The Real Jews Were White: The Synagogue Of Satan & Identity Theft of European History

The Hidden War: Presents…

The Real Hebrews (Whom had their identity stolen by the Edomite Jews – Khazarian, etc) were Caucasian, and become the founding white stock of the European nations in fulfillment of 100% of Biblical Prophecies in relation to the Lost Tribes of Israel – The Hebrews who Became Christians, and forget they were ever Hebrews after God Punished them with forgetting.

We’ve found the Lost Tribes of Israel, and it isn’t the Jews who say they are Jews, but are Not – and do lie! The Synagogue of Satan, the literal Seed of the Serpent and enemy of God (YHWH) – Edomites. The stage is set for the final showdown between the Seed of the Woman, and the Seed of the Serpent. The End Is Truly Nigh. Uncover your history, purpose, destiny, and one of histories greatest secrets.

Rob Skiba


The True Hebrew Israelites – (The Lost Tribes of Israel – Caucasian Europeans)

The Lineages of Man and Nephilim

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