The Lost Book Of Adam & Eve – Our Light Bodies

The story of Adam and Eve is the oldest story known to humanity. It’s origins can be traced and found (in one variant or another) in every corner of the plane and in every culture. Adam & Eve tells the story of humanity’s divinity, and our rightful place in a creation designed for us. It also tells of our fall from a heightened state of being into the fleshy, pain-filled material world, the loss of our light bodies, why this happened, & so much more…

Building line-upon line, principle on principle, it is the beginning of the most important story, the only book that explains ALL of creation perfectly, and through the multiple layers of symbolic and direct imagery-language, manages to accurately describe our rightful place within the order of beings, and thereby encompasses and describes the human social moral status better than an other source, meaning also, it encapsulates much of the entirety of the breadth of the human condition. No other book can make a set of claims like these, and no other has or will be proven as correct in a more consistent manner. The bible is a miraculous device in and of itself, repeatedly predicting the future with amazing, nay perfect accuracy… truly earning the title “the everlasting gospel”.



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