The Sons of Fallen Angels Nearly Destroyed The World | The Book of Giants

So it’s probably about time we looked at the Book of Giants. Having already done an extensive series on the Book of Enoch (section 1, at least) I thought it would be both interesting and imperative to get the perspective of the giants, most notably Mahway. After all, these creatures never asked to be born and whilst they are most certainly evil, it would seem that there is more to them than just savage monsters, as the Book of Enoch tells us.

From my research, there exists two versions of the Book of Giants. First there is the one found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and secondly, there is the one found in Manichean. The Dead Sea Scroll version is arguably incomplete with its abrupt and almost vague ending, but the Manichean version provides a more definitive conclusion. In my efforts to convey a full story, I’ll aim to conflate the two accounts and hopefully paint a more concise story for you. Yes, I’ve obviously taken some creative liberties and filled in some of the blanks with my own interpretation of what’s available.


Elongated Skull Giants of Forbidden Archeology: The Biblical Nephilim – Enemies of God


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