the same Fate.

* As Haran’s heart was not right before the Lord, he perished, but Abram is Delivered and is brought forth Alive. Is Presented with Many Gifts.

* King Nimrod dreams of Abram, and again Seeks his Life.

* Abram flees to the House of Noah.

50:38 – CHAPTER 13

* On Abram’s account Terah and all his House, with Abram, Leave Ur Casdim to go to the Land of Canaan. They tarry in Haran, where the Lord Appears to Abram, and upon condition of Faithfulness, Promises many Blessings.

* Abram, commanded of the Lord, takes his Wife and all belonging to him and goes to the Land of Canaan, where the Lord again appears to him and Promises the Land of Canaan as an Everlasting Inheritance.

* After Fifteen Years, Abram returns to Haran to Visit his Father. Teaches many to Walk in the Ways of the Lord.

* Again commanded to go to Canaan, where he Builds an Altar. The Lord renews his Covenant with him.

58:08 – CHAPTER 27

* Abram’s grandson Esau slays and beheads Nimrod (215 years old) and Two of his Mighty Men. Returns Home weary from the fight.

* Esau sells his Birthright for Value.

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